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Question. Anybody else see Mikhail get shot in the same eye his patch is on during earlier seasons? I believe the writers are going to merge the timelines in a way we can’t see just yet, no pun intended mikhail. We have seen Jack’s appendectomy scar in the alt and now Mikhail’s reason for wearing an eyepatch during his previous episodes, not to mention the scars on his face, are somewhat explained.

This means Mikhail probably hunted and found the island after he was shot in the alt timeline for a reason. He was on the island at the flame for a reason, and it probably had something to do w/ helping or stopping the losties. Just a whammy that deserves re-watching. I would bet that each character side plot has shown one simlar explanation of previous flaws/actions on the island that provide part answers awaiting the finale that will tie them all together.

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14 thoughts on “Writers Round/MIKHAIL

  1. I am surprised that there has not been a truckload full of Mikhail-theories on this. It could be a very huge clue…

    Gotta go, no more time to comment 😉

  2. I see what you’re saying (no pun intended Mikhail). It looks (no pun intended Mikhail) like this sideways timeline is proving to us that fate is in play, and that the universe has a strict way of course correcting itself. I just hope the writers patch (no pun intended Mikhail) things up nicely.

  3. I think if/when the timelines merge the people won’t remember the other timeline, they’ll probably have dark spots in their memory or something, otherwise I’m sure mikhail would have said something early on in the show, right? And they would also have to enter the island at different times…

  4. aww man chief. i was sure you were gonna say: i’ll keep an eye out for any more of this. oh well. 3 puns is still pretty good, i especially liked the patch one.

  5. I posted on this same topic in another Lost forum last night and am a little surprised, too, that there hasn’t been more discussion on this topic.

    I haven’t seen this mentioned, but thought that it warranted bringing up after last night’s episode.
    If the time lines are distinct and that, at most, there are SUBTLE similarities between them, this wouldn’t be a big deal.
    However, I wouldn’t put it past the show that the Mikhail we saw in the original time line was actually the Mikhail from the ATL.
    I’ve stopped rewatching seasons 1-5 (a few episodes into season 2) so that I’ll have something to do with my time after the finale. What I remember about Mikhail in the original time line is that: 1) he was hard to kill and that 2) he always seemed to have (or at least ‘flaunt’) some insight that most others didn’t. One particular example I seem to remember is him talking about the “John Locke he knew…” and then being cut off, or ‘shut up.’

    His character wasn’t introduced in the original time line until well-after the 815 crash, which could line up with “arriving” on the island from the ATL after being shot by Jin.

    Maybe this is too much of a stretch, but I’m holding on to the idea that the island has (or provides) a power to be an ‘in-between’ for the time lines that have been presented (I mentioned talked about this in greater detail in a thread titled LA X, totally unrelated to Mikhail and his patch…).

    Obviously, I present no evidence as to how Mikhail may have crossed over, or who would’ve/could’ve caused/allowed it to happen, but if it is the case, he was probably brought there by someone else for some reason that there doesn’t seem to be enough time to explain…

  6. Remember that scene with him, Locke, Kate, Sayid, and Ben…when Mikhail is telling them how they are not good enough to be on Jacobs list…?

    Either he was real wrong…or the list in the ankh was not Jacobs…good post.

    To help go along with this thought, I would like to add that I posted something a while back saying that we could see Dogen off island get in the car accident, and Jacob come and get hima nd take him to the island as it occurred in the story he told Jack.

    Maybe Mikhail or another Lostie was his drinking buddy that coaxed him to do it…and all the others are from different time lines themselves…

    Great post…I really like the premise…

  7. Good points Obersturmbahnfuhrer Big Smoke. That’s exactly what I was thinking about and why I am surprised there isn’t alot talking about Mikhail (yet)…

    Perhaps I am too quickly and the theories etc. will come.

    I have the feeling that it isn’t just course-correcting or just a similarity in the two timelines that his eye gets shot. It’s also wishful thinking, cause it’s the main problem with alternate timeline…I so hope it isn’t showed just for the sake of the similarities and for ‘how it could have been’…. I hope and think it’s much bigger than that.

  8. I think inn terms of BIG…it could be in 2 ways…

    1) It would show that jacob can go not only to alternate timelines, but that he can go to one after the island is sunk…

    2)It would allow the possibility that some of the other Losties that we know (whispers…Christian) may be actually from the Alt…

  9. Remember the whole talk about “course correcting”?

    I think he getting blind of that same eye is just that, course correcting.

    The same goes for Sun and Jin having a relation but in slightly different order.

    What I’m starting to think is that some of the scenes we saw in the past and never even consider them as flash forwards actually were.

    I just don’t want to see this show ending in a loop where everything keeps happening for all the etenrnity. That would suck.

  10. Since you are on the subject, I have a similar yet different scene to throw into the mix because I think it could fit.

    Widmore told Jin that if Flocke gets off the island then everything (implying Sun & Ji Yeon) will “be no more”…

    A few minutes later, a pregnant Sun is shot in Sidewaysville. (Making it possible that Sun & Ji Yeon could “be no more” sooner than later…)

    These two occurrences, along with Mikhail’s eye being blown out, reminded me once again of the overlaps and “bleeding through” that has been talked about since LA X and Jack’s bleeding neck on the plane.

    As Sawyer so poignantly reminded everyone in last night’s episode – the end is getting closer… so somehow we are soon going to really get what is happening and how these overlaps between the two timelines are occurring.

    BTW, ChiefBigSmoke…great reminder about Mikhail’s “the John Locke I knew…” statement. I love it!

  11. dont you all find it kinda odd that some of dharma and widmore’s peeps and some others are all working together in the alt timeline? what that makes me think is that dharma and the others were somehow working together on the island also, while at the same time shooting flaming arrows at each other.
    here is the thought i got from reading everyone’s comments, particularly cheifbigsmoke and aes, so you guys are basically saying that some of the people brought to the island, ie mikhail and dogen were touched by jacob and brought to the island from the alt universe right? so with all the parallel universe, quantum physics references we’ve been getting what if: there are a whole bunch of parallel universes happening at the same time, and the island is the same in all. like the two off island timelines we’ve been seeing are parallel universes. like picture the island as a sphere in the middle getting sliced with parallel planes (sorry to get super math geek there). so jacob brings people from different universes to the island where they all exist together. so like flight 815 losties are from one universe, in that universe dogen mikhail ben other dharma and others still live their peaceful lives going on about their regular business. from the other parallel plane, the sideways timeline, where the 815ers go on living their lives as usual, jacob grabs other people from like dogen mikail whoever, from another plane he grabs other dharmas or whoevers. but on the island all these people coexist together in the same universe unaware of the fact that they are from different worlds. i’m not sure if this is making sense, and i know almost for certain that this is not how the show will play out. but i am sick of hearing everyone say the same good/bad religious theory so had to throw out something different even if it sounds completely ridiculous.

    p.s. cheifbigsmoke – i didnt remember that line until you said it right now. hummmmmm wtf did he mean by that!!! i really hope we find out how they were connected. if i go along with what i wrote in the paragraph above (which i wouldnt cuz i dont even believe in it) maybe mikhail knew locke in the alt timeline. but more likely i am ganna say he probably met locke time traveling, that makes more sense.

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