Desmond Hume Unveiling the Candidate… Outside of a ‘Well’ Built Cabin…

If you didnt watch the preview for next week, dont read this…
Ive been back and forth, but I cannot lie, the song at the end this week hypnotized me…I had to watch…

This isnt so much of a theory as much as a few random thoughts…

Before I forget, I want to get this out of the way…
On the well that Desmond was pushed into…I think this will ultimately explain the cabin. It was most likely built on one of the pockets of energy type things as where the wells were dug. This would possibly enable one to either move about the island, as the cabin seems to do…and have access possibly directly to the energy. It makes me think about all the underground tunnels, and Sawyer pulling up the planks on the floor in his old house…I wonder what happens if someone does that in the cabin…?

Ive been saying that Desmond is going to die. I was excited to see him get thrown down the well, but in the preview it shows him alive, and almost ‘well’ (sorry)…so I guess thats out the window for the moment. I really thought that his death was going to lead him to a physical flashing like scenario.

I assumed this because I thought that would put him in a group of people that die on the island and can seemingly jump around, like Charlie, possibly Christian and Claire, and I thought Walt may have been on the sub and possibly die as well, from the episode when Michael goes to the others and one of them asks if he ever appears in places where he doesnt belong… and then we see his several times on the island(Shannon, Sayid, and Locke all see him). I really expected to see him at the school, especially after we saw Michael at the beginning and then Desmond outside waiting to run down Locke…hmmp…I really hope he doesnt get left in the dust…I posted a Wheres Walt post about a year ago, then he popped up a few episodes later in “Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”…but only for a moment…then he was gone.
I then thought it may further a thought that I and many had that Walt may grow up to be Matthew Abbadon in the future…Both tall (Walt still growing), slender, African American, males who both seem to hold the same feeling and sentiment towards Locke…also the only two who called him “Mr Locke” for any extent of time. Then when they appeared in the same episode in season 5, I really thought now that he left Walt, Abbadon would then return to the island with them, see him in a suit, angry people around, yadda, yadda…Then Ben shot him, and I was disappointed. Well, theres most likely a brief yet horrible death awaiting him in the sideways I suppose for Abbadon…I really hope to see his and Walts character again, and like Aaron, I find it hard to believe after the first few seasons they would not have importance.
I have hope in them not disappointing on that aspect…and for the record, I have been beyond satisfied thus far…

Ok, on to what Desmond is doing. He obviously is working on helping some of his ‘past’ on island friends connect with themselves on/off island, in what seems to be an effort to make them remember what happened in “another life”.
The purpose of this can be looked at in one of two ways…

To help people remember so that they can leave the island via conscious travel.
What happened if Hurley just remembered ‘EVERYTHING’, right up to Jugghead detonating and flashing to 2007 on island, and so on…?
Do you remember when Desmond was seeing the future…was it the future?
No…he was remembering the past, from a future that we never actually see play out because he flashes back and changes the past in a way that we cannot understand from our perspective. He has always had this gift since turning the key…he just couldnt harness it yet…
He sees not only into the past and future, but different space as well…other universes, timelines, and especially lives.

That is why I was so all in on reincarnation…I have given several thoughts on what the infection is. My second choice being a computer like virus, and the first being reincarnate souls of the Losties floating around on the island. (Remember, MIB is supposedly “evil incarnate”) I thought maybe Sayid and Claires infection would have been what they would have been if the plane never crashes…Sayid seems to possibly have gone that route, but Claire seems to have had a change…and her inconsistency is apparent in her many faces on the island in 2007 right now.

The other choice that Desmond could be going for is to get them all together off the island right now in order to get them to flash back to on island 2007. His connecting the dead off island with what seems to be their on island constants is the perfect way to begin to have that happen, as we are beginning to see with Hurley and Libby. If his effort is to get them to flash back, then he may have trouble in certain cases. Can you imagine the connection that is between the candidates themselves off island?

If the ones(The candidates) alive on the island right now can be convinced off island of the evil monster on island trying to escape, than it really shouldnt be hard if he can get them to see the dire nature of closing down sidewaysville, and returning them to their on island place to fend off the evil…

BUT…if they have something to live for off island…and they remember it…it makes them very suseptible to being manipulated by MIB…which is why I think that the sideways timeline is his doing.

Ok…say the sideways is alternate or whatever you want to call it.
Theres no physical bleeding or merging in terms of something just appearing right in front of you…unless it is a soul or person (and I still think its the monster posing as the dead, maybe even Jacob if he is the bad guy)…the people can be changed, but whats done is done…for the moment in terms of physical convergence.
Now say it is going to converge with the other timeline in terms of consciousness through the losties. If it converges, then the people on island in 2007 will remember what they have off island, and want to get back to it. If the island is 2007, and the past is 2004, than they would have to gain the memories of the new past right?

MIB needs incentive to get people off the island. So if there are none, make them…through another past/reality…
We know that he wants off, and we know he promised Sayid whatever he wants to leave with him…Jin and Sun have Ji Yeon in the original timeline, and have already seen Widmore use her on Jin.
WIth the new life, Sawyer is a cop, but I feel he is still quite Lost in the sideways and stuck on Cooper, something I feel may be due because his visit from Jacob (and symbolized by breaking the mirror) came BEFORE the island would have sunk in 1977, if that is indeed the culprit of the flash sideways. He could find new hope in Kate now that he caught her.
I know there is something more to Kates story, but its obvious she is different in the sideways as well…maybe this is simply her opportunity to stop running.
Jacks new off island incentive/constant could be his son.
Hurley would obviously now have Libby, giving everyone something to look foreward to off island, and incentive to get on the plane with MIB/Locke.

I am aware that there are many other possibilities…this is just a possible thought.
Through love and constants, reality will find a way…

If off island sideways Charlie saw Claire when he ‘died’, would it work in reverse if someone died on the island…as we possibly see with Libby?

Now we go to the end of last episode, where we see Desmond Hume running down John Locke off island, not long after we see a couple very important scenes with Des and MIB/Locke on island.
Flocke seems to be very intrigued when Des mentions electromagnetism…asking “Do you know who I am?” (I would have said “Hanso/Aaron/Jacob/God/or Devil”…just saying ;)…
Des replies “Of course…John Locke”, in a very sure manner. I like his answer even better…

This is where there is some different thought towards what his intentions were in running Locke down.
Some say to try and kill him…kill John Locke off island, Kill the monster on island?
Doesnt sound right.

I think what is happening is that Desmond realizes that John Locke is special as well…just in a different way.
I think that he not only knows off island, WHO John Locke is on island, but that he has no way of ever convincing Locke to leave what he has and return…John wouldnt leave Helen…

So… go back to Charlie this season, talking about ‘dying’ and seeing who we believe to be Claire.
Desmond understands that death connects a person with their on island past as well…

Jump back to him running down John Locke.
If he believes Locke is the monster, and he believes that by dying one can connect with their on island selves…could it be possible that by killing John Locke off island, it would reconnect him with his on island self?
But he is buried in the ground…or is he…?

In the premiere John Locke is talking to jack about his father. Jack tells John that they lost his father. John tells Jack that they didnt lose his father, they only lost his body.
The monster has what very much appears to be Lockes body…but he has something much more important…Lockes memories…possibly his conscious…and most likely his soul.

Jack will have to make a very tough decision off island as a doctor and a person.
John will be brought to the hospital, and Jack will be there to work on him. But upon possibly touching him and maybe another word with Desmond, he may remember the on island life, and have to “let go” and not save John, allowing the right thing to play out on the island.

By killing Locke off island, it would NOT connect him with the rotting corpse in the ground…thats not John Locke…thats just his body.
It would connect him with his memories…with his conscious…with his soul on the island…and may give me what I really believe in the most…John Locke back on the island (I can picture him walking out of a cloud of smoke as he separates from MIB), filling the role of what he is supposed to be…the leader…the chosen one…the candidate. In the process of all this happening, Desmond Hume will more than likely be ‘sacrificed’ as Charles Widmore says…leaving nobody to know certain things about MIB…

Maybe since Jack let’s go and frees Locke from the smoke, the monster will take Christians form…setting up my “StarWars” like showdown between Jack and Christian on island.

And I know, I know, what about Helen? If the off island timeline was somewhat created to be used by MIB, Locke would understand and know what MIB knows…that it is not SUPPOSED to be that way!

He also would know something else by gaining the monsters memories…who he is…and how to kill him.

THIS is ultimately why I believe John Locke is the candidate that we are trying to guess right now…not one of the people MIB is trying to get on the plane…but Locke himself.

Desmond understands that the only way to save the island and stop MIB from escaping and “Everything ceasing to exist” can be accomplished by presenting the candidate to replace Jacob…and that will be in my opinion…The REAL John Locke.

This would bring my thoughts of Desmond serving a major purpose involving his abilities, John Locke being special and important in terms of destiny,fate, and purpose…and Jacks major role of being the hero.
I know there are many things to consider, but this is something that I would like to see happen, and I feel could be a plausible outcome…

Thank you very much for your time.

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild

14 thoughts on “Desmond Hume Unveiling the Candidate… Outside of a ‘Well’ Built Cabin…

  1. I’m glad I read this. I think this is a very possible scenario, and it ties the most important characters into the story in an exciting way.

    I too have always hoped for John Locke to become a person that does the right thing in the end. You watch the first couple of seasons, and can’t help but feel a little sorry the guy at times, even though he was sketchy as hell. I always thought he had good intentions. Seperating from Smokie would be a great way for him to finally prove himself.

    About the cabin, didn’t Horace build it? We know that Jin (while with Dharma) was working on locating the electromagnetic pockets. Perhaps Horace decided to build this cabin directly on one of the pockets for a particular reason, perhaps the reasons you’ve explained.

    Also, I personally have forgotten how the “Christian’s shoes” scenario went. Didn’t you (AES) say that Flshmlocke was carrying the shoes in his bag? Is there a way to tie in what you’ve said within this post, to the importance of those shoes?

  2. A.E.S.

    Wow, great post once again. Like Chief, I too am glad I read this, as you’ve managed to nicely bring together some of the key themes in the show.

    There is, though, one thing I am having trouble with – in this post and in others “linking” the Flash-Sideways Timeline (FST) and the Original Timeline (OT):

    1. The OT we are now seeing is 2007.

    2. The FST is time-located in 2004.

    So, how can something that happens in 2004 affect SIMULTANEOUSLY something that is taking place in 2007. Let me try to re-phrase that.

    It’s obvious that events that happen in the past affect those of the future. However, they affect them in a “gradual” manner: for example, if you decide to grow long hair in 2004, by 2007 you will probably have a substantial pony-tail. But it’s not like you will have short hair from 2004 to 2006, and suddenly in 2007 when you wake up your hair is long!

    So, compare that to our scenario: if FST Locke is killed in 2004, then he will never have made it to the island in 2007 to become “part” of Nemesis… But what is being suggested here is that when FST Locke dies in 2004, his “soul” will become severed from Nemesis instantly…

    Although, I have to admit, I love the idea of that scene you describe where Locke “tears away” from the Smoke Cloud… that would be such an iconic moment for LOST!!!

    I don’t know if I explained myself clearly, it’s just that all these time-shifts, time-lines, alternate universes, multiverses, time-loops….. it’s getting all too inter-twined, and I think (or rather HOPE) that LOST will have a SIMPLE and CLEAR explanation for what’s going on, and that everything will fit in beautifully…

    Not that I don’t like complex plots – but with this “wild-west” of the time-space continuum, I think we could pretty much be able to explain Mary Poppins killing an adolescent Hitler in 1960’s Bahamas with a sword made of maccaroni and cheese……!!???

  3. Thank you for making the return and triumph of John Locke logically plausible! Not sure I agree with all the details, especially about Locke seperating from the Smoke.. his body is in the ground, if he took over his consciousness within the smoke, physically speaking he’s still just smoke. But overall I love the theory!

  4. Good stuff AES! I’m not sure if Locke will seperate himself from the smoke monster. I think he may just assume control of it.

    Des is kind of taking on the role of Abaddon in getting people where they need to be. I think they are all going to end up at the hospital in the sidetime, somehow. Which will lead to? The finale.

  5. So if Desmond takes them all back to the island in 2004, do they just blow up the bomb, sink the island, and all die to ensure the evil never escapes in 2007?

    I, too, still haven’t figured out why Christian’s shoes were put on Locke’s body – was it to identify the body somehow for MIB?

  6. I hope ive understood this right cause it was a really good read.

    If love in the alternate universe is what MIB is tempting people with, it seems likely that Jack may be the one who isn’t convinced. I believe he has accepted that he and Kate were not meant to be together and i dont think that deep down in his heart he would want that anyway.

    all the other candidates would be more then ready for another chance with their love (Sawyer/Juliet – Sun/Jin – Hurley/Libby – Locke/Helen – Sayid/Nadia)

    How this will affect the outcome i dont know but Jack seems ready to give it all up, let himself go, as it were.

  7. Nice. This is one of the simplest, most logical, plausible, and best explanations for how everything can tie in together and bring the story to a close.

    This theory, for myself, puts into perspective the scene where Christian tells John that he has to move the Island and later that he has to fix the FDW and that John was supposed to turn it, not Ben. For the longest time it has bothered me that moving the Island was supposed to save it and everyone. Assuming Christian was just a form of Smokey, all these events since the first turning of the wheel make sense to me know.

    Great job AES and thanks as always for a great read.

  8. Thank AES really great post. Especially liked how you suggest that the near-death-Desmond-induced experience that John gets will link him back to his island ‘existence’ and possibly send him back to the body Smokie inhabits. So the irony in Desmond telling MIB that he is John Locke is that John will again inhabit this body. Also liked how you paralleled Libby with John off island who are both dead on the island.

  9. Thanks all for the comments…
    Sorry it took so long to respond…my other life has been quite busy lately.

    Ill try and answer the questions the best I can…Chief…

    The shoes I really think are going to be used to link Jack through the realities…

    It would be fun if maybe Flocke/EI showed him the shoes, and when Locke arrived to the hospital he was wearing them…but they would have to link back to his father somehow.

    If Im not crazy, and he does actually have the shoes, then I would not think he would bring them for any purpose other than convincing Jack that his father is on his side. Whatever he wants Jack to do, there has to be a reason that Jack would follow him…and Im not thinking Kate on this one.
    If the shoes arent in the bag…then I have no idea what is.

    If Christian is serving Jacobs side, than it seems kind of dumb to take them so that Jack can be swayed to follow Jacob.

    Other than the possibility of them being on Locke, the only thing I could think that would allow them to serve a purpose is if I am wrong about Christians body flashing from the plane to the island, and when finally finding his body in the FSW, he is wearing the shoes himself.

    What will really be funny, is if I have been hung up on these shoes for a year now…and we just never see them again…

  10. fresnele…good question, and I really think it is actually more simple than it seems…but I could be off on this one.

    So we know that in 207 the losties are on the island.

    And we know in the fsw 2004, they dont crash.

    The conscious of the people interact with each timeline creating a dejavu like experience not unlike the one Desmond Hume had upon remembering Dan tell him to go to LA and see his mother.

    Dan tells Desmond this in the past on the island…something that Desmond Hume was not aware of until we see this actually occur.

    At the same moment, Desmonds FUTURE self on the boat with Penny has a dream/memory that is Dan telling him to go to LA, and see Hawking.

    The bottom line is, the past was changed and it is effecting the future/present through the conscious/memory of each individual.

    As much as I say Jack and Locke may be the candidate…it is Sawyer and Kate who really dont change in the long run, and that could mean something very important in the end.

    Basically, time is not linear, and something can happen in the ‘future’, that effects the ‘past’…to change the ‘present’…and I probably just confused you more…

    So 1977 can almost seem parallel with 2007 if they move the island through time…the year is really irrelevant.

    Although technically it is simply changing the past (really almost ‘creating’ a new past)…and hard to take in for someone who disagrees with it…not sure which side youre on on that one.

    The only way to make sense of it is to believe that they will merge somehow…something that I personally cannot understand how someone could not see that coming at this point, considering it is already beginning via conscious flashing.

    Good question fresnele, and I hope my answer makes sense.
    If not, let me know and I can try and explain it differently…

    Remember one thing…as much as anyone can say that the island sinking, or the bomb wasnt the cause of the island to sink…or that things changed in the past before 815 flew over in the flash sideways…they sure didnt seem to start seeing other realities, meeting people that see other realities, having memory loss, random scratches or alomst epiphanies while gazing at their reflection until after that moment where they crossed over the island.

    Good question again…

  11. Inquisitor…on island Locke being just smoke was a detail I wrestled with until I thought about what Locke told Jack about his fathers body. It alone is pretty much the basic building block of this theory.

    ALTHOUGH…if Locke didnt ‘separate’ from the smoke…I like Rolands idea below your comment about Locke gaining control of the monster.

    Good point on Des playing Abbadon Roland…I just thought Matthew would play more of a role…and after last week seeing Michael, Walt has to be around the corner…

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