“Jack, I cant find the first-aid kit, dude” – Hurley

I thought it was slightly funny when Hurley said this, because a couple of minutes later, I noticed a First-Aid box behind Lapidus when he has the Sub captain at gunpoint.

It is possible that there was nothing inside the First-Aid box, but you never know, maybe Hurley didnt check there, or either he did and there was nothing inside.

Either way, its sort-of funny

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4 thoughts on ““Jack, I cant find the first-aid kit, dude” – Hurley

  1. *Chuckle* Seriously, they showed that first aid kit at least a half dozen times after Hurley ‘couldn’t find it’ – it was practically floating around the sub … made me wonder if Hurls didn’t want to save her – but he did.

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