Ben was a candidate

I guess I’m only stating the obvious but here it goes.

The name Linus is written in the cave but crossed out according to the Lostpedia page on “Candidates”.

Miles stated that Jacob was hoping till the bitter end that he was wrong about Ben.

So I assume that Ben was once a candidate but that Jacob crossed him out at some point for some reason.

I guess this means that Ben (and others) can still prove to be a candidate again.

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15 thoughts on “Ben was a candidate

  1. hummmm ifoundmyloophole good point there, i just thought by “what i had to do” was that he had to kill locke, but do you think that he gave up his candidacy to protect the losties? which would mean that he knows more about the workings of the island than we think he does

  2. Personally Ive always hated stories where a guy or gal has done unspeakable things, and then they decide to be good, and the good guys all accept it. They never have to answer for there crimes and it seems there is no true justice served. If Ben ends up being this good guy that “just misunderstood” ill freaking vomit. He is a pig thats always done what best for him and never truly taken responsibility for anything. Even when crying about how he let Alex die, he still says he did it for the benefit of the island. The island didnt need him and he just wanted to hold on to some semblance of power. I really was hoping Ilana buried the bastard alive.

  3. I definitely see Ben as even as a kind of Richard Alpert– or at least, the way he was a facilitator of the Island, an adviser… not this emerging “Oh crap, I lived forever for no purpose KILL ME NOW (literally)” Ricardus. 🙂

    P.S. I kinda wish Jacob had said “Et tu, Ben-ny” before he died.;)

  4. what has ben done that is so “unspeakable”. Yeah, he killed his own father, but he was a jerk. Yeah, he killed John Locke out of jealousy, but Locke was a patsy. The purge I’m pretty sure we’ll find out to be Widore’s call (working for MIB). Yeah, he had Ethan kidnap a pregnant woman and drug her and run crazy tests on her and then try to kill her to her baby. This guy is not that bad…I bet you are all rooting for sawyer to be “good” and he killed an innocent man and then murdered Locke’s dad, but because he isn’t a bug-eyed nerd it’s cool that he did those things..and he sells cool water..

  5. good point. Has Sun killed anyone? Jin beat the crap out of people, but has he actually killed? At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Hitler was a candidate once. Can we review the cave footage again for a crossed out Hitler?

  6. ilieintheshadowofthestatue – From what I remember, some of the writers are O&A fans, and Sheckler would be a reference to Ted Sheckler, a character on the show. There are a handful of others on Jacobs list like that.

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