Is island Jack not Jack?

Well before Sm/Flocke admitted to not being Locke anymore many on this site knew that Locke was not Locke anymore primarily based on his change in behavior – a complete 180. I don’t believe I’ve read anything from anyone that suggested that Jack is not Jack anymore – on second thought, I might have. Regardless, Jack’s change in behavior this season from how he has been in previous seasons – reflective in thought and kind is a complete 180 from how he behaved in previous seasons – reactionary and callous – is apparent. One could very well reason that the circumstances that Jack went through was the primary cause for his change in behavior. However, has anyone considered that Jack’s behavior changed because he was not Jack anymore? Could he have been infected/occupied/taken over just as Locke has been?
There was one scene – more specifically, one action – in The Package episode that made me a big supporter that Jack is not Jack anymore. When Jack was talking with Sun to convince her that she should follow his lead – in a very kind, compassionate way – he extended his arm towards her so she may grab his hand as a sign that she is with him and will follow his lead to find Jin and get off the island. Who else did the very same action previously in the same episode and on other previous occasions? Sm/Flocke has. I can’t remember who he extended his arm out to in The Package episode (sad but true – long work week and I am somewhat sleep deprived, so maybe someone reading this can fill in this blank)…but my point is that Jack’s action/mannerism was exactly the same as Sm/Flocke’s when he has tried to close the deal with someone when attempting to have that person follow his lead.

Food for thought on 180s, mirrors and circles:
In the pilot episode we saw that Jack was cut on this lower back – Kate helped stitch him up. Isn’t it interesting that Jack notices a scar on his lower abdomen when looking in the mirror in the alt timeline during an episode this season? That’s a 180, indeedy! I wonder what it means in the shows larger context? And, might I add and remind those of you that forgot that LOST was originally going to be called The Circle.

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3 thoughts on “Is island Jack not Jack?

  1. Ummm….well….great point about Jack acting like Flshmlocke. I never thought about that. We see MIB extending his hand to Kate in “Recon” but that’s all I can personally recall.

    About the lower abdomen scar though. Jack had his appendix removed on the island by Juliet at some point within the past two season. So….that kind of explains that.

    Your first paragraph was really good though. 🙂

  2. but lockes change was sudden, it was instant. jack has been slowly changing into the man of faith, from needing to come back to the island to locke’s suicide not and then jacks talk of destiny during dharma times. thats why i think its normal jack, undergoing a character transformation.

  3. I like the part about having a scar on his back and a scar on his abdomen and it being a mirror image of Jack. It is a complete difference from the man of science in the first season to now the man of faith.

    The mirrors this season are showing opposite characteristics of the people looking in them, but like they recognize the person they are looking at. Jack’s scare doing a 180 is like a negative of a photograph. Just like how the LOST logo at the end of season 5 was a negative/opposite of itself

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