Did Jacob touch MIB?

When Richard first said that being touched by Jacob was considered a gift, but was actually a curse, the first thing I thought of was MIB.

What if the reason MIB was/is trapped was because Jacob touched him. This would have kept MIB alive, and trapped on the island possibly.

Before I wrote this, I was thinking of any holes, etc.. and I thought perhaps that MIB tried to kill himself, after he had been touched, and somehow he killed himself differently, which turned him into the Smoke Monster > A dead human but trapped as this smoke monster, but with the ability to form as someone/something to somebody who knows what the formation is, i.e. Christian to Jack, the Black horse to Kate.

The only way that the person can be released from the trap would be to kill the person who started the trap. I don’t know how, but I think that is what Richard is trying to do, and Flocke/MIB has already done.


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