The Cork

I read an interesting idea on another site. The author of the post suggested that the most pivotal part of the episode was when MIB broke the glass bottle, signifying that there is another way to let the evil escape besides taking the cork out. What do you guys think?

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17 thoughts on “The Cork

  1. Towards the end of the episode, Jacob said “I’ll see you around” and MIB answered “Sooner than you think” before smashing the bottle.

    To me it really feels like it actually may have taken over 100 years before Jacob and MIB met again, i.e. that they probably didn’t meet again until in 2007. If this is “sooner than Jacob would think”, one has to wonder how often they usually meet. Note also that Jacob said at one point that it was “always nice talking to you” to MIB.

    One possibility is of course that MIB thought that he would manage to tempt Richard or someone else a lot “sooner” than in 2007.

    It’s unclear if MIB actually had a concrete plan when he smashed the bottle or more of a general evilish plan.

  2. WOAH.

    Just watched the episode, pretty crazy.
    This idea is interesting, and gets me thinking about the alt timeline.

    If Jacob is right about the island being the cork in a bottle of hell, could the alt be a hypothetical reality where all hell breaks loose?

  3. In the alt has he ‘smashed the bottle’ and that’s why the island is gone/sunk? Following that further – great evil hasn’t swept the world so was Jacob just imagining the threat all along?

  4. Apparently not. remember what Richard’s wife told Hurley to tell Richard at the end of the episode. “If we don’t stop the Man in Black from leaving the island…we all go to hell.” Obviously Jacob was not imagining the threat.

  5. If you find a crack in the bottle (the good side) then the dark liquid (evil) is gonna seep out.

    Basically if you get everyone to doubt whats good and bad then whatever is making you doubt has the upper hand.

  6. yeah, breaking the bottle is a metaphor for sinking the island (destroying the bottle). pretty obvious one, but cool nonetheless.

    I wonder how he does it? flooding the caves? preventing jughead from exploding?

  7. @shepards_flocke. I totally agree. What I think happened was in the alt. time line, smokey was successful in getting people off the island and that time line is going to end in catastrophe.

  8. i agree, there is another way out of the bottle. But the island is the cork, MIB is the wine, and the bottle would be Jacob holding the wine in. Breaking the bottle represents him figuring out his loophole to kill Jacob.

    Question: How would you get wine out of a bottle if you couldn’t remove the cork?
    Answer: Break the bottle (loophole)

    Question: How can MIB get off the island if Jacob wont let him leave?
    Answer: Kill Jacob (Loophole)

  9. AS31: Thought this post was going to be referring to that other theory about the Island being a plug to separate different timelines/universes from bleeding into each other (hence why there are convergences on the Island, like seeing dead people and people from their past lives).

    I was still pleasantly surprised to see this is about the symbolic nature of the wine bottle. I saw it less as an example of MIB finding his loophole and more as a symbol of his frustration to break out and destroy the Island with an BANG. 😉

    highbrow: You made me laugh out loud… haha.

    ilie, ref: #4 comment: I am trying to post something on the temptation of Richard, but I guess they are bookmarked til the UK sees the show. Great pointing out the temptation aspect…

    I was thinking that it was very similar to Christ’s or a prophet’s temptation in the desert except on an Island until he was ready to accept his fate/mission. Although I don’t believe Richard is exactly a Christ-like figure, seeing Jacob “recruit” him to be a “representative” or PROPHET of sorts was so jarring.

    Did anyone catch the page Richard/Ricardo was reading in the bible? It was shown to be Luke 4:37… that entire chapter is about Temptation and Curing… that section that I’m guessing Richard was reading is about the casting out of Demons (you can look up bible passages online, yes I’m that crazy).

    I can’t post right now for whatever reason, so I’m sorry if this is veering off topic…

  10. I have a theory that I think I share with more people.

    The alt reality is in fact the past, where Jacob didn’t bring losties to the island and they lived happily…But, I’m pretty sure at some point MIB will unleash destruction in the world! So, Jacob will go to the past and manipulate losties to get to the island as candidates.

    All that will lead to the incident. The incident is the event that Jacob made with the help of losties to prevent the bottle from being broken, saving the island.

    That’s why now MIB can’t escape the island even if he already killed Jacob.

  11. Just adding something…

    Humans ARE pretty bad. Some of them anyway. So, isn’t it possible that the world could have been something different BEFORE MIB got off the island? No sin, no evil, etc… all good.

    Could this possibly be an alternative story than Adam and Eve with the apple??

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