Flocke Has seen this all before?

Hey guys, This is my first comment on here forgive me if its a little below par.

Has Flocke “smokey” seen everything that is going on before?

i’ll quickly explain  towards the end of “the candidate” they flash to Claire and Flocke standing on the deck.

Flocke says ” it sunk “, Clare replies with what their all dead?  Flocke then says ” nope not all of them ”

How does he know this?

Forgive me if that was lame.

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One thought on “Flocke Has seen this all before?

  1. Before This can be answered, you have to assume a few facts are true. The numbers are the Vanzetti Equation, which predict doomsday. Each candidate represents one number. Flock wants nothing more than to go home. What if home isn’t actually him going anywhere, but instead is him dying. He can only die if all of the variables which could potentially change are unable to change. The candidates dying would solidify that numeral in the equation and in turn create no possible way to avoid doomsday. The fact that some candidates are still alive subsequently is keeping MIB alive. Therefore, I believe he knows that they are alive because he hasn’t died.

    Don’t think of the show pointing to an instance where MIB actually hits mainland USA persay, but instead, jacob was constantly trying to change the variables of the equation to prolong when doomsday will occur, while MIB wants to kill all the candidates and Die so that he can ensure mankind will destroy themselves on a certain predetermined date.

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