Only candidates can have babies on the island

For whatever reason, perhaps because the ‘ultimate’ candidate is a baby from two candidates, only candidates can have babies on the island.

Babies known born on island

Ethan, parents: Amy and Horace (Goodspeed has no number, but crossed off in cave)
Alex: Rousseau and Karl Martin (337)
Aaron: Claire (Littleton 313) don’t know if we ever got Thomas’ last name, which is weird ‘cuz his paintings show up on the show.

Baby Kwon was supposed to be born there (Kwon 42)

Maybe that’s why Ben (117) thought Juliet (Burke 58) was ‘his’ … with whom to have that ‘Next Jacob’.

And, the rule Widmore broke was to have a baby off the island. Penny. Perhaps making her a candidate, too – or excluding by non-island birth … or Desmond is bringing her to the island.

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6 thoughts on “Only candidates can have babies on the island

  1. I love this idea!

    Although for Alex… did you mean that Danielle and Karl had her? Or that Karl is a candidate? Because Karl was her BF, her father’s name was Robert, but they never really said his last name was Rousseau or that he and Danielle were married (ref: Lostpedi)

    If Danielle and Karl were lovers, well… that’s another show entirely. 😉

    ilie: Ay, there’s the rub.

  2. I have to agree with ADayAfar bout Karl and Rousseau.
    You need to know that the people that have had concevied ON ISLAND, and then gave birth ON ISLAND, the mothers and babies die. But if they concieve OFF island, and then give birth ON ISLAND, then the labour ocurrs normally.
    Kwon concived ON ISLAND, then have birth OFF ISLAND.
    Claire concivied OFF ISLAND, then gave birh ON ISLAND.

    In the show they stated cleary (Juliet told Ben)that the problems came once the pregnant woman were on their third trimester, therefore, the DI brought off island all pregnant woman after this period (after they found out that they all died on island; after 1977 at some point in time).

    The rest is mystery.

  3. That is why Aaron did now die (and Claire), and why Ji Yeon survived (and Sun) after their birth’s. Not because they are candidates. At least not to me from the info they have given us thus far.

  4. Yeah, Mamey is right, though it’s an intriguing thought/connection nonetheless that you should delve further into… just make sure you cross-reference a bit.

    (I’ve been trying to get a post up about children and their significance, hence why I enjoyed this idea, but none of my posts are being approved gahh…)

    Had Sun stayed on the Island, I’m almost sure she would’ve died.

    I have to admit, I do like the thought that Ji Yeon is special in some way and that’s why Jin/Sun were both touched by Jacob and why she doesn’t exist in the alt timeline (well as far as we know, since Jin is sterile off-Island). But geez, they are running out of time! 🙁

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