Just glad that Ben didn’t die and stayed with Ilanas group.

After all the promo talk of Ben facing his demise, im very glad that he didnt die. Since Alex’s death he has seemed a broken man but he has kept going.

In the secondary timeline, yes he tried to blackmail the principal but only to try to save the extra classes he held; basically he loved helping the kids. I also loved the scene when Ben asks “who’d vote for me as principal” then the old Locke that we know raises his hand and says “I would” – what a fantastic cheerful moment to break up all the negativity of this season.

Im also glad that he stayed with Ilanas group instead of going with Nemesis which hopefully will make him go up in that groups estimation.

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One thought on “Just glad that Ben didn’t die and stayed with Ilanas group.

  1. Agreed! Ben is by far my favorite character in the entire show, definitely would like to see Ben further redeem himself on the Island and show what I believe to be his “true” colors. He showed that redemption– in choosing Alex over power– in the SLU timeline.

    <3 Ben-focused eps!

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