How to survive a plane crash…….?

Just a very quick question from me; do you think we will get an explanation as to how so many people from O815 actually survived the crash?

There is no way on this earth that if a plane broke up in mid air and came crashing down to the ground there would be any survivors, let alone dozens of people who escaped with little more than scratches.

The mortality rate of a crash like that would be virtually 100%. How did so many people survive?

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9 thoughts on “How to survive a plane crash…….?

  1. That is one of the many questions that will hopefully be answered in the show by the end of this season..most likely, the answer will be similar to every other explanation on the island; it’s simply a miracle..
    I do remember one detail back in Season I related to the crash; when many of the characters spoke about it, most of them said they blacked out, with the exception of one person; Kate. She said she remembers the entire event. But she NEVER explained it to anybody..yet..

  2. bobt, yes i just think that a miracle will be thhe explanation. ive also wondered about Kate’s story as well and i hope she may give us a brief insight as to what happened during the crash.

    ilie, yes you might just be right. Even though i does begger the question, how was Jacob able to be on two sides of the island at the same time?

    Another thing that has sprung to mind was Ben’s comment at Dharmaville; he tells Goodwin and Ethan that there may be survivors from the crash. How on earth would you guess that unless you have some sort of secret knowledge of the Island’s power or something like that anyway?

  3. Ben obviously has been privy to alot of the secrets of the island.Even though we have’nt seen much of him lately I would bet he comes back into play before its all said and done.

  4. …..also, when the people returned to the island on the second plane,peolple said they saw some of the originals vanish in mid flight.Some even ending up in 1977, which they had to have some supernatural assistance to pull that off.My guess is that the island,or Jacob , protected who they wanted to protect and thats how they survived the original plane crash too.

  5. I think that the island itself doesn’t allow for people to harmed as they would off the island. This of course overlooks all those who were murdered.. But I think Ben already knew the island’s properties because AS he saw the plane BREAK apart in the sky, he immediately sent Ethan and Goodwin to go act as survivors…so he knew it was likely there would BE survivors… Ben is full of crap. lol.

  6. Chiefof16, ive pretty much given up on trying to work out what the hell is going on now – instead i’m going to be asking some questions to the very large puzzles that we still haven’t had answers to. Watch this space!!

    ilie, im expecting some sort of explanation, no matter how far fetched!

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