What did Zoe say that tipped off Sawyer?

When Sawyer asks where Zoe was headed and she said to Guam to visit her boyfriend, Sawyer immediately says something like “You’re good, but your not that good.” and then turns on her.  What did she say that made him realize she wasn’t telling the truth?

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11 thoughts on “What did Zoe say that tipped off Sawyer?

  1. I was wondering about this as well – and I figured it was because she stalled when he asked. She said “Ummm…. uh… to Guam.” “Why?” “Er…. to visit my boyfriend.” It was as though she had to think about it whereas anyone who was actually on the plane would have had an answer immeadiately.

  2. She starting asking him a bunch of question bout him and who he was with on the other Island. Like how many were there and did they have weapons. Also how long they’ve been there and other stuff.

  3. I believe it was her pause before responding that tipped him off. Also, she said she was going to visit her boyfriend I believe. Sawyer knows better than to believe anyone lives in Guam. LOL… Guam

  4. I agree that all of her questions really is what made her sound so suspicious. But, it seemed like the ‘meeting her boyfriend in Guam’ statement is what really set Sawyer off. I guess maybe that pause was just the straw that broke the camel’s back, along with, like Chief said, boyfriend in Guam.

  5. I knew I saw that dude somewhere but I didn’t realize it was from Roseann until you mentioned it. Knowing that makes that scene so much better.

  6. i was pretty sure she was lying the whole time. she seemed pretty ok with someone already being on this random island and that MANY planes have crashed there before. ummm really? she was way too ok with the weirdness surrounding her. that and her inquisitiveness, etc. i didnt buy it

  7. ya i knew she was lying the whole time…i was sitting there sayin shes with widmore…..maybe its bc she looked like a lez and sawyer knew she wasnt into guys… 🙂

  8. I also felt she was lying the whole time, but I really don’t know why he didn’t decide to do anything about it until the Guam comment. Maybe he had to wait until he was out in the open where her friends had a good shot at him?

    After looking at IMDB, I’m not so sure that was DJ Conner. It doesn’t show him as having done anything in years.

  9. Yeah, she had way too many questions. The stupid part was that she didn’t even ask them in a way that wasn’t conspicuous… it was just one question after the other. Plus, she should have acted more surprised to see another human on the island…especially when he said he wasn’t on her plane and she didn’t even press the issue. It was way to easy to tell it was Widmore’s lackey..but with only eight episodes left..there isn’t much time to waste with this stuff!

    Additionally, those dead bodies looked like they had been there a while – didn’t Widmore JUST arrive..? How did they kill them so quickly..and then they already started decomposing by the time Sawyer got there? Lastly, who the heck else was on the plane? I thought Hurley bought all the tickets except for Ilana’s and her henchmen’s?????

  10. Good point about the bodies being there for so long. It’s always hard to tell how much time has elapsed as they move through the jungle. Even though we just saw Widmore pull up in his sub at the end of the last episode, maybe a few days elapsed until Locke’s group finally made it over to where the other island is.

    Hurley bought the rest of the tickets when he bought his ticket, but I’m sure a lot of people bought tickets before him. He didn’t find out about the flight until pretty late. After the Ajira flight crashed there were lots of people hanging around, not just Ilana’s group.

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