My thoughts about the Smoke Monster…Part 1

Written 11th March

I have always found it interesting that the sound effects which are associated with Smokie are clearly mechanical in nature. The sound of chain links rattling has certainly been a distinctive aspect to the whole “Smokie” sound from the show’s beginning. In this week’s episode, the sounds which proceded Flocke’s appearance to Ben (as he was digging his own grave) seemed slightly different to me, and I thought for a moment that it sounded a little like a motorcycle, or some type of engine. In a recent post, someone recently blogged about noticing a humanoid figure in the tail end of the monster as it flew over Kate in last week’s episode. Having gone thru that scene frame by frame on my HD dvr, I can attest that there is definitely something humanoid in the smoke that the producers wanted at least some of us to see. So that discovery combined with my belief that the monster is some sort of mechanical contraption (from a distant future?) makes me wonder if Smokie is nothing but a high tech machine, designed for transportation, but also having the ability to physically grab objects. As far as the mind reading aspect (such as was shown in a scene with Mr. Eko), perhaps that is more a function of the one “driving” Smokie around, rather than a function of Smokie.
And when immediately before Flocke kills the bodyguards in Jacob’s lair, did you notice we are not shown the actual transformation into the monster? Rather, Flocke walks behind a pillar and then emerges as “Smokie”, much to Ben’s horror. I thought about why the show’s producers would have chosen such a way to show the apparent transformation, and I concluded they are still concealing a fundamental truth about what the smoke monster is from the audience. Certainly, they could have just used CGI to show Flocke turn into a pillar of smoke, without having to have him hide from our view. For all we know, he pulled out some device that was able to create the smoke and then jumped into it. That would certainly be in line with the observation of the man in the smoke last week. Whether that man looks like Flocke or not, I have no idea. But I do think the smoke monster will be completely explained by the series finale, at least I hope so~!
And I think Monini’s theory about Aaron and Jacob coming to the island in the future may very well tie in with some futuristic technology being used to create the illusion of a monster.
Well, I look forward to reading everyone’s comments. Hope you enjoyed this and stay tuned for more of this theory in Part 2

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I am a huge fan of the show and am proud to say I have been with it since the beginning. It certainly makes the viewer think, and for that reason, I am surprised it is doing so well in America...LOL!!!

6 thoughts on “My thoughts about the Smoke Monster…Part 1

  1. I’ve been thinking the same for a long time. This island travels through time. Therefore, the technology could easily be from the future. Otherwise, we’re dealing with gods or aliens, and I don’t think the writers would touch either of those ideas. Good post.

  2. Anything’s possible–it’s a sci-fi, magical, fantasmagorical story. They can do anything they want and we accept it. In literature it’s called “willing suspension of disbelief” and it’s used all the time to illustrate a larger storyline and theme. And the writers have used gods and many religious references for a very long time.

  3. Nice thoughts on the monster! The only place I disagree with you is on the person we saw inside the smoke. If you watch the scene (not in slow mo) you can see and hear the person screaming and writhing, so I think it’s just one of Smokey’s victims getting tossed around inside the smoke. However, I agree with you 100% that the Smoke Monster is actually some sort of mechanical contraption that is not Flocke/MIB but he can control.
    In the pilot, when survivors hear Smokey for the FIRST TIME, Rose says that it sounds familiar, when someone asks where she’s from she says The Bronx. I believe this is a HUGE clue that the Smoke Monster is some sort of man made machine. (or at least is symbolic of machines and industry).

  4. Great post! i still enjoy any theories about Smoky cos they had seemed to have dwindled recently after revelation of smoky being locke. (p.s. still dont think its totally true and still think we have yet to see the real story on smoky).
    anyways yeah just had to add comment in reply to I, Lockes’ comment, in that when you were saying about how smoky was familiar to rose from the bronx, i think it is to do with the writers saying before about how they used a NY taxi receipt machine sound for one of Smokies sounds. i totally agree with u though that there is something still to be found out about smoky and it is big! lol 😛
    x x

  5. Stephanie: Thanks! I thought Smokie deserved a revisit. For some reason, I’m hoping there is a technological basis for it/him/Flocke/whoever as opposed to a mythological or spiritual explanation. I saw some other recent posts re Smokie btw, which really have me thinking about his origin now. You may want to research those if you have some time.

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