Is Lost all in Hurley’s head?

I know, I know. To bring this up at this point in the show that Lost is all in Hurley’s head sounds utterly preposterous to most. However, I feel that the idea is not all that farfetched as it might seem. Once again in last night’s episode Hurley made a reference to Star Wars by mentioning “Anikin” to Sawyer who did not have a clue as to what Hurley was talking about. Throughout Lost time and time again (unintentional pun of soughts…lol) Hurley has made references to popular movies and tv shows such as Star Wars and Back to the Future. What is the purpose of these references? Is it for comedy relief? Perhaps a tie in or foreshadowing to events on the show? Perhaps it is just how Hurley sees the world? – he connects happenings/situations to what has made an impact on him via tv and movies. Maybe, just maybe, all these impactful tv shows and movies got Hurley’s mind thinking up the entire Lost story. And, of course, in his mind he plays a key role in it. You know some would argue that Lost is just way too out there and convoluted to be anything but a figment of someone’s imagination. But, I submit, is it someone’s imagination based in reality as we know it, or is it based in imaginary time? Interesting, very interesting; don’t ya think?

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6 thoughts on “Is Lost all in Hurley’s head?

  1. The show is a figment of someone’s imagination….the writers.
    No, it’s not in Hurley’s head. This is the one theory that the writers have consistently promised the viewers would never, ever, ever, ever happen.

  2. I think that the reference to Skywalker was more of a foreshadowing for Sayid and Claire. I think the writers wanted us t know that we may write them off just yet.

  3. It’s Chicken Purgatory. Hurley just had to much chicken to eat. He will wake up once his body has been cleansed of all that bad chicken.

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