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I saw an interesting theory on darkufo about who Wallace-108 could have been and who the writers were paying homage to with that name. The most obvious choice was a Alfred Russel Wallace who was a scientist as well as a spiritualist who actually kind of beat Darwin to the punch about evolution. In this theory the author said that even though Wallace was crossed out, he still may have some importance because 108 is the sum of the 6 infamous numbers. Maybe Wallace was MIB’s original name when he was a man. Maybe he was the first candidate, is what I gather the whole point of his post was. Thought it was a neat idea and wnated to see what you all thought.

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Hi. I am an uber Lost fan. Admittedly, I jumped on the bandwagon a little late, halfway through the third season but thanks to the DVD's I am all caught up and do frequent re-watches. BTW my new image reflects my love/hate relationship with Lost. I always feel like I am on the verge of blowing up at the end of every episode because when I think I finally figured it out, nope the rug is pulled out.

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  1. Someone somewhere suggested Aaron’s father Thomas’ last name is Wallace, thereby making Aaron’s last name Wallace. He’s crossed off the list because he was taken off the island and Claire didn’t raise him.
    Probably not, but I thought it was interesting…

  2. I wrote a theory about AR Wallace the other week so I very much agree with you that it may well be a reference to him. They often name characters after famous people with thematic relevance so it may not be the actual Wallace who is a candidate, kind of like Locke, Bentham and Hume – name choices to help lead our thinking.
    I think the blend of science and spirituality is going to be hugely important – they don’t need to be at opposite ends or mutually exclusive, try can exist together. I think that is the message Jack is going to have to learn – balance.

  3. I don`t see any importance in the name and I`d bet it will be just another one of those things like the whispers that may never be explained thoroughly. Even the numbers aren`t explained in whole, all they did was show us how they are being used, not why they exist and we all seem to be okay with that LOL

  4. dudes and dudettes, you know why I like your theory about the Wallace surname (ie Claires ex’s surname) so much??? especially the bit about aaron and jacob linked to it?

    Because previously I have theorised strongly (although many others have as well) that Aaron and Jacob are one and the same person.

    So in fact Aaron Jacob Wallace is the one on the wall.

    You know why it has been crossed out??? Because he is in fact dead. Benjamin stabbed him as several million of us witness on prime time tv.

    But he served his purpose and continues to serve a purpose on the island. Just like all the losties. He played a role, just like Richard Alpert has. And all these causes and effect are leading us to the importance of jack Shepherd.

    The fact that Aaron does grow old to become the Jacob we visualise now (unlike a lot of these Losties) suggests that jacob comes from the future. I believe the wallace surname was a clue to further link the Aaron is jacob theory.

    Plus, it fits in with the apocalyptic/ virus ending humanity in the future. Because in thr alternate world, things are going fine, no worldwide panic. So the valenzetti equation and virus being unleashed will not happen until later ie When Aaron is grown up.

  5. Though I wrote in another post that I really think Wallace alluded to William Wallace, the Scottish hero, I am also liking the idea that Wallace alludes to another Scotsman, Robert Wallace.

    According to Lostpedia– couldn’t find a Wikipedia entry for some reason– “(1697-1771) was a prominent 18th century Scottish minister, doctor and economist. He published “Dissertation on the numbers of Mankind in ancient and modern times,” among others and was a very prolific writer. He contested many of the economic theories of philosopher David Hume, a contemporary of his.”

    Either way, I still hold firm to Desmond is to Wallace as Locke is to Bentham. 🙂

  6. Nachochris, who do you think crossed out Jacob’s name on the wall then? Flocke crossed out Locke’s name. I didn’t see him cross out anyone else’s name.

  7. It could be flocke. The problem is, Jacob seems to have been hiding in places such as the foot, the cabin. Maybe he was forced to escape from the lighthouse and those caves (jacobs ladder) and Flocke has been using it since. using the names to find his loophole. If not how else could he know about all these people, their roles, and finding a way to infiltrate and kill Locke, then Jacob?

    He must have discovered Jacobs strategy for finding candidates and bringing them to the island. Anyway the problem is this is all speculation so it is hard to know. And it is base don my previous speculation of Jacob being a “Wallace”. Which in itself is far from confirmed. The writers have us in “chains” at the moment! Knowledge is power!

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