Why MIB cannot leave… and a fetish?

After tonight’s awesome and very emotional episode of LOST (which reminded me of the older days of LOST), I finally understand why it is that the MIB cannot leave.. and how he plans on leaving.

Simply said, the MIB can only leave by taking the remaining candidates with him. Since Jacob is dead, the remaining candidates are the only people keeping him from leaving the island. So, the only way for him to leave is to take them with him. He specifically says, “I’m three people shy of leaving this island.” It’s why recruiting and manipulating the candidates is so crucial to him right now. I think we’re going to see a massive battle surrounding this plane and Widmore’s people and the Losties.

Something my husband and I also observed: I think the MIB has a particular fetish/need/desire for blood. No – he’s not a vampire – he might eat blood, but I think blood draws him to certain people and places. We noticed that he appeared to Sun after she cut herself on one of the plants. He also encouraged Jin to leave his wound exposed to the air. Perhaps something about blood gives him strength. Perhaps this is why he needed to kill so many people at the temple? Maybe he needed to derive more strength from them in order to complete his manipulations and recruitments.

Other than that… I’m not at all surprised that Desmond was on the sub. I couldn’t have pictured Widmore kidnapping anyone’s children to take to a mysterious island. I don’t know yet what role Desmond will play, but if we remember further back – the rules do not apply to Desmond. We’ll see what happens there.

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14 thoughts on “Why MIB cannot leave… and a fetish?

  1. Damn, I’m in the UK and need to wait until tomorrow to watch the episode online somewhere, but it sounds awesome! Not really surprised it’s Desmond in the sub, any sign of Penelope?

  2. I find it funny that you are taking MIB at his word! since when has he been trustworthy. i believe he is planning on killing the candidates. Remember what he said to jacob in the alpert episode about killing anyone who replaced jacob. So if he knows that one of these 6 is jacob’s replacement, then he is going to kill them all

  3. dharmaniac – I don’t think he can kill them, remember what the little boy said? Besides they’d have to attack him first for the previous rules of who he can and can’t kill to engage anyway, and I doubt Hurley would.

  4. I concur with phunkjones – the MIB cannot kill the candidates. If he had really wanted to.. he would have killed them all by now. I’m fairly certain he has to take them off island. To add to this theory even further I strongly believe the outcome of this struggle (whether or not the MIB leaves the island) will result in the alternate timeline that we were looking at. Especially now since we’ve seen Desmond come off the sub. I think his role will be quite important. I also believe that Desmond knew Jack on the plane in the alternate timeline. I dunno. It’s all connected. But I’m pretty sure Desmond has some special abilities.

  5. A couple of other thoughts to your theory brokenankh – I’d be curious if the smoke monster has shown up other times when there was blood or an injury to people…would be a good explanation on seemingly previous “random appearances”

    Also, is it just me, or was Des as the “package” too easy to swallow. I’m sure everyone agrees he is important since the rules of causality don’t apply, but what if the package is actually someone else? (I agree the kids don’t make sense though)

  6. There are rules-
    1. you can’t kill a candidate- Little boy with blood says “you know the rules, you can’t kill him”
    2. you can’t force a candidate to do something against there will – MIB says to Sun in the garden that “he would never make her do something against her will”
    3. Candidates cannot kill themselves- seen with Jack and his magical dynamite not exploding trick.

    The MIB will try to take the losties off the island via the aijira airplane and we will see a war. MIB will be stoped by Jack. Jack will be the one that replaces Jacob. We will also find out it’s the flash sideways that lead into seasons 1-5(timeloop). not the other way around. Just a theory.

    Not sure about the whole blood thing.


  7. I really don’t know how I truly feel about the subject – but, I honestly don’t think we are going to see any of those kids come back to the island. Malcom David Kelley (who plays Walt) now looks way too old to play the part. As for the other kids, I just don’t think they’ll have a major part to play if any.

    Des as the package.. yeah, I’m still having a think about that one. My only theory regarding Des at this point is that he is the only one who can kill the MIB. Because of the rules, Jacob could not kill the MIB.. and nor can his candidates as they are potential new Jacobs. But, the rules of the game don’t apply to Desmond. So, perhaps it is his destiny to kill the MIB. Widmore already said the package is a who.. and I don’t think any one else is coming out of that submarine.

    About the blood/injuries. If I had the energy to rewatch all 5 seasons again (just did that recently) and look for all the times Smokey shows up.. I think we might find some more injured people. But, then again, they’re always bleeding or bruised in some way, shape or form.
    A part of me also feels like Smokey’s desire for blood/injury goes beyond the physical. I think he is drawn to emotional pain as well. It seems like he feeds on weakness. Remember Eko? He confronted the monster in the jungle.. and he faced it, bold and fearless, and it went away. But, the second time he confronts it in the jungle he is badly wounded and disturbed. He is then killed by the Smoke Monster.

  8. Another thought about the MIB/Smokey feeding off of people’s physical and emotional pains and turmoils. In tonight’s episode, Sayid mentioned that he felt no pain or anger. It seemed like he was void of emotion. (Longshot) Perhaps MIB drained him of it?

  9. While it’s true that Locke can’t kill the candidates, it doesn’t mean it isn’t his objective. Remember Jacob and MIB’s conversation in Richard’s flashback. Jacob said that when he dies, the candidates will replace him. MIB replies, “Then I’ll have to kill them too.” His goal clearly is to kill the candidates, as it is the only way to kill the candidates. He told Claire that she was very important. In my opinion, it is that she will be the one to kill the candidates, using Aaron as motivation to kill and get off the island.

  10. MIB feeding off emotions would also explain why he wants to upset Claire by telling her that the Others took Aaron. I think evil is a living thing and needs to be “fed”. Maybe the fact that Sayid feels nothing is actually a good thing.

  11. I believe it’s as simple as in order to leave he either needs all the candidates to come with him – or die. I actually don’t think he wants to kill them, not if he doesn’t have to.

    We’ve seen no evidence for this “other” than the Unknown Boy in the jungle talking about the rules, but we don’t know really what they were talking about, or who they meant, if it really was Sawyer or another candidate.

    (everyone’s just assuming things – which is dangerous in the world of Lost – other than Desmond – that one many of us saw coming – me personally because I felt it was Desmonds time to get back. He’s too important, the Island isn’t – as Eloise stated – “done with him yet” + we’re nearing the end(Haha, no pun intended)so he was due, right)
    There sure are things pointing in that direction, but we don’t really know, do we.?
    Same with the sickness, we don’t even know how it is related to Nemesis – and perhaps more importantly – how He is related to the Evil, Darkness that Jacob mentioned in his explanation with the wine-bottle.

    people again asume he meant Nemesis, but I think it’s important to notice that he actually didn’t say it. I think he might have been referring to the sickness,
    which doesn’t have to be Nemesis.
    Besides, even though people keep saying “Don’t take him for his word – he’s Smokie!” I think we all can agree that devious or not he has been strangely honest, hasn’t he..?

    There are not many cases where we can actually say – aha – that was a lie!(Al though there are cases – such as with Claire – but then again, how does lying about things, big or small – really make him any different from our own Losties,
    or even Jacob?)

    Particulary, I find it curious that he has even revealed to so many “Who”/What he is.
    He even Told Richard before his assassination-attempt on Jacob(admiting to killing the BR-crew. You can even argue as to whether or not he really lied to Richard about them being in Hell and jacob – the Devil, it might be a matter of perspective)

    Also, I want to point out that I don’t think Nemesis killed many(or perhaps even anyone) before the BR arives. Jacob Told Richard the many other before were all dead, but not how. And as Jacob had until then chosen to not interfere in any way –
    he wanted them to help themselves – it would make little sense if he just stood beside while nemesis supposedly killed everyone who got there..? When he said “Help themselves” I don’t think he meant fight of a SmokeMonster, but rather their own inner Darkness.

    Nah, don’t think so.
    Especially when you look back at the beach-scene, where Nemesis talks about what humans do and it always ends the same.
    He doesn’t sound like he’s responsible for it, at least he doesn’t sound like taking any joy or pride in it.

    Jacob says to Richard Nemsis believes all men are evil inside, basically, right..?
    From what we’ve seen it would seem Jacob and Nemesis where once friends(Jacob even referring to him as an Old one who grew tired of his company – I don’t think any kind of savior would call “Evil Incarnate” an old friend unless there were really truth behind it) so maybe Nemsis once shared Jacobs faith in humans – but after many years “lost” it..

    He says he was once a man – we don’t know how he came to be “Smokie” – but I can Tell you this – evil has ALWAYS existed(unless the writers are gonna “prove” me wrong) and that Island – sure seems old!

    No, the theme of Black and White
    Especially the coloured stones – have been believed to represent Jacob and Nemesis or a score-count – which in a way they are or might be – but I actually think more importantly they’re exactly what they’ve been shown to be – they’re way of saying: In your Face, beatch!

    When Sawyer asks Nemesis about the scale he says – “It’s an inside joke” and bear in mind Jacob gave Nemesis a white stone,
    seemingly to gloat(in your face, beatch and all that) but I think it was his way of casually saying, “I was right, people are good inside.

    When Nemesis removed the white stone from the scale, I think it was his way of jokingly saying – Got you in “the end” you bastard – rather than: Haha, I am Evil! I am winning, Muahahahaha!(It could be offcourse, but..) I think this time it could be exactly what we’ve been shown/Told: an inside joke. But who knows in the world of lost.

    My point being is – Jacob doesn’t really have to be the Light/White and Nemesis doesn’t have to be the Darkness/Black, but rather their point of view.

    If Nemesis leaves it might very well release some kind of darkness and evil “infecting” the world – that may be the consiquence of Nemesis leaving, but it doesn’t have to be Him – you get me?

    We still don’t know enough about the sickness or it’s relation to Nemesis

  12. brokenankh42 – I first read your post before the show aired (I live on the East Coast and the show typically airs at 9pm). After thinking about your post while watching the amazing episode, I was a bit intrigued. Everything you had mentioned was absolutely correct, but I was not sure how you had known all of it before the episode aired.

    Care to share your secret?!

  13. @ANG, I agree that assuming is a bad thing in the Lost world, but this being the last season I don’t think they are hiding too much. I think every episode has pure reveals. In my opinon:
    1) Desmond is the package
    2) MIB cannot kill candidates, but that doesn’t mean he can’t crash a plane with all of them on board…
    3) Desmond doesn’t have to follow the “rules” that the little boy seems to be enforcing
    4) Widmore is actually a good guy – everyone we thought of as “bad” is actually good compared to Flocke.

  14. I was thinking that the MIB/Smokey fed off souls. Or at least got some sort of strength from them. Especially since what Sayid said on the last episode. And maybe that by taking their ability to feel away from them, he is creating some sort of army to fight against Widmore/whoever doesn’t want him to leave the Island.
    But then again, he is able to kill many people in a short amount of time all by himself and hasn’t needed helpers in the past, so that might just be irrelevant.
    Also, becuase it seems that MIB cannot simply kill the candidates, he is turning them into zombie-like beings so that they won’t opppose him and will follow his every order. But seeing as how he hasn’t done it to Sawyer or Kate, when he has had ample opportunities to do so, that could also be untrue.
    I know Lost has been about mystery and deviation since the beginning, but the MIB/Smokey and Jacob storyline to me has become more irritating and confusing than enjoyable.

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