A thought about the real reason Desmond ended up on the island

Hi all sorry if this has been posted before (i’m probably seasons behind in this) but i had a thought after reading the post “someone is from the future” (sorry i forget who it is by).
Could the real reason Desmond was on the island be due in every way to Eloise and Widmore working together and therefore still being in contact? After all, it is Eloise who could see into the future (like Desmond) and it was Widmore who told Des that to win Penny’s heart he had to win the boat race (even though he knew he didn’t have a boat). In this respect, if Widmore and Eloise were still in contact, could it be due to this that Eloise may have finally let Widmore into the secret of how to find the island (this is thanks to the post “keeping up with the Kwons”) because Eloise knew she HAD to let him find it?

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