Claire’s attack against Kate was staged by Flocke

I read an interesting post from a user called ‘kylemr87’ at the Lostpedia Forum:

“Didn’t Claire take Kate’s hand right after they first showed up? I thought it was after Kate saw Claire’s skull baby and Claire says, “It was all I had.” Then she walk out of the tent and Unlocke starts talking. Kate stands beside Claire and Claire takes her hand. All this happened before Claire tries to kill Kate, right?”×08-recon-questions-theories-discussion-t51121p19.html

It seems like Flocke somehow made Claire attack Kate against her will, in order to make Claire seem more crazy than she really is. What do you say?

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28 thoughts on “Claire’s attack against Kate was staged by Flocke

  1. not sure if my comment is actually going to show up since my comments/theories havent been showing, but here it goes anyway….

    i was really weirded out by the scene where clair grabbed kate’s hand, to me it seemed kinda like she is an extension of flocke. like flocke was trying to calm the “others” like reassure them that everything was going to be all right, speaking in soothing voice. and here goes clair grabbing kate’s hand kinda like expressing the same emotions flocke was. which leads me to believe that she is completely and totally under flocke’s control

  2. obsessed: I know what you mean! My “question” hasn’t been posted in the section yet, but I wrote something asking if anyone noticed the themes of Flocke “touching” others… and they focused pretty closely on Claire reaching out for Kate and whatnot… hopefully it’ll show up, check it out in the questions section… I see your point about Claire as an extension of Flocke… interesting theory…

  3. Allow me to flip this around (I might mention this in a theory of mine yet to come): I have believed for a few episodes now that Claire was going to attempt to kill Kate for taking Aaron. What I didn’t anticipate was Claire’s begging for forgiveness from Kate.
    If I had to assume that something was a set-up or staged by Flocke – it would be Claire’s asking for forgiveness. Either Claire is finally gaining control over herself again (which I’ll explain in a theory) or Flocke is trying to gain Kate’s trust through Claire.

  4. brokenankh – I believe Flocke is trying to gain Kate’s trus tthrough Claire. Kate and Sawyer might both be in the process of turning to the “infected” side. I think this because in the episode “What Kate Does”, the camera really focuses on Kate and Sawyer drinking the island’s water. Probably the same dirty water that was in the temple.

  5. Chief – it’s not a bad theory. But, everyone has been drinking the water! Unless you can prove to me that Jack, Hurley and Sun haven’t had any island water since Jacob died… I don’t think it’s really plausible. Great idea though!

  6. Well, I could be way off for sure…but they just seemed to really focus on the fact that Kate was filling up her canteen there in Dharmaville.

    Could be nothing at all because as you said, the island would become Zombieland with everyone needing to hydrate at some point.

  7. I don’t think it was staged by Flocke. If it was, why did he tell Claire that the Others took Aaron? He says Claire needed something to hate, if he wanted to stage it, he could have just told Claire that Kate took Aaron, and then know Claire would attack her.

    I think Claire was trying to pull Kate in, especially when she grabs Kate’s hand. If you watch that scene again, when they all start walking off after those two were holding hands, you see Claire glance behind her with a sly smile.

  8. Claire seems to be acting like a child, holding hands and being friendly with Kate, then next fighting her and the later crying and hugging her. The benaviour was strange. Sayid just sitting there looking stoned was odd, what was he seeing two butterflies dancing, as he did not seem to have any cognisance of what was happening.

    Maybe the infection is somehow making them become like immature little children.

  9. That is the most obvious way to look at it.

    But according to this theory, Claire is not THAT crazy. When Kate met Claire in the Temple, Claire explained why she took Aaron and raised him and that she came back to the Island for Claire. In Recon, Claire took Kate’s hand. Then, out of nowhere, Claire makes this feeble attack against Kate and Flocke gets a chance to defend Kate while at the same time showing that Claire is crazy. Later on, Claire shows sympathy again towards Kate while Flocke goes on about how crazy Claire is.

    Obviously I don’t know, but it seems possible that Flocke told Claire to pretend to attack Kate.

  10. I don’t think it’s fair to expect irrational behavior out of Claire, a woman who has been living pretty much alone for three years on a crazy secluded island without knowing where her infant baby boy is…UnLocke’s explanation of Claire’s behavior and her “releasing of anger” made a lot of sense to me, regardless of how UnLocke manipulated Claire or not…

    On a side note, it’s REALLY annoying to me how the characters enable each other. (If you watch the show House M.d., this should sound familiar – hah!) For example, when UnLocke held out his hand for Kate to take and said “I’ll show you where Sawyer went”..why did she take his hand? Why doesn’t she just say, “Look, you old fart, just tell me where he went! I don’t need to see it! I just want to know!!!” I mean, she just fled a scene where people died by via pillar of smoke, Claire tried to kill her, Sawyer’s playing a dangerous con game, and somehow she puts up with “Let me show you..” I don’t think so! She’s enabling him to be an enigmatic, annoying freak…grr! None of the characters on this show gives a straight answer to anyone else, and I feel that this is very phony because real people would keep pushing (even by force – like how they tortured Sawyer in season 1) until they got all the information they could.

    BUT, I guess Kate figured it’s best not to piss a dead man off…

  11. Monini, wouldn’t it have made more sense to tell Claire that Aaron was most likely alive and well on the helicopter?

    You are enabling Flocke by downplaying his lies! 😉

  12. Hmmm good point, It seem weird that she is holding her hand then she attacks her after, Its funny that when she is being attacked by Claire that she is screaming for Sayid to help her but he doesnt, Who would of helped Kate?

    Yup Sawyer would of surely pulled Crazy Claire off & probably would of showed his pimp hand to the side of her face himself if he saw that go down but where was he?

    On a Recon mission that Flocke sent him on so its kind of coincidental or totally intentional by Flocke an was stagged.

  13. Hmm .. i dont know.. Claire was never a fighter and Kate did seem to be struggling.

    You may be spot on, but to me Claire just seems blatenly NUTS lol.

    Moni.. I actually creased at that scene.. My face kinda resembled Kates shocked look then broke out into a huge laugh!

  14. @ilie: hmm.. now i’m curious

    @ sawyersgirl: I was like SHOCKED at first, like omg he hit a girl! Then I thought it was hilarious the next second b/c I probably would have slapped her again just to make sure..LOL…but she walked away like a scolded puppy!!

  15. Instead of Flocke trying to stage Claire, what if Flocke was trying to stage Christian?

    It was Christian that led Claire away from camp, and (we dont know this for sure) but left Aaron alone in the jungle, which led to Kate having Aaron later.

    I also dont think Christian and Flocke are on the same sides.

  16. What I pulled from this scene was how Flocke treated Claire. Almost fatherly. First he pulled her off, maybe after some yelling, grabbed her, and then slapped the beejeezus out of here. He then said that her behavior was inappropriate and that he would deal with her later. I too think the scene was staged, to gain Kate’s trust, but that also the relationship between Flocke and Claire is parental.

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