The biblical story of Jacob and Esau…could Lost’s Jacob be Benjamin Linus’ father figure?

I am sure the similarities between the story of Jacob and Esau in the bible and the story of Jacob and MIB on the Island have been discussed before….so forgive the lack of originality here…but taking the Lost writer’s advice of looking to the bible for answers, I looked at the entry for Jacob on Wikipedia as was fascinated by the similarities between the two stories.

Jacob had a twin brother, Esau .  According to Wikipedia, while in their mother’s womb, whenever their mother would pass a house of Torah study, Jacob would struggle to come out and whenever she would pass a house of idolatry (worship of cult images), Esau would agitate to come out.  Jacob and Esau’s mother received the prophecy that the twins were fighting in her womb and would continue to fight all their lives. The prophecy also said that the older would serve the younger and that they would never gain power simultaneously: when one fell, the other would rise, and vice versa.   Esau was born first, all red and hairy, Jacob was born second and was smooth skinned.  The biblical Jacob, with the help of his mother, tricked Esau in earning his father’s blessings of the first born.  After Esau found out about Jacob’s deception, he vowed to himself to kill Jacob as soon as their father Issac died…Issac didn’t die until the age180 which made it essentially impossible for Esau to kill Jacob.  The one part of this biblical story that stood out for me was the fact that one of Jacob’s wives, and apparently the only one he was in love with, died giving birth to their second son, Benjamin…cue in Mr. Linus.  Given the similarities between the two stories, could Jacob be a father figure for Linus?

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2 thoughts on “The biblical story of Jacob and Esau…could Lost’s Jacob be Benjamin Linus’ father figure?

  1. Also – descended from Jacob is Aaron, brother to Moses. Aaron served as Moses’ High Priest and spokesman. It was Aaron’s rod/staff that brought on the plagues to Pharoah and his subjects and performed other miracles. Interestingly enough, when it was time for Aaron to die – Moses led him into a cave and told him to lay down on a bed and when he did – his soul departed his body; at that same moment, the pillar of cloud or smoke that had guided the Israelites on their exodus from Egypt disappeared.
    3 possible connections here:
    1. Aaron
    2. body in a cave
    3. pillar of smoke

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