What came first?….

Right, I’m pretty sure it’s been talked about before and don’t hate me for bringing it up once again, but is everyone ruling out the possibility that Jacob and MIB weren’t the first people to visit the island? What’s to say that they never took over from the two before them that were in those roles?

I hope this makes sense. I’m very tired and so am babbling. But thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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5 thoughts on “What came first?….

  1. This is a tough question to answer.

    In terms of Smokie, I really wish we’d stop thinking of MIB when referring to Smokey. I don’t think some guy, a long time ago figured out how to turn into smoke and back again. I think Smokie is an entity that can’t be replaced. If anyone was an original inhabitant of this island, my money is on smokie. It makes appearances on ancient temple walls, yet it’s seems supremely high-tech with it’s abilities. Smokie just used the man in black as a way to communicate to people I believe, just as he’s currently doing with Locke.

    Jacob…who knows. I don’t trust the guy in the first place.

  2. I’ve thought for a long while that the man we see with Jacob on the beach isn’t actually his body but just a way for the monster to appear human. Maybe somebody that was close to Jacob?

  3. I agree with you both.


    I don’t trust him either. I think he’s as anxious to get ‘home’ as MIB is but I just think that he’s taking a different approach.


    This is where I contradict myself, I think that Jacob is somewhat a good guy and that MIB was once somebody he was close too, I think whoever takes over from Jacob will have to kill the candidate for MIB and then smokey will take the form of that person. If that makes sense?

  4. So when Smokey says that he was once an ordinary man, is he referring to someone he used to be before he become Smokey or is he just referring to the remaining fractions of MIB’s/Locke’s/etc minds?

  5. Remaining fractions I would suggest. It’s an out there theory but I’d imagine he’d pick up different personality traits from each person he’d consumed if that makes sense? Leading to a huge internal fight with Smokey vs. Inner Personalities.

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