undercover for mib

i’m thinking that when widmore comes to the island first, mib convinces him to work undercover for him, at some point mib is going to give a black stone to jacob to show that he has evened the odds.

jacob has richard, mib has widmore but jacob will not know who mib has corrupted.

at some point in time widmore will have an affair off-island, the result will be john locke and when mib sees john lockes name in the cave he will know that he has his loophole and will send the black stone to jacob.

when jacob finds out about widmore he will send richard to young john locke to test him, and then he gets ben to banish widmore from the island……



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5 thoughts on “undercover for mib

  1. good ideas, but i thought Richard went to see young Locke because of time travelling Locke told him too???
    Or, do you think Richard told Jacob, and then Jacob told him to go check it out???

  2. Are you saying that John Locke is Charles Widmore’s son? Interesting to think about, Locke being born in the 1950’s, Widmore was in his teens-twenties at the time, about Emily Locke’s age.. Locke always said he never knew who his father was, would be cool to find out that it was someone important.

    Locke would then be Penny’s and Daniel’s half-brother.. doing all the family-math within this theory is going to drive me nuts.

  3. lostaddict…when locke was time-travelling i think he told richard what date he was born, that why richard was there at that time…not sure though, i’ll check it out 🙂

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