What the…?!?!?!

Simply put, LOST has left me with way too many unanswered loose ends to be satisfied with it on a rational, logical level. On one hand, what else should one expect with a show named LOST? On the other hand, I feel like more explanations should have been provided to the audience so some of us would not come away from it feeling like we’ve been doubletalked to, or fed a bunch of nonsense over the years. On an emotional level there was perhaps closure – however, to a large degree I believe the writers attempted to escalate our emotions in The End way too much in order to cover up for the lack of credible explanations they were able to make for all that has occurred over the years. If this cover up was intended, even in part, then I feel like I wasted my time and energy having tried to put together the pieces to a puzzle that had no solution. Further, should the producers and writers feel shame and remorse forperhaps trying to take advantage of our natural curiosties to make sense of the numerous unsolved mysteries so they could all benefit financially? I’ll just leave that to be figured out.

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29 thoughts on “What the…?!?!?!

  1. The writers have been saying all along that it isnt about the mythologies and science but about the charators …and thats what the finale was all about …

    It was about this group of people that were brought to the island with good times in their lives and left us with a group of people that came together and had the best times of their lives together on this island…people changed…people found redemtion and at the end they all came together to save the world….coming together on the island “living together” created this reality that they could all go to once they passed and they didnt have to “die alone” they just needed to figure all of that out…

    i was satisfied with the ending….i didnt need all the answers i just wanted a good show…and i think we got a very good finale…we had a long awaited Jack vs Locke showdown….we saw what they were all fighting for and all of our losties got to be together again in the afterlife after they all eventually died….and the final scene…i knew it all along…closing of jacks eye..awesome

  2. It was all about the people and the storytelling and overall, I was satisfied with the ending, except …

    Ben shoulda’ been the new Jacob, and while Hurley had little off the island (oddly, the insanity on the island kept him sane) – it would be hell living w/Ben. Like to see how they died.

    Shannon deserved no happiness and at best shoulda’ been relegated to a whisper. Heck, she dubbed it ‘Craphole Island’. Shouldn’t have been in the hall of death. Poor Sayid. Eternity is a loooong time.

    Nor Aaron. Poor kid. Claire musta’ stayed crazy if that was the best of his life.

    And Rose/Bernard … the island may have been their best years (extended by her cancer going away) – but it sure wasn’t being with those other people. They made that pretty clear.

    Like that Richard, Lapidus, Miles, etc. all went on to ‘better lives’ than the island.

    But,Desmond was some version of Angel of Death? And then, the happiest time was bonding on the island, but he’s with Penny, who never was on the island?

    I’d still like to see a Dharma movie …

  3. I wasn’t expecting answers either, but that doesn’t mean I’m thrilled about how it ended. Nothing was explained. Nothing. I wanted a reason to want to go back and watch from the beginning. I no longer feel the urge. The finale was emotional for sure. We now know what the FSW was all about. But what’s the significance of ANYTHING on the island?

  4. @ Chiefof16: None

    The entire past 5 seasons are just pointless and all the mythos of the show insignificant. To have a end like this they should have ended on the first season. Really.

    Incredible ending for people that didn’t followed the entire series or have the memory of a golden fish though.

  5. I completely agree with Chief here, i did enjoy it, but it explained NOTHING.
    I’m not talking about the mysteries, but the reason why everything happened, ‘everything happened for a reason’…so what was the reason? I don’t get it.
    At the end of the day, the flash sideways was sweet and all, but was kinda irrelevant and had very little to do with the last 5 seasons.

  6. The reason … well, if they didn’t stop the island sinking they would be stuck forever in the emptiness of Sidewaysville instead of enjoying the orgy room for eternity.

    (OK, now I’m having trouble not writing a porno script for what they were protecting.)

    What were they protecting.
    Mother: Life, death, rebirth
    Widmore: Everything/one you love will be gone.
    Mother: Everyman has some of the light – but they want more and though they can’t have more if the light went out it would be gone.

    They were protecting everybody’s opportunity for a ‘happy eternity after’.

    If the light is gone, there is no rebirth/awakening. Maybe there was no escape from sidewaysville. (Problem: Though Widmore told Jin everyone he loved wouldn’t be, he actually had Sun AND abandoned baby in Sidewaysville).

    Speaking of SIDEWAYSville … when MIB was playing Jacob he pointed out that going SIDEWAYS was against the rules … wonder if this is a tie-in.

  7. Also, without one another they are Lost.

    And like that Scottish tune, a Scotsman had ‘I once was lost but now am found’ … and the eye … ‘but now I see’.

    “The hour I first believed …

    Through many dangers, toils and snares I have already come; …

    Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
    And mortal life shall cease,
    I shall possess within the veil,
    A life of joy and peace.”

    That’s what it was all about … with a SmokeMonster.

  8. I like your thinking waycurious, always have. This finale’s a tough pill to swallow though. I wanted some clues about the science fiction aspect of the show. I love using my imagination, but I’m kind of sick of it all in the same.

    If I wanted to watch a show that was ONLY about the characters, I’d be into Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, or something like that. I’m not though. Great job at bringing all the losties together in the end. Again, it was a very emotional episode. That was it though.

    I know I’m a pot calling the kettle black with all of this, but I was a little stunned by how it ended in such a depressing and uninformative way.

  9. yeah i dont mind the resolution, but cmon. THEORY websites were created about this show with many people on it. this clearly wasnt a show just about characters. cop out by the writers

  10. If the writers were struggling with tying it all together, they should have got on this site and got the good ideas from here!! think most of you guys had better ideas on how to explain all the little things 🙂

  11. ekolocation: you said it perfectly. Sure the show as based around characters, every show is. the writers are now trying to tell me thats all it was; BullS%%%. This show was built around sci fi, mythology, psychics, and whatnot. all of us here don’t come on this great website to discuss jack’s personal problems, we come here to discuss how that related to this mysteries of the island. the only time ive heard the producers say that this was a character based show was yesterday. Cop out

  12. helentink & xmas747, couldn’t agree more! This show was supposed to be about mystery, sci-fi, religion, philosophy, physics, etc. Why do I say that? B/c the writers wrote it that way! Everything they did pointed to it! Sure it was about the characters, but you can have both!

    I also agree I’m not here to see Jack resolve (or the others for that matter) their personal emotional problems alone. I’m not against good even great character development, but not at the expense of a good story line especially when it was as good as this one was AND when the writers for 5 freaking seasons led us down this path!

    To writers I say (not that they will ever see it) “You guys SUCK! You had something that had never been done before. It was brilliant and at the end, you insult our intelligence as an audience and crap all over what was a masterpiece! Now you might as well throw it in the garbage! I was planning on re-watching everything by getting the dvds, but not now! Why waste my time?! Already been there, done that for the last 5 seasons!”

    “Oh by the way, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, I will NEVER recommend this show to anyone else! As a matter of fact I will tell people to run from it! Run for your lives!”

  13. Appledouble, to expand on your angst, it’s apparent that Damon, Carlton & co. realized at some point that they got in wwwwwaaayyyy over their heads and they sewed up LOST the best way they could…which fell wwwwaaaayyyy short of what we deserved. We should demand refunds. To rip off Ricky Ricardo…Damon and Carlton have some splainin’ to do.

  14. I liked the ending. I’m mad that it had to end, but I think they did a good job. All the answers are out there if you want them and the writers knew that. We know why DHARMA was created and what they were doing. We know why the statue was built (ancient societies built statues and the Island was old). We didn’t learn about the pregnancy problem, but who cares?? What we learned is that the Island and it’s light protected people. Whether their lives were protected or their ability to get out of purgatory. The bottom line is the Losties definitely died for a reason (to protect the light) and Jack sacrificed himself and in doing so allowed everyone he cares about to live/die a happier life/death.

    lighten up

  15. I am so glad I’m not the only one disappointed with The End and that others agree seasons 1-5 are pointless now.
    Why include so much mythology and plot twists and information, just to say “oh btw, none of it matters, they all die and end up happy, the end.”
    Yes, yes, it was all very sweet and lovely and emotional, but seriously… WTF?

  16. Im echoing all these sentiments and Im kinda happy people feel the same. I feel kinda empty. Needin some closure. Thats why Im here now. I really wanted a re watch with some enlightenment. I never rewatched any of it before it would ve felt new again. NOw it just feels …soiled.

    Loved Jack v Locke though.

  17. I too am disappointed in The End.

    Thinking back to the Season 5 Finale, when Jacob and MIB were on the beach and that discussion they had. It all seems pretty pointless now.

    Like most of you have said, this ending has made everything up until the end of Season 5 pointless.

    I’m not sure I understand why they had to introduce to us a FSW (now that we know what it is) when they could’ve used that time to come up with something BETTER, answer more questions, and give Lost the great ending it deserved.

  18. I think everyone who is disapointed with the finale is making way too much out of the fact that “stuff didnt get answered.” Most of the “big” questions were answered in one way or another, (smoke monster, numbers-kinda.., jacob, light, etc..) So i dont know why everyone seems disapinted. It answered the most important part and that was the flash sideways which left the characters all togethe happily ever after in a sort. Which i loved.

  19. Why, why, why? I thought I was watching a sci-fi show with great characters but no it was actually all a big comment on some reilgions idea of the afterlife? What the? We don’t know that they saved the world, we don’t know how or what the light was AND how does smokie suddenly become mortal, how? From hoping for an amazing ending, I feel empty, and like appledouble- rethinking the blueray purchase when it comes out, why bother there were no answers to try and figure out, no clues to look for. Very sad 🙁

  20. Why are people saying seasons 1-5 were pointless? What the finale told us was that the island DID matter, and as Christian said “These people were the most important to you in the most important time of your life.” The Island wasn’t a Purgatory, just Sideways. I loved the finale. I loved that Jack and Locke were always the last to “let go”, because they were just as stubborn as on the Island. Every “awakening” had me in tears. In the grand scheme of things, it was very satisfying. If people are pissed off about something like “Wel. how come in that one part in that one episode that really weird thing happened, why was that never explained??” I was always with you guys, wanting everything weird and significant to be explained but after watching the finale, their destiny was found. And that’s what matters. I loved how Jack’s character evolved throughout the series. The show was always about the characters and their journeys, and I think this finale honored the show and characters more than a finale that just spelled out every weird thing that ever happened on the show. That being said, I do wish we got some clarification as to why Sayid, Jack, Kate, and Hurley flashed to 1977, and Sun, Ben, Lapidus present day. But I feel that the timelines they ended up in played a role in their journey, and what they needed to accomplish or find. The closure I wanted most was where the character’s stories were concerned, and that’s what we got. Isn’t that more important than why those Dharma notebooks were in a pile in the middle of the jungle? The human beings were always the main and most intriguing element of the story, and we got a finale that represented them wonderfully. (I’ll give on Eloise Hawking, I wish she would have explained herself a little more in the finale!) I was so moved by Ben and Locke’s final scene. That final 10 minutes with Jack and his father, and jack on the island, where he fell from the sky on the first episode, will stay with me, it moved me so much I cannot put into words.

  21. I pity those who find The End dissatisfying. your answers are out there… you just want them served on a plate… and THAT is what the show is not about. How can the past 5 seasons be pointless? in any way, shape or form? if we didn’t have them… we have no show, simple as. Would ANY of you, be happy to have started the show from season 6 onwards? … NO! you wouldn’t at all, there would be nothing in it for you. You wouldn’t feel anything from these characters. i think there are only 2 BIG questions that went unanswered for me… they are, Walt’s ‘powers’ and the Light. The Walt thing, unfortunately is something that couldn’t be helped as Malcolm David Kelly aged dramatically over the course of 3 years, but im sure that somewhere in there, in that forest of imaginative writing, there is a simple clue that will lead us down the path to an answer. As for The Light… the light wasn’t explained, because no one COULD explain it. The characters that we have spent the last 6 years with had no way of explaining the ultimate mystery of the island. I think that with imaginative thinking, WE are supposed to dwell on the mystery of the ‘Eyeland’ forever. finding out the answer to what the source is, was, why it is there, how it is there… is like asking us the question, what is the meaning of life.

    oh, and Tas… he is mortal because the eyeland was put out thus creating a window for our losties to unfortunately kill a very bitter, upset and confused man.

  22. I was just thinking how funny it is that the flashsideways turned out to be purgatory/it was all a dream, and i’m pretty sure now that the FSW was written into the show as padding because the on island conclusion was pretty unepic (sans Jacks awesome slow-mo flying punch).
    I mean, was that the war they kept going on about? If only all wars were like that.

    We were led to believe through the season, that the two timelines were interrelated, and they weren’t.
    Thats the one thing alot of us were holding on to, that the FSW would have some importance and possibly explain what and why everything happened on the island.
    They deliberately mislead us, and now knowing that they’re not explaining the mysteries, the whole show was about misleading us. Even up to the end, Jacks reappearing neck wound and then seeing his neck get slashed by Locke we were thinking ‘ohh its happening!’, i was really thinking were gonna see the ‘concert’ was some big Dharma thing, and some crazy Science stuff would happen.
    If you look at the FSW and the on island stuff seperately (as they obvously are now), the on island stuff wasn’t the huge event we had hoped for, and then the FSW ended with a ‘its not real’ ending.

    There was that episode titled ‘what they died for’, what did they die for? That didn’t really get explained aside from not letting that light go out.
    I thought the FSW would be vindication for some of the deaths, like the Kwons, but i guess Ji-Yeons an orphan now.
    And Jacks son? what was the point of that?

    I guess they could’ve spent the season concluding the island stuff better, rather than filling it with emotion candy that at the end wasn’t real anyway.
    I guess i’m more disappointed in myself for being so avid about a TV show because i believed it would pay off in the end, it didn’t.
    I usually hate TV shows that throw cool gimmicky ideas at you that, although cool, don’t really make sense or have an explanation (like Heroes) and i always thought Lost was not one of them.
    I believed the conclusion would be an ‘OMG! of course!’ moment, but there was no explanation of anything, or anything that would cause te viewer to see everything in a new light.
    It seemed more like the ending was aimed at your average TV viewer rather than the fans who’ve really loved the show, and thats unfair.
    I’m not bitter though.

  23. @DestinyCalls, Locke couldn’t be shot by Kate, just before they got to the light cave, BUT he started bleeding (shot of rope going through hand) BEFORE Desmond pulled the plug so that justification / reason doesn’t work at all.
    I didn’t need everything answered, but I thought I was watching and invested in a sci-fi show to find out in the last episode that that was not the case, I was watching a comment on religion, and a fairly substandard soppy one at that. I have big problems with how even the character arcs were tied up. I was fairly open to pretty much any ending, was even expecting a dodgy Crystal Skull style spaceship when Des pulled the plug, it was going to take a lot to disappoint me, Wow they well and truely did that, the more I think about it the more disappointed I am, from a plot and a character point of view. Soppy sad music, slow montages, hugs and a white light isn’t a really thought provoking statement on much at all.

  24. To destiny calls. I too pity us, we were led up the garden path. I wish I could feel the way you do. Regardless of what anyone says the whole marketing strategy of the show was based around finding answers. Watch the promos. It’s all they talk about. Answers are coming??? Well actually there not. If we hadn’t been told they were coming we wouldn’t be looking. If someone told you a million bucks was hidden in field you look til you found it. After 6 years they say to you and your friends there is no million pounds/ dollars. Would you think , oh thank for this time with my friends? I wouldn’t. If someone tells me something is there o want to find out about it. The fact that there are no answers totally belittles this fantastic website. Most of our theories can be correct, and if we are happy with that thenso be it. If we are not then there is no end.

  25. DestinyCalls – I certainly didn’t want the answers served to me on a plate, but I expected some resolution to what we’ve been seeing for the past six years.

    I honestly feel that Season 6 is a standalone season and anything before that doesn’t matter anymore.

    I had hopes of an amazing ending where there was some realisation of why certain things had happened over the years, and it would make me want to put in my season one dvd and start all over again to pick up on things we’d missed that pointed to that ending… but there’s nothing.

    Watching Seasons 1-5 again would be a waste of time knowing that there is no resolution.

    I didn’t want all the answers, I just wanted an ending that made everything that had happened worth it, and it just didn’t do it for me.

  26. I think the mistake the writers made was that they attracted the wrong crowd to the show… they spent five years getting science fiction fans interested then, at the end, showed us that it wasn’t science fiction. The DHARMA Initiative turned out to be completely superfluous. I guess the entire purpose behind their time travelling adventure was the set up the Sawyer-Juliet relationship… nothing else came of it.

    It’s hard to admit my disappointment in the show. I don’t believe the first five seasons were a waste of time and I don’t believe there was just no point in theorizing… it was fun, we wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t. But the writers knew all along the way fans were receiving their show so I can’t imagine how they thought people would be happy with this “rug pulled out” type of ending. My disappointment comes from the way they changed the nature of the show just at the end from science fiction to soap opera.

    We’re just going to have to make up the sci-fi answers for ourselves.

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