Sun and Jin?

Ok… This might be the most stupid question anybody has asked on this site but.. What were Sun and Jin doing in Australia?

I know they were going to L.A. to deliver the watch but why were they coming from Austrailia?

Someone please put an end to my brainless misery!

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4 thoughts on “Sun and Jin?

  1. Mr. Paik assigned Jin to deliver two watches. One watch was to go to someone in Australia, and then from there he was supposed to deliver the second watch to someone in Los Angeles.

    It appears to be the same story in the new timeline… We just don’t know who the recipients of those watches were supposed to be in the original timeline and if they are the same recipients in the new timeline…

    From what we’ve seen so far it looks like Martin Keamy is the Los Angeles recipient in the new timeline…

  2. Good point about Keamy being the LA watch recipient elsewhere…wonder what Jin did to piss off Keamy…and where is Sun in all of this?

    Maybe now we can get some background on the Paik family, explaing Sun a little further…I would imagine a Jin and Sun centric episode is around the corner…thought for sure it would be Sundown…

  3. Hello A.E.S, I think it’s possible that the money that Jin was carrying was also supposed to go to Keamy… So, I think it’s possible that the money was held up in customs. Martin got pissed and stuffed Jin in the freezer temporarily so that he could deal with Sayid…

    This all makes me wonder if Keamy has a Widmore connection in the new timeline as well…

    Sun is probably tucked safely away in her hotel room somewhere… I hope we get more background on Mr. Paik. I’ve always thought that he had more knowledge of things than what we have been shown so far.

  4. Well now that you said it it seems very obvious.. My bad!

    And well done on finding that Keamy connection.. All the small things are starting to make sense .. Yaaaay! 😀

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