Plain And Simple

Ok i havnt posted anything on this season yet because honestly their hasnt really been a lot to go on but after watching the Richard centric episode it kinda brought a lot of things together for me regarding the main storyline in lost, in my opinion most of seasons 2,3,4 and 5 have kinda been filler and the writers could of wrote this in probly 2 seasons which im sure i have heard somewhere that was the idea when they started writing it. To sum it up the island is a prison and jacob is the prison warden, their it is plain and simple job done.

When jacob showed the bottle of wine to richard the evil he spoke of was mib, the bottle was the prison and the island (the cork) was what was stopping him from leaving, when he smashed the bottle that was mib saying im not playing by the rules no more and im getting off this island whatever it takes.

Lets say mib and jacob are 2 god like beings ( i hate refering to them like gods but i have no other way of describing them ) They ruled and watched over the world together they were worshipped and loved but mib grew tired of humanity all he saw was the bad in people they were all sinners and everything that was given to them they corrupted so he decided to rid the world of humanity. jacob did not like this he loved humanity and thought they were worth saving so he had to stop mib. He created the island to act as a prison and seperated mibs essence from his body and trapped it on the island and made it his purpose to guard over the island for eternity and stop mib from ever escaping and destroying humanity. While he is watching over the island and mib, jacob keeps bringing people to the island to try and prove to mib that their is good in people and that they are worth saving in the hope that maybe mib will change.

I beleve the story of lost has always been about mib and his wanting to leave the island the smoke monster was in the pilot episode which showed us that maybe the writers actully did no what they were doing right from the start.

sorry i no this theory is all jumbled and hard to read but im having trouble getting everything down on paper i have a lot more i want to say but i cant get it out to make any sence, maybe if you guys can help fill in some gaps that might help

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6 thoughts on “Plain And Simple

  1. No need to apologize, it wasn’t a bad read or anything. In essence, with what we’ve been given to this point, you’ve got it summed up pretty nicely.

    I’d like to know why everyone thinks Jacob’s intentions for bringing people to the island are simply to show MIB that humans are capable of goodness. What a staggeringly lame reason to go SO FAR out of one’s way, and in the process, ruin many families.

    Jacob could say, “Hey, listen here man in black, people can be good. Sometimes people cry, sometimes they smile. Sometimes they hate, sometimes they love..” Is MIB really going to disagree with that? I just don’t get what Jacob was trying to really do all these years.

  2. you mentioned jacob ruinening peoples familys but to be honest i dont think he cares about that at all i think all he cares about is proving mib wrong which in turn is causing people to be sinners and corrupt.i no jacob said when they come to the island they get a clean slate but with what jacob does to get the people their they are already messed up which causes them to lie kill and look out for themselves. the only person i can think off who has shown jacob to be right is hurley off the top of my head i cant think of anything he has done to be selfish or corrupt, maybe he is the one that is going to convince mib people are worth saving

  3. I’ve never thought of that about Hurley. Good thinking. Jack was never a really bad guy either, but I get what you’re saying. By the way, I like your avatar. I still enjoy a good Zelda game.

  4. Jack was never a bad guy no but since comeing to the island he has done a few things that were selfish as has nearly all the losties apart from Hugo unless I am mistaking even when he was put in charge of the food which you could kind of call a test he did the selfless thing and shared it out
    yes I also am a bit of a zelda fan too hopefully before the end of the year we will have a new 1 out for the wii although a link to the past will take some beating on the snes best video game ever made apart from modern warfare 2 which I am addicted to at the moment

  5. By the way I leave the house for like 3 hours and when I get back their is like 20 new theories pop up what’s up with that emzi must of been busy moderateing all them after lost tonight

  6. Sampson, it’s good to see a theory from you again. I really liked this. For awhile now I’ve been drawing parallels to the Prisoner, with the Island being similar to the Village. Until this season I thought Smokey was similar to Rover, but that’s been turned on its head. At this time I still think the end of Lost will be something akin to how the Prisoner ends in it’s final episode “Fallout”. I just have this feeling that a lot of stuff is going to be destroyed by the end. Maybe we should stick a button with a pennyfarthing bicycle and a 6 on Smokey.

    I was surprised at the explosion of theories today also but then remembered that everyone in the UK doesn’t see the episode until Friday as opposed to seeing it on Tuesday here in the U.S.

    Thanks for the good theory Sampson.

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