Widmore & The Purge

The purpose of the purge was to get rid of people who knew stuff that could cut into Hanso’s profits.

Widmore went from shoeless island dweller to super rich in just 12 years after the purge. Has ties w/Palik (violent mob guy) and just doesn’t seem to be ‘Mr. Nice Guy’. My bet – he has Team Hanso funding (munitions anyone?).

What if some slimy purge-surviving egotistical somewhat maniacle creep … like Radzinsky … was a ‘double agent’, so to speak, who sought out an equally power-freakish Other, who might also be aware of time travelers ‘cuz his lady killed his son and had a book w/all kinds of formulas … like Widmore. (You know … photographic memory Radzinsky. Wonder how long it’d take him to learn a book like that?)

Anyway, what if a deal was made that his wife and son got off the island (conveniently clearing the way for him to be Other leader + a little money and maybe a few off-island days R&R where he conceived a Penny – maybe even ‘he island itself) in exchange for some information AND a truce with the Others. Widmore, now corrupted and rationalizing he’s helping his (Other) people does his stealth operations while Radzinsky absorbs Dharma knowledge … until the day comes that Hanso wants to collect on his investment and clears the way for being the only one who has the info – by ordering the purge. (Seems a munition guy just might have access to poison gas.)

The Others used the sub to get off island, presumeably acquired after the Purge – which happened Dec. 19, 1992. Penny’s clearly older than that. It doesn’t take a Dharma-genius to know he got off the island somehow (and not w/FDW). Her off-island birth is enough to prove Widmore made a deal with the devil, so he was banished. Like Napoleon, it wasn’t the banishment – but the loss of power – that got to Widmore.

And now … he’s ba-aaack. Not as an agent of ‘The Monster’ – but as one who knows it’s weaknesses.

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9 thoughts on “Widmore & The Purge

  1. Oh – it could be why ‘he’ wanted Rousseau dead. She was part of a scientific (sad and oddly young hot couple manned) expedition. She may understand the island secrets and find a way off …

  2. More … Walt apparition is Smokie. It says, “Don’t press the button. The button is bad.” Therefore, Smokie doesn’t want the button pushed. But, why?

    -Not pressing button = restoration of communication.
    -Restoration of communication = Widmore people can come.

    And now … they’re coming.

  3. What if “They’re Coming” is Jacob warning MIB that widmore is coming and wants to destroy the Island? we are supposed to think he is telling MIB that they’re coming and he won’t succeed but maybe it was a warning. Nothing to do with this theory, but your last comment got me thinking

  4. @JacobsDoubleWide

    Yeah that could be possible (and pretty cool too). MIB and Jacob have their own issues but i believe someone like Widmore is a bigger problem for everyone on the island.

  5. Oooo very nice.. Some good thoughts here!

    I have one problem (as always!) 🙂

    How could Walt be smokey? I thought he could only take the form of dead people?
    Ooo but.. Has that actually been confirmed? Or did we all just assume it was only dead people because thats all we ever saw?

    But then they did say walt was special..

    Kinda answered my own question here havent i :s

    Anyway good post 😉

  6. Walt isn’t Smokey … Smokey is wet Walt – and no, I don’t believe it’s been confirmed, but haven’t come up with another example. (Hey, what if Walt died and was brought-back. That’s why he’s wet. That’s why he’s *special*. That’s why he was ‘more than we bargained for’. Don’t know about him bein’ off island … but only Locke and Hurley saw him … and we know about Hurley seein’ dead people (gma could be too). Sure it’s a stretch – but it’s LOST!)

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