Is it possible…..

is it possible that the sunk island we saw wasn’t the result of the jughead incident? could it be possible that the sunk island was a result of ben turning the FDW? I mean in the episode where the island dissapears, “no place like home”, we see the island go kerplunk into the water. maybe the writers have already shown us how it sunk. Maybe I just am missing something.

Just a side thought, the losties being tossed through time as a result of the FDW being turned could literally be just that, them being transported to different times when the island was still around. maybe the island itself didn’t jump with them. this would make my theory plausible. please let me know what you think

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13 thoughts on “Is it possible…..

  1. Wow. Haven’t heard this one yet. It’s pretty good.

    It’s like one of those jokes you remember hearing for the first time back in fifth grade.

    ….Anyway, it’s very possible.

  2. That’s because someone has been reading spoilers, c’mon people, this is making want to blow my lid that I the only one who is keeping a tight lid on what I know, and trust me, you DONT want to know WHAT I know, you might hang yourself.

  3. Yeah I hadn’t thought of this one of heard of it just like this.. but it’s pretty interesting. On a “graphical” detail note, however, when we see the water splash from teh view of the helicopter after Ben turned the wheel, it looks more like the island was “picked up” instead of sunk. The “drop” in the middle shows one splash-wave, I mean, if the island “sunk” it would “splash” at various high-points on the island, not just in the center. But hey, that’s looking at it way too closely, I know.

  4. Inquisitor – Good attention to detail. I’m not thinking of the island physically travelling below the surface of the water though. I’m thinking of it disappearing (like Flocke behind the foot’s pillar) and reappearing underwater.

  5. im tracking with this idea, i think it fits very well! as a sidenote, didn’t the survivors have to leave the beach for the caves at some point because the water kept rising? could be wrong.

  6. It’s a fresh idea to me as well, but I have the same question as Mixen Dixon. It certainly seemed that the Island was there in 2007 also BEFORE the flash during the Ajira landing.

  7. Again, if the island simply sank, then why is it there in 2007? Why did those left behind not drown? Why is it sunk on Septmeber 22, 2004 in the ALT, but Ben didn’t turn the donkey wheel till late December 2004? Maybe the answers to these questions is what you are missing.

  8. Thanks for all of the responses guys, my main reason for posting this was to find any conflicts which i was sure existed. Mixon’s comment is one i overlooked and am now wondering about. I agree is it a huge conflict to this theory, but lets assume im totally right and this thoery is the case. Maybe there is more time travel going on than we think. I guess we could make a very loose assumption that ajira time travelled some how? although I doubt this as Eloise seemed to mark it on her map with coordinates, as in a physical location. Whatever it is, thanks for the comments, they are appreciated 🙂

  9. interesting, but I still believe that Jughead is why the Island sunk, sort of.

    Follow this:

    Swan makes plane crash, Losties go back in time, Losties detonate jughead, Losties prevent plane from crashing, plane never crashes, losties don’t go back in time, jughead not detonated, radzinsky’s hole sucks the whole island underwater, swan never built, plane never crashes..the end.

  10. Isn’t time on the island different to the outside world anyway? could it not be 2007 on the island and 2004 still off the island? i don’t know what i’m thinking, i’m half asleep – it took me 3 attempts just to log in cos i forgot my password..

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