Sacrifice vs. Desire

In thinking about Sundown in light of the other Season 6 episodes, it seems to me that Flocke/MIB tempts people with something they want: Claire – to be reunited with her son; Sayid – to be reunited with Nadia; Sawyer – to know why he is on the island and to get off the island (at least on its face, we don’t know whether Sawyer is conning Flocke/MIB). Meanwhile, we learn that Jacob convinced Dogen to sacrifice himself for his son. We have also seen this with Christian/Richard convincing Locke to sacrifice himself to save Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, and Faraday (and Jin, albeit unknown at the time). Jacob may have sacrificed himself to prevent a greater harm, as to what that is, that seems to be continually evolving.

I am thinking that perhaps this is how souls get weighed (as stated by Dogen to Sayid), serving oneself versus sacrificing oneself. It is not necessarily a choice of good versus evil, although depending on your perspective an act may be good or it may be evil. While it can certainly be argued that Sayid sacrificed his soul for Nadia and Claire is sacrificing her soul for Aaron, the death of countless people to achieve those goals tilt the scales signfiicantly to one side.
This also seems to tie into the mentality and theme of “Live together, die alone”.

Based on what we have seen thus far, I can’t say I see a positive outcome for Claire or Sayid. I wonder if those that sacrificed themselves find happiness or redemption in the end. Presently, I am of the opinion that Flocke/MIB is using Sayid and Claire to achieve his goals and once they are no longer needed, they will be killed. Then again, Jacob appears to be using Hurley and perhaps Jack to achieve his goals.

We know Flocke/MIB’s endgame is to go home (in a side note, much like the backgammon reference/goal of getting your pieces home to win) and Jacob’s appears to be find a successor to protect the island (albeit, we are not quite sure from what). Those that serve on the island appear to be sacrificing their lives for the good of the island.

Perhaps it becomes important that Jack, Hurley, Sun, and Kate all come back voluntarily (thus, sacrificing their lives), while Sayid did not. There also has been a long-running theme of doing things voluntarily — Sayid had to take the pill voluntarily, Jack had to voluntarily operate on Ben, etc. This may enable those individuals to find what they are looking for and may explain why Sayid failed. I’m really not quite sure yet how these themes are tied together, if they are at all. Plus, this post is long enough.

If you have any thoughts on these themes and their impact on the possible end to all of this, I would like to hear them.

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3 thoughts on “Sacrifice vs. Desire

  1. Wow apache, I cannot even begin to express how much I like your theory and how much I agree with the direction of it and its significance.

    You are correct about Dogen making a deal with Jacob to ‘serve’ on ‘the island’, in exchange for his son to live. We have seen Jacob offer a deal of sorts with Hurley too. He tells Hurley in the cab, how nice it would be for him to be back on ‘the island’ so he could communicate with his friends who are dead.

    Sayid has ‘inked’ his deal with Nemesis in order to see Nadia again, and although we don’t know the exact deal that his been struck with Claire, reuniting with Aaron would be high on her list.

    I think there might be a slim chance for Claire, but as much as I would like to hold out hopes for Sayid, it may be too late in his case.

    You have ‘hit’ the nail on the proverbial head, in terms of the scales (black vs white). The whole metaphor of the black vs white has much more profound meaning than many people are placing upon it.

    Black & White suggests that things are ‘linear’, which means a ‘limited’ view. Through modern science, we know that the Universe we live in is not linear, and neither are the humans that live in it.

    The true nature of a mans heart is weighed in totality, and is not based on his singular actions, which define him. Lost is challenging viewers to look beyond our beliefs and truly consider the nature of good/evil.

    I also feel that the element of ‘sacrifice’ and ‘choice’ are key to the story and will ultimately define a better understanding.

    Your theory is phenomenal….love your thoughts and thank you for sharing it.

  2. I can’t say that I see a huge difference between Dogen and Sayid/Claire. Dogen accepts his role as a ruthless Temple chief for Jacob in order to save his son’s life. Sayid/Claire are likewise doing terrible deeds for MIB in order to be with their loved ones. The only difference seems to be that Dogen’s deal involved a larger sacrifice on his own behalf since he wasn’t allowed to leave the Island, and I guess that is part of your point.

  3. I think they showed last night that there is always room 4 redemption, when Illana told Ben should would have him, on her side, when he was finally honest 4 the first time.

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