Chang same age in 2004…Why?

I noticed in the last episode, when Chang is at the banquet, that he is still in his 40’s or 50’s. Ben’s dad has aged in the alt time line, but Chang seems to be the same age as he was in the 70’s. Strange!!!

Let me know what you think?

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8 thoughts on “Chang same age in 2004…Why?

  1. Other Whys?

    Why did Sawyer bed Charlotte and not some other cameo chick? It really made Daniel look pathetic.

    Why didn’t Claire ‘remember’ Charlie if their love is so strong? Same w/Daniel and the tramp. Or, Locke and Helen.

  2. I also thought it was a production error, but then again if they went through the trouble with Ben’s dad… I guess it wouldn’t make sense for them to forget about Pierre? No logic in Lost. Haha.

    waycurious: Good pointing that out, but Hugo didn’t remember Libby until they kissed. Libby just happened to get her flashes (flashbacks?) watching a commercial… merely running into each other apparently doesn’t trigger the memories.

    I think Daniel did have an odd experience after encountering Charlotte though– he said he saw true love in the museum eating a chocolate bar (parallels his other interactions with her) and shortly after got that weird flash that prompted him to draw the quantum mechanics graph he didn’t understand (being that he’s a musician in the alt timeline).

  3. Good spotting. Well we know that Dharma/the island existed once upon a time in the alt timeline because Roger stated this, and we know that Miles’ dad in the original timeline knew about time travel. We also have to remember that Miles’ dad has a close connection to 4 of the characters in this alt timeline (Miles, Charlotte, Hurley, and assuming Sawyer since they portrayed Miles/Sawyer to be such good friends).

    If this wasn’t a production error, then the answer is probably related to the above in some way (time travel).

  4. Oh, yeah. Miles IS there. Sorry Sun’s abandoned daughter.

    As for Claire – Charlie had such an earth shattering reaction seeing Claire he got the ball rolling for Desmond-cupid … but Claire couldn’t care less abt. Charlie.

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