Anyone having problems?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been to the site a couple of times today and each time it hasn’t loaded properly and I’m just wondering whether anyone else is having the same problem?


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8 thoughts on “Anyone having problems?

  1. Yeah. It’s a bit slow and, as you mention, it doesn’t load properly half the time. It’s happened before when I noticed there were about 240 guests.

    Not a big issue though. Anyone on here that’s stayed with the show over the 6 seasons should have the patience by now to wait a few extra seconds for a load. 🙂

  2. I’ve had cases where the title page doesn’t load below theories and sometimes doesn’t show even all theories, but source code instead ex. The Source of Evil By Chiefof16 5 Comments <a href=”” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to

    Thanks for all you do. Don’t look too much … ’till Friday.

  3. I was thinking it was because the site was having problems serving out all 50 pages of AES’s “Amy, I wish you would have believed me” post..haha! AES, one of your best..

  4. hahahahah…notfunny.
    It was like 49 and 1/2…

    It was sluggish here earlier, every once in a while I still get a slow loading page or two, but as Chief said, guests in the double digits…

    It usually happens when that many people are here, and to have over 250 easily explains it…

    way to be on it Emz…now stay out of here so you dont get spoiled…

    Oh…and felicem diem natalem…

  5. I’m pretty sure it had to do with the surge of attention the site got immediately following the US airing of “Across the Sea”. This episode was chock-full of mythology answers and questions and thoughts and all that. Site is running good now because the floaters have drifted off and it’s back to the few dozen compeletly obsessed ones of us again. “It’s so nice to have everyone back together again”.

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