Why Sawyer let Kate go

I saw that people were wondering at the Lostpedia Forum why Sawyer let Kate go after noticing her handcuffs on LAX.

Obviously the members of this site are more sensible. 😉

But just in case, I’ll state the obvious: Sawyer was very off duty when he took the Oceanic flight to Australia.

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2 thoughts on “Why Sawyer let Kate go

  1. LOL (VERY off duty). What a bland episode. I’m really starting wonder if some of these side flashes are simply there to pass time. Nothing really became of Sawyer’s. He punched a mirror symbolizing he’s not happy with himself, or his alternate self. I’m not really caring about that much.

    Luckily, one of the coolest and most informative looking episodes to date is arriving next week.

  2. Yes, let’s face it: it has been decided that the authors should write one episode for each one of the main characters, whether they can fill it with something interesting or not.

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