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I was re-watching Ab Aeterno. The black rock was sailing to the “New World”. Instead they saw an island. A man screamed and I quote “I see the devil! The island is guarded by the devil!” The interesting part is that after he says this the camera shows the Statue of Taweret.  Ok there is an island and a statue in the middle of nowhere but why would the character immediately assume that the island is guarded by the devil. I am referring to one of the random guys who were slaves for the captain.

I have been researching the statue and have not found information on how it relates to hell.

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2 thoughts on “Island Statue

  1. I think it is safe to assume that a Spanish slave wouldn’t know anything about Tawaret and just assume that any ugly beast is related to hell somehow.

  2. I think the man on the boat was portrayed to be a poor, and therefore uneducated, man who knows nothing but religion. Seeing an animal that big in the middle of a terrible storm at see probably looked like the devil to him. The idea that the island is hell has been brought up several times in the show, including when anthony cooper was brought to the island. I think that theory was pretty much squashed with the wine bottle/cork analogy, though.

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