I Wonder About Hurley

Has it occurred to anyone else that the Hurley we see helping Desmond in the alt may actually be Island Hurley? His statement about not knowing AnaLucia was going to be there stood out to me.

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4 thoughts on “I Wonder About Hurley

  1. Yep…just mentioned how I think he is seeing what Des wanted him to see in my post right below this one…good catch Achalli…

    I left Hurley out of the running for Candidate in that theory…due more to what.who he has off island…

    Hurleys line about him being happy it isnt him, when Jack stood up and accepted Island Protector was either just Hurley being Hurley…or maybe a little foreshadowing…I dont know…Im going nuts waiting for the finale.

    Good catch on Hurley…I definitely noticed that…
    I wonder if there are others like it too…and they just didnt have a good line?

  2. I noticed it too…this is apparently Desmond’s goal, as seen with ben as well flashing consciously to when he beat up Ben on the pier as he was trying to kill Penny.

    They will all be able to see. What better way than for them to experience this than to all to it together.

    So agree with A.E.S its not Hurley from the island as such. But more Hurley in this FSW is experiencing/thinking/consciously engaging with events that he experiences in person in the other time line.

    Like Desmond did way back in that jaw dropping episode in season 4. Or whas it season 5? The Constant. Seems ages ago now!

    But that episode was just great.

  3. AES, I read your post just after I posted this. We must be on the same wave length. With that scene I also wonder if Desmond talked to some minor Losties besides our corps group of six?

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