What we learned …

Recon offered us some amazing pieces of info.

1) Miles and Sawyer are ‘partners’ – and the way Miles was checking Sawyer’s credit card
records when he was away speaks volumes about their relationship.

2) Sayid did and EXCELLENT job clearing out Widmore’s dangerous guys. His new goons look like they came from the computer geeks and secretary pool.

3) Tina Fay was on 316! And, now she works for Widmore! (Either that, or it’s Palin.)

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8 thoughts on “What we learned …

  1. Nice job on the Tina Fey bit there – that’s exactly what I thought when this character showed up for the first time!

    Secondly, it’s interesting that you said Sayid did an excellent job of getting rid of Widmore’s dangerous guys. I wonder what you mean by that. It actually gave me an idea which links the two realities that we’re seeing. In the alt reality, Sayid kills Keamy and Omar – so, let’s the alt reality is connected to the current reality… Widmore cannot use these men because of Sayid’s actions. I could be over-complicating this.. but then again, I am very sleepy.

  2. AND, Ben had Sayid knocking off Widmore’s men since Nadia’s death for abt. 2 years. (So – did Jacob assist in her death, OR was Widmore involved … a little too perfect timing for ‘coincidence’)

    Anyway, after Ben had Sayid wipe out Widmore’s guys, all he was left with was Tina and the Geek Squad.

    Hey, how’s Sawyer gonna’ man that sub, anyway?

  3. (Hm, I don’t remember exactly what happened on the sub when Sawyer, Juliet and Kate were in it. Did it seem as if Sawyer knew anything about subs?)

  4. About the comment regarding Sayid killing off Keamy and gang in the FSW…why the heck are all these people STILL interconnected even when the island is not involved? Once you take the island out of the equation, they should have totally separate lives. How small can Los Angeles be that everyone bumps into everyone else all the damn time?

    At first, I thought it was cool. Like, “Hey, there’s so and so!” Now, it’s just like…omg, did they really just shove another character in here without any significance (i.e. Charlie’s brother’s 2 second line..)?

    I think the writers are trying to leave off where they started off..meaning everyone we originally saw in the beginning of the show will be accounted for by the end. But why are their lives so overlapping? It’s more feasible that after 815 landed in LAX, they went their separate ways (happily or not)…geez!

    AND lastly, Sawyer slept with Charlotte? EWW..she acted so bitchy on the island..don’t like her character.

  5. Monini, Ive ask this question to my Lost-watching friend as well. If the island isnt involved, why does it seem like all the charaters are still tied to each other? Keamy was only hired by Widmore for the freighter, before that he was a military merc. So how does he end up a mob boss that has ties to Jin and maybe Mr Paik?

    I was thinking earlier on that LA might be taking the place of the island, something that bring them all together. But for what purpose?

    I thought the most odd thing about this episode was when Sawyer suggested that he would bring Smokey right to Widmore, Charles didnt freak out like the Temple folken did. He didnt say “no no no, thats quite alright, I have no clue how to handle him.” So what does he know that the other Others didnt?

  6. @greatforesaken: I sort of like your thinking that LA might be the new island, but a few points about that – we’ve all kind of accepted the “reason” the Losties were brought to the island is MiB and Jacob related..meaning that if LA can replace the island, Jacob and MiB must have just relocated to LA because that’s the real reason they are interconnected..not the island itself (i.e. the trees, beach, coconuts, etc.)

    My other idea is that Jacob and MiB DID NOT interconnect the 815ers…their lives were already freakily interconnected, but that’s why they CHOSE the 815 plane to crash. Because that was when they were all sitting together in one place and easily accessible…hmm? What do you think? But then we have to figure out WHY they are interconnected..but at least it explains why they STILL are interconnected without the island’s existance in the FSW.

    About Charles: He had those barriers for smokey, so I’m positive he at least thinks he knows how to handle him… The others did take up residence in the old DI houses, so that means they knew the sonar fence was useful as a tool to keep out smokey..Ben knew that too. I think the ash is an “old school” sonar fence…

    Sorry if I have typos or am incoherent, I’m about to leave the house! Let me know what u think!!!

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