Adam and Eve are just that

What if Adam and Eve (the bodies on the show) ARE actually the BODIES of the original Adam and Eve?

The man has the black and white stones in him ie the man had to decide whether to eat the apple or not. Which way does the scale tip? As the bible tells us, it seemed to tip black.

We also have this “Grim Reaper”-like monster roaming the place, and god like figures abound.

Would it not be clever if it was actually Adam and Eve on this strange island, travelling through time/eternity. A very clever “inside” joke.

OK before you shoot me down, thats why I have put it in the “Fun”!

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2 thoughts on “Adam and Eve are just that

  1. Not at all! There’s gonna have to be some kind of key to bring all this together, could very well be like you say.Be careful of the site smoke monsters though,some don’t like original theories.

  2. Even though the show seems to have plenty of religious references, I don’t think they would go that far. It would couple the show too tightly to a single religion, which would make a lot of people angry, and I just don’t think that’s the way they want this show to be remembered.

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