The Alternate Test of Candidacy

I have a lot of people to give credit to for this theory – I’ve been reading a lot about the alternate timeline and what it means.. so thanks to everyone for the awesome ideas. This is basically my amalgamation of what I’ve seen and what I now believe.

The alternate timeline is some form of a test or way of determining the validity of a character’s candidacy on the island. I think I have Highbrow to thank for this idea – he posted it on one of my theories. Anyways…

– Alt timeline Jack is calm, collected, has faith in more things than he used to. We are now seeing an Island timeline Jack who has faith in himself and, oddly enough, in Jacob. He demonstrates this by betting that the dynamite will not blow up. Good call. Jack is still a valid candidate.
– Alt timeline Sayid gives in to the evil side of his character by killing Keamy. Island timeline Sayid also gives in to his infection, his darker side and kills Dogen and Lennon, and he ultimately joins Flocke. He is no longer a legitimate candidate.
– Alt timeline Claire makes the decision to not give birth; my thought is that if she had decided to give birth right then and there, she would have fallen in love with Aaron and raised him herself. This would have been the ‘good’ choice and helped her remain a legitimate candidate. However, she decides to postpone the birth – most likely so that she can find some other parents for Aaron. This, obviously, is what she must not do. She has thus given up her candidacy. Island Claire obviously has been with Flocke for some time. I believe the infection has completely claimed her.
– Alt timeline Kate is still a runner.. still a fellon.. still a pain in the ass. She has not quit her annoying antics. Island Kate has now tagged along with Flocke. I believe we will see her become infected and eventually give in to her darker side – her desire to run. She will no longer be a legitimate candidate.
– Alt timeline Sun and Jin still seem to have some relationship issues. Jin is still under Paik’s influence and doing his illegal dirty work. Sun seems to be independent of Jin. Whatever love they were supposed to have… doesn’t seem to be there. This may determine their candidacy in the Island timeline. I don’t think we’ve seen enough to make an educated decision though.

The only characters/candidates left – Ford, Reyes – we haven’t seen enough of their alternate timelines in order to determine who they will follow – Jacob or Flocke. I’m very interested to see Sawyer’s alt timeline.
Some predictions: Though Sawyer seems to be the same devious con-man on the airplane in the alternate timeline. I am betting we will see him get in touch with his daughter. This will legitimize his candidacy – and hopefully we’ll see him pull one over Flocke. I’m aso gonna guess that Hurley will make the right decisions. We’ve already seen him help out Locke in the alt timeline.. but I don’t know if that is significant enough. Hurley’s character has always, always, always been good – I would be disappointed to see him join Flocke and become infected.

One other hypothesis. Could Ben have renewed his candidacy? I know his name has been scratched out.. but what if his noble alt timeline actions, which sober up his manipulative self on the island, have put him back into the running of becoming the island’s new leader. Maybe. I’d like to think so. I like the new Ben.

Anyways.. that’s it! Discuss!

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10 thoughts on “The Alternate Test of Candidacy

  1. there seems to be a valid connection between actions in the alt time line to actions on the island. I am not sure if it is a test of canidancy. I believe the canidates have all been constant and have been identified through the number sequence. I do believe that the alt time line actions will directly or indirectly draw the battle lines between the two sides. I am holding out hope that Sawyer pulls a con on MIB and sides with Jacob. I think the inside joke (throwing the white stone in the ocean) is MIB believing he will control the majority of the canidates… Sawyers “gift” is the gift of not being decieved.

  2. I have also thought that this theory can be reversed as well. It is possible that the actions on the island also determine their actions in the alt timeline. In which case, I dont believe that the alt timeline is an alt timeline at all. It is the future after everything with the island is finished. Meaning, their actions on the island dictate their new lives off the island in the future. Why they have no recollection of the island (except somewhat for Jack, who recognizes Desmond).. perhaps that was a parting gift from a higher power.

  3. Thanks for the shout out… I think that the things that happen in the alternate time line determine which side the character will fall on in the on-island timeline… those who fall on the dark side with Locke are no longer candidates.

    I agree that things have been settled for us regarding Sayid since we’ve seen him fall to the dark side in both timelines now. Claire, it seems, has fallen in with Locke on the island so it’s just a matter of time before we see her do something off-island to explain her on-island state.

    I think the jury is still out on Kate though. She was running but then she found Claire’s stuff and decided to go back. It’s not the first time she’s gone back for someone though (remember ole one arm?). I think Kate is going to go with Jacob. Sawyer, too. We haven’t seen much at all of Sawyer in the alternate timeline but what we have seen is him warning Hurley about people taking advantage of him because of his money. Unless that’s a con in itself then it’s the opposite of a con. I think Sawyer is with Jacob.

    I think that the alternate timeline is showing us the Losties WITHOUT the influence of Jacob on their lives. Would Sawyer have written that letter and stewed in his hatred for the original Sawyer all his life, prompting him to become a conman, if it weren’t for Jacob’s influence?

  4. I always thought Jack recognised Des because of their meeting in the stadium.. But then again, it is Lost and nothing is ever that simple.
    This is a good theory, it explains why Kate and Claires names are crossed out but i still feel like theres something more to their candidacy.. Hopefully we will find that out soon 🙂

  5. This is a very good and fresh theory. I’ve never thought of this before, but it sounds very plausible.

    In any case, I hope either this theory, or AES’ theory about the alternate timeline (or both) will turn out to be true. I just can’t believe the alternate timeline is just a way of ‘hey let’s show them how the lives of the islies could have been’..

  6. The only issue I have with this, and forgive me if someone already stated this, I didn’t read the replies… But Kate never heard Flocke speak… If I’m not mistaken, the other “infected” people on the island have had to listen to him speak… I don’t think Kate is following Flocke, per se… I can’t rule it out, but I don’t see her becoming like Sayid and Claire…

  7. I like this theory, and I agree with highbrow that the sideways time-line is how the Losties would have lived their lives without Jacob’s influence. It just… fits.

    I may not be remembering every instance, but it seems to me that we see the redemption or fall of most characters in the sideline first and in the mainline afterwards.

    I don’t think that Ben’s redemption re-validates his candidacy- but it does give him a place on the side he’s chosen- and a new beginning to be the good person he might have been. We also see something in Miles. A Shadow of Ben, bringing a sandwich, but then collecting diamonds. Maybe miles will fall where Ben was raised up.

  8. I really like the idea that both timelines are connected. And it would absolutely seem that the decisions that everyone makes on the island effects their quality of life in the alt. timeline.

    What if, what you do in this life doesn’t effect this life, it effects the next life? What if, time isn’t a straight line, it’s circular or like a record? And this circular timeline repeats over and over. The decisions you make in one revolution of time (season 1-5 and on island season 6) effects the quality of life in the next revolution (season 6 “flashsidways”).

    This explains:
    Why Hurley has good luck before the non-crash flash sideways.
    Why Jack has a better life with a son.
    Why Ben seems like hes a good person. I suspect he really did turn over a new leaf.
    Why Sayids life sucks.
    How the MIB can promise all his gifts. You get what you want but not in this life, you get it in the next. But deals with the devil are never what they seem- you get Nadia alive but she’s married to your brother. Thanks for playing, Sayid should read the fine print.

    If you like where i’m going with this check out “Record Theory- Awesome” post in theories for my full theory.

  9. Wharfrat.. I really like the idea of circularity – it definitely simplifies the concept of loops and records for me 🙂 I agree that the Losties’ decisions may be affecting the alternate or next timeline.
    Tawaretsankh… easy on the God-hating.. but good points all-around. I still think When it comes down to it – we’ll see that the true deceiver is MIB.. and Jacob is the one with the tough deals that are ultimately what’s best.

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