“We’re gonna find a loophole”. – Not “I’m”, it’s “we’re”! So who’s the ‘We’?

The Smoke Monster is the Smoke Monster and MIB is MIB. Yes, they seem to be one and the same now but now I think about it, they are 2 separate entities.

Ever since I saw the smoke monster turn into Alex and tell Ben to do exactly as Locke says, I believed that Smokey and MIB were the same thing. It made perfect sense. Now after watching Season 6 and also recalling an old conversation that was slightly contentious, I believe that 2 separates entities are now working together.

Evidence as follows.

In the season 5 finale during the opening scene MIB says, “One of these days, we’re gonna find a loophole my friend”. He most definitely does no say “I’m gonna find a loophole,” he clearly says “we’re”. Watch it, you’ll see! The question that has been going through my mind is ‘who is the “we” that MIB is referring to?

Next, in the chamber where Alex appeared to Ben there is a picture of the Smoke Monster fighting with Anubis. The ancient Egyptians were around between roughly 2000-5000 years ago and as they somehow reached the Island and bumped into Smokey, it’s probably safe to say that Smokey has been kicking around for a good while and Smokey is more than likely a single entity in its own right.

The next thing that got me thinking too was a quote that MIB said. He said that at some point in the past his body was taken away from him by Jacob. We don’t know how long Jacob and MIB have been on the Island but I don’t think that they were there before the Egyptians and therefore they were not there before Smokey. MIB lost his body in the more recent past.

I think that at some point after he’d lost his body, MIB was able to take control of the Smoke Monster and has since been able to use its powers for himself. How he was able to take control of Smokey, I have absolutely no idea, but it seems that Smokey wants to leave the Island too due to the fact that MIB says “we’re” (as I’ve mentioned above).

MIB and Smokey were separate beings in the past. Now however they have found a way to work together as they are now one and the same. 2 beings working as 1; this is the ‘we’ that MIB was referring to.

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32 thoughts on ““We’re gonna find a loophole”. – Not “I’m”, it’s “we’re”! So who’s the ‘We’?

  1. Well, honestly, I think it’s a lot of wishful thinking. This argument has been hashed, rehashed, and uber-re-hashed. Honestly, I’m a little tired of it. MIB says in one of the first episodes of the 6th season “i’m sorry you had to see me like that” in reference to his Smoke form. I know many people dont like it.. but the writers/directors are trying to tie up loose ends – and a good way to do that is to tie things together. For instance how they tied together Richard and the Black Rock. They’ve done the same with the MIB and the Smoke Monster. Don’t like it? Meh.. deal with it! Just my honest opinion.

  2. This is according to Lostpedia:

    NEMESIS: Do you have any idea how badly I wanna kill you?
    JACOB: Yes.
    NEMESIS: One of these days, sooner or later… I’m going to find a loophole, my friend.
    JACOB: Well, when you do, I’ll be right here.

    Where did you get the “we’re” quote from?

  3. Ya I’ve seen that part over and over…… People are looking for things way too hard and hearing what they wanna hear

    he clearly says “I’m going”… He just puts those 2 words together too much like imgoing…

  4. Yeah he just doesnt enunciate the I in I’m……

    Not to mention that the writers said on live TV that Smokey is the man in black. Thats a pretty big clue.

  5. How do you explain the obvious connection between Flocke and the sound that the smoke makes? On multiple occasions weve heard the sound and then Flocke appears. That was the writters giving out the clues and when MIB said “I am the smoke thing” that was the confirmation.

  6. OK now now pople perhaps a bit of peace??? 🙂

    Or are those who believe its “we” and that there are two monsters going to put on a black shirt, and those who believe it is “I” and that smoke and MIB are one and the same can put on a white shirt.

    We can then put you on an island so you ech battle it out.

    But theres a rule, you cna not kill each other. Other beings may do that.

    This way we can trully sort it out !!

    Ok, seriously, why cant it be that you are both right? You are just reacting to what you are seeing on screen.

    FOR example, can you not say the Smokie is actually 3 different people? Smokie, MIB and Locke???

    The thing is, I doubt it very much. I think the MIB is just a MIB like Locke was.

    Unfortunately smokie has taken control of his dead body.

    We havent seen him since have we? Only in the scenes from 1800s.

    But he has impersonated Christian Shepherd, and since then Locke.

    So perhaps it is most probably a human being at all. It is a force of destiny or course correction as the timelooptheory website has suggested all along.

    Dont look at the humans as humans, they have just had their organic bodies controlled by this supernatural power: smokie.

    So essentially they ae 2 different entities (for example when Locke says “Dont tell me what I cant do!” to the boy) as they keep some of their human elements/traits. But really its smokie.

    Anyway enough peace keeping and diplomacy. I hope we are all wrong and I am sure soon we will find out. Lucky Americans with your Tuesday night showings!

  7. well after reading many of your comments i now realise many of you haven’t actually understood what i’ve said.

    MIB says ‘We’re’. Watch his mouth and listen. I’m not looking for things that aren’t there, i’m looking at things that have actually happened.

    My other point is at some point in the past MIB and the Smoke Monster were separate beings, however they are now one and the same thing. MIB is NOW the Smoke monster, he didn’t used to be though.

    ifoundmyloophole, what a brilliantly thought provoking point you make. I just hope that all your other comments are as intelligent and as inspiring as this one.

  8. Imma let you finish… but first I want to say this topic is dead. Smokie is Smokie. He’s never been 2 peeps at once, he’s always been smokie or fakie-fill in character name-.

    Second, you might have something w/ MIB selling his soul or something to get the “smokie” powers or control the smoke abilities, but w/ so few eps left I doubt the writers have time to explain that so let’s just stick to what we know.

    I hear “I’m” every time brotha, sorry.

  9. Also, hate to say it, but MIB says “I” for the rest of the conversation with out a doubt anywhere. Why change to we talking about a loophole? Why wouldn’t he have said “Do you have any idea how badly WE want to kill you?”

  10. AllGoodThings, i KNOW that he say ‘I’ in the rest of the conversation, I KNOW. Thats why this conversation is strange.

    As ‘hasBen’ has said above, watch the video and at 1:30, MIB says ‘we’re’.

    I am sticking to what we know, i’m not hearing what i want to hear like so many of seem to be. Please just watch the video, watch MIB’s mouth and listen to what he says.

    Well assuming that MIB doesn’t mean Smokey, who else could the ‘we’ be then?

    I highly expect that by the end of this series, we will be shown that Smokey has been around for many millenia. MIB even turned round and said to Sawyer (i think) that he was once a man/human so i predict that they were 2 separate beings at some point.

    I think that we’ll all agree to disagree on this.

  11. Ok we cant technically prove MIB has ALWAYS been smokey and that they were NEVER 2 separate entities .. But on the other hand, there is no evidence proving otherwise.

    Lets face the facts.. We get what the show gives us. It is highly unlikely we’re gonna get an answer to this, so how about we all make friends and believe what ever the hell we wanna believe 🙂

    Whos with me!?

  12. Well, I also am of the belief that Smokie and MIB are two different and distinct entities. However, I think that (per my earlier post re Smoke Monster) Smokie is the result of some sort of usable technology…perhaps ancient or possibly from the future. MIB however seems to either be a man or at least once was a man. My current thought is that MIB is somehow using the “guise” of the so-called Smoke Monster for his own purposes. I have been surprised though, to hear MIB readily admit to some of the Losties on several occaisions that he is the “Smoke Thing”. I am suspicious that he just needs to keep people thinking that he is the monster. Hopefully we can get some conclusion on this question in the next coming weeks.

  13. I don’t understand y’all crying out for answers then when you get them straight from the character’s mouths, you don’t want to believe them! How many times do you have to hear MIB and MIB/Locke say “I am the smoke monster” before you really believe it???

  14. I know that MIB said he is the Smoke Monster. I believe he is too but i think that there is another conscience in there somewhere. I’m sure that Smokey was around long before Jacob and MIB ever came to the Island. MIB has found someway to become one with Smokey.

    Put it this way, back in Season 2 Ben lied his ass off saying that he way henry gale. Did we believe him? Did we trust him? No we didn’t. Where Jacob and MIB are concerned, we still aren’t clear as to what they are or who they are so I’m not trusting what either of them says just yet.

    rockitman88, i am very suspicious too

  15. We really need to stop thinking that this MIB even exists. It’s really just Smokie. Smokie was (obviously) in control of the guy on the beach with Jacob in “The Incident”, and also who’s controlling Locke’s appearance right now. There’s no MIB and Smokey, it’s just smokey in disguise.

    Flocke’s recent “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.” kind of blows my mind right now. I guess part of John’s consciousness still dwells in there somewhere, who knows at this point.

    So anyway, can Smokie be more than one person at once? I believe he used to be able to. When Ilana says he’s stuck in Locke’s form, it kind of messes things up a little, because we see Christian walking around talking to Sun and Frank while Smokey’s already stuck in John’s form. Therefore, you could argue that SMOKIE can have more than one part to him.

    Not really sure where I was going. Smokie’s either futuristic technology, Satan, the result of an opened Pandora’s Box, alien, the sum of all chaotic evil on Earth, or a creation by Jacob. I’d believe a couple of those possibilties right now.

    By the way, it sure as hell looks like he says “We’re”. I guess it could go either way.

  16. We didnt see Christian after the Dharma barracks scene, which was like 3 days before Jacob was killed. So maybe he wasnt stuck until Jacob was killed and was fully capable of taking other human forms then. Or maybe Christian is another entity all together, Im clueless there. That line he said to Sun still has me wondering. He tells her that she has quite a journey ahead of her……to what end does he say that. How would that really accomplish manipulating Sun? Or was he really trying to guide her?

  17. Chief, one possibility is that Smokey was stuck in his form at the same time as Jacob was killed (because of some rule). This would allow for Smokey to switch between Christian shape and Locke shape before Jacob was killed.

    I’ve never really understood why it was so important for Smokey to have Locke killed off. Was it to be able to make a Christ like reappearance to the Others? No idea. Now I don’t remember how Richard and the Others know that Locke is dead. Was it Sun who told them?

    Close your eyes when you listen to that sentence and you will probably hear “I’m”.

  18. I’m almost waiting for someone to answer that Smokey needed Locke dead so that he could take over his body and that Richard and the Others know that Locke is dead because Ilana brought his corpse.

    Those who were planning to answer any of that really need to rewatch the show.

  19. Oh yeah, I guess the Jacob being dead part could have a lot to do with smokey being stuck in that form. Geez, I rather feel like a tard for never realizing that. Thanks ilie.

  20. This argument is getting silly, really. I theorized weeks ago that the Smoke Monster is a vehicle for all the dead souls on the island. It is inhabited by Nemesis, Yemi, Locke, Alex, and countless others we have not seen. Nemesis seems to be the “leader” in the vehicle of Smokey, even when he takes the appearance of others inside the vehicle, he’s still in the driver’s seat.

    Whether or not Nemesis said “I’m” or “we’re” is quite irrelevant in my opinion, because either way he’s referring to himself inside the Smoke Monster, or, all who reside in the vehicle of the Smoke Monster.

  21. Inquisitor – Has your “weeks old theory” been proven to be correct? Even if it has, does it matter when related to this discussion? We still don’t know who or what the hell Smokey is. This discussion seems about as important as any other on here these days. Have you read some of these other posts lately?

    Whether or not he says “We’re or I’m” could make a bit of a difference. “We’re” could possibly solidify Christian being on team Smokey, as well as every other dead body we’ve seen. You might be right, maybe all the dead people’s souls are within Smokey, but that doesn’t explain what it is, or what it’s purpose is.

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