Michael not a ghost

Do you think that Flocke might have taken Michaels form to get Hurley to stop them blowing up the plane? I thought this because Michael died on the frater not the island. Also I didn’t like the idea of peoples spirits not being able to leave. It seems that MIB likes making people think that the Island is hell eg Alpert and Lockes dad (cant remember his name). It would make sense to me that MIB is manipulating Hurley like he did to Locke though im not sure why.

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2 thoughts on “Michael not a ghost

  1. I’d agree with you IF Ilana was a known liar like everyone else. She states to Ben that Flocke is stuck as Flocke.

    Also, many believe the freightor was inside the island’s magnetic “bubble”, therefore meaning Michael could’ve still been “one” with the island. But of course that’s not set in stone, so you may be right there.

    I didn’t like the fact that Michael’s spirit is stuck on the island either. That means Jacob wouldn’t let him kill himself in order to be of service to the island, and ALSO wouldn’t let Michael’s spirit leave the island once he did die. Jacob….What a dick.

  2. haha Chief! you crack me up man!

    funny I was just commenting concerning this on another post.. ya, when dead Michael was trying to persuade Hurley not to blow up plane, I was smelling some Smokey smoke..but I’m so confused about dead people on island; Alex-probably MIB, Yemmi-definitely MIB, Christian-I suppose sometimes MIB sometimes really Christian, Isabel(Richard’s wife)-MIB on blackrock, but truly Isabel at the end of episode…Michael? Who knows…

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