Momma’s Boy

Recon was a very enjoyable episode. Again not as many answers as I would have liked (were there any?). I guess if you believe Widmore than someone else brought the frieghter…but that doesn’t make sense since we see Abaddon working for Widmore and debriefing Naomi.

So I guess the only thing we learned is that Not Locke (I think I’m gonna call him this now because Jin said: That is not Locke! and Sawyer says I KNOW it’s not Locke) has mommy issues. Family is coming up again and I think the idea that Jacob and Not Locke are brothers is gaining a little steam.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one but when Not Locke tells Kate that his mom was crazy, I detected some jealousy and resentment in his voice (good acting Terry) which lead me to believe that she favored Jacob and/or disliked Not Locke. I guess being evil incarnate is easy if your mamma don’t love you.

Also, Claire apologizing and hugging Kate and NOT trying to stab her in the back while she hugged her was a real surprise. So is she infected or just crazy? This episode asked much more questions than it answered (like what’s in Widmore’s Box? My money is on Desmond).

I really liked the flash sideways this week. But I’d be pretty happy if its abandoned in the Richard episode next week. I want to see his history.

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I rarely get into tv shows, but as you know lost is something else. I am a daytime, weekday theorist. I usually don't check in on weekends or nights. Helps me get through the workday. favorite characters: eko (duh), desmond, miles, sayid.

16 thoughts on “Momma’s Boy

  1. That whole scenario with not Locke and Claire was really kinda twisted. He smacked Claire and told her to go over there and sit down (or something). Very much like what a trashy pissed off parent would do (trashy parents beat their kids). So I wonder if we’re seeing “not Locke” playing the role of a parent to these infected people.

    Speaking of which, I believe Claire is crazy AND infected.

  2. yeah the scene where he slaps her was pretty shocking… butapologizing and hugging kate seemed so….reasonable and not evil. maybe not locke made her do it…but still. i couldn’t have been the only one expecting claire to start knawing on kate’s arm. maybe thats just me…

  3. well, not locke says before i was like this and points all over his body. so he is talking about himself before he took lockes form. locke never thought his mom was crazy.

  4. Ekolocation wrote: “I guess if you believe Widmore than someone else brought the frieghter…but that doesn’t make sense since we see Abaddon working for Widmore and debriefing Naomi.”

    Widmore never denies sending the freighter and Keamy to kill everybody. He denies having killed the Ajira passengers.

  5. yes but you definitely get that hes implying something along the lines of all you’ve heard about me is a lie. he goes its sad really after james mentions this…someone doesnt have to outright say something for it to mean its true. i doubt all the answers in lost will be answered right out, some will be hinted at for our own interpretation.

  6. my take on the whole kate and locke scene was i couldnt figure out if locke was serious or just making shit up to relate to kate to make her trust him. because really, thinking of the flocke and jacob story as the one from the bible, then yeah i can see how he would think their mother was crazy, also if you take the “before i was this way” as in locke before he became smoky not as smoky before he became locke i can see how locke would think his mother was crazy. but to me it seemed like he was just lying to kate to relate to her, to make her think that she did the right thing for taking arron away from a crazy mother so kate didnt feel bad and she would trust smoky and become his bff for life.

  7. Sawyer said “you are the guy who sent a freighter to kill everyone on the island”

    and Widmore said “its sad how much your really don’t know”

    Widmore said that because he didn’t want to kill everyone on the island, just extract Ben and possibly harm anyone who would prevent that.

    He had to chance to kill Sawyer, Sun, Desmond, Locke

    Keamy could have killed Sayid on the freighter.

    They only came for Ben was Widmore’s point and that Sawyer&co believe everything Ben says, thats what is so sad.

  8. indeed indeed. claire did seem to die though. he sure didn’t seem to mind collateral damage.

    who else does sawyer have to believe?

    haha widmore is so pretentious, its sad how much you dont know. no one tells them anything ever. that was definitely a line both for sawyer and the audience.

  9. First off.. When Not Locke (im liking that name) slapped Claire, I think my jaw actually hit the floor.. It was kind of an ‘OH MY GOD!’ moment. I think it was my favourite scene haha

    Hmm i dunno im thinking she’s just crazy.. because even though we were ‘told’ she was infected, she doesnt exactly act like Sayid.. When Kate was talking to him he seemed to look and feel evil.. Where as when someone talks to Claire she just seems… nuts..

    And im also betting Des is in the locked room .. Or even Charlie (little C)

  10. I think that Real Locke’s mom was crazy as well & I think she was actually admitted at the same mental institute as Hurley, so that was a weird coincidence between Not Locke & Locke.

    As for Widmore, I think he is responsible for the freighter of course because Daniel was there & he was funding Faraday’s research for a long time prior.

    As for whats in Widmore’s box(?)

    I like the idea of Desmond being in there trapped & the writers definitely hinted big time that whatever is in there is significant because we saw Sawyer trying to get in then we see Sawyer telling Not Locke that there is something in a locked room so it better be an answer.

    It could be Aaron, Little Charlie, & Ji Yeon Kwon who could be the canditate out of the Kwon’s.

    Really how protected are any of those kids? Ben found Penny & little Charlie & Aaron is with his grandmother an so is Ji Yeon so a guy as powerful as Widmore can make it happen but its all just speculation.

  11. @ekolocation and all fand of this site – I am posting this question here so it will actually appear and perhaps I can get some insight.

    ekolocation = I really connect with all that you write…it is enlightening and humorous when you want it to be, and I respect what you say and how you say it.

    So that said, can you or any other fan, help me understand the following? – I have commented several times on theories and questions, but I shy away from posting theories of my own. However, I have submitted a few questions. Lately, my questions either take forever to post putting much distance between the episiode that aired and my question OR it never posts at all. I am always polite and appropriate so I do not get it. I try to be relevant and see that many others don’t necessarily follow suit.

    ekolocation – I regard you as one who has much to offer and who stimulates discussion, so do you know why this may be? Do you know who is in charge of this site?

    It’s a bit of a bummer, particarly when you see someone post a shout out to a team, for example, and that gets posted instead of a legitimate LOST issue.

    Thank you to anyone who can shed some light.

  12. itsdesmondbrutha – Thanks again for responding in the other section to this issue…appreciated.It gets to you sometimes as silly as that may sound.

    PS. I’m glad that you like my idea for a Sawyer/Miles cop drama spin-off (lol). I enjoyed your Starsky and Hutch remark. However, given Sawyer’s looks, I was hoping for more of an updated Miami Vice…lol

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