In a perfect world… we get what we choose.

Alright, I’ve been absent far too long. Here are more ideas surrounding the alternate universe. The most recent episode gave us a LOT of insight into what is going on in the “other-worldly” safe landing universe.
In this universe, our Losties get what they want. Eloise says it directly to Desmond – all he ever wanted in life was Charles Widmore’s approval.. and in this universe .. he has it. All Jack ever wanted was his father’s approval.. and it seems that he got that in his life – he also becomes a good father. Daniel Faraday plays music.. rather than studies science – this was all he ever wanted and what his mother denied him. I believe all Kate really wants.. is to run. This is why she’s still on the run. Sawyer wants to be a good man.. and he chooses to be a cop.

Now, some of our characters might not seem so happy. But – I believe this is where choice comes into play. Free will screws things up.. in a way. Sayid just wants Nadia to be happy.. and he believed that letting her marry his brother was the best way to let that happen. That was his choice which results in him not being with her. He also chooses to give up trying to be a good man.. and gives into his murderous side. Sawyer is a little complicated. He chooses to be a good man by being a cop.. but he still chooses to pursue his path of revenge – it results in some anger and frustration. Jin and Sun’s story is probably the saddest. What they truly want is to be together. What they choose, however, is to disobey Sun’s father, runaway, and have a child out of wedlock. This results in the chaos we saw a few episodes ago.

I’ll pause right here: Jin and Sun’s story echoes the genesis story of Adam and Eve. They choose to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – they choose to rebel against their heavenly father and chaos ensues. The ultimate result is that they, as humans, will now die at some point. Evil will pervade their lives. Perhaps, in some way, this resemblance might be a case for arguing that Sun and Jin are our Adam and Eve that we’ve been wondering about. Just a thought.

It seems that the notion of free will is important not only on the timeline but in this alternate universe as well. We’ve been beaten over the head time and time again with characters saying that there’s always a choice. And as Desmond tells Charlie in this episode “there’s always a choice brutha.” And Charlie chooses to drive into the harbour.

I know I’ve left some characters out.. but.. perhaps you guys can fill in some of the blanks. Let me know what you think!
P.S. This was a fantastic episode.. my mind is still boggled!

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4 thoughts on “In a perfect world… we get what we choose.

  1. Great thoughts.
    I was working on something else and hadnt had the time to write a theory I was going to call “Be careful What You Wish For…”…

    Very nice job covering exactly what I was thinking.
    I think you covered the angles quite well on this one. Glad to see a new theory from you broken…

  2. That’s a great theory. I have always thought there is a bit of the “Wizard of Oz” aspect to Lost. It’s as if the people are on the Island in different times to work out situations in their lives and that SLU reality is where there get to have the chance to practice and live out the result of their “Acid Test” or trial by fire. I think Desmond asking for the manifest of the flight is going to be extremely important.

  3. This is exactly what I was thinking while watching these last few episodes… In the FSW it seems the Losties are getting what they NEVER had but always wanted. Though I will say that I think Sayid wants to be good, it’s just that his brother got him into a crappy situation where he tried to say no but really didn’t have a choice after he was pretty much kidnapped by that @$$hole Keamy. Jin also shot Sun by accident…what does that say about Jin’s beliefs or motivations? Both Jin and Sayid killed because of the situation…and the situation didn’t turn out the way they wanted. I do agree about Kate, Sawyer, Jack, …even Locke has a relationship with his father in the FSW.

    Great post!

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, DO NOT BE FOOLED.

    Yes, they may have the perfect life. BUT guess who offers you the PERFECT life????

    A smooth talking, mischivieous, Blue/green eyed chap, with either short grey hair, or a bald head.

    Yes, The man in black or in other instances Don Locke. Aka out of control BBQ, smoke monster.

    “Do you want your wife back?”, do you want this… do you want that…

    tempting, tempting, tempting. Always offering you that tasty apple from that tree in exchange for something.

    Sounds like in this safe landing universe they all get exactly what they want. And I am sure someone (smokie? has taken something in return).

    And this in my eyes, further supports the argument of recent posters to this site, that MIB is off the island in Safe Landing Universe, particularly with the sunken island starting off the show’s 6th series.

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