The Source

This is what I got from Lost:


What is the island you ask? My belief is that the island is what houses the source of everyone’s soul. The island is the custom made compartment that holds the source…and the source is the mega-spiri

tual power strip that allows all mankind to live (eternal). That is why “CRAZY MAMA” told the twins that the everyone had a bit of the light within them. Light meaning their soul…but too much of a good thing can be dangerous. I can only imagine the peace that comes from wanting more of  the source…all men will probably be drawn to the source because a part of them comes from that same source. So, its probably likely that one might feel the need to want more of that source….However, by getting more, it would eventually turn off the source….a mega-spiritual crash of sorts. If the source is turned off, then we all become empty shells, without souls….our own lights get turned off also, because our souls are ultimately powered by the source. Without souls, we ultimately seize to exist because there is no afterlife to go to and have fellowship with the ones you love. Which is why Widmore, Richard’s wife, made reference to the fact that if the MIB succeeds, then everyone would cease to exist…or, everyone would all go to hell, bad place…a place of nothing-ness!!! The only way for the MIB to escape was to ultimately turn the source off….which meant that everyone else, including himself, would simply be empty shells with walking expiration dates. And once those expiration dates came due, POOF, that was it. No more mind/spirit/soul/memories…..nothin. We simply would not be!!! What a tragedy that would have been.


People came to island through Jacob…and in the process of them being on the island, they realized the uniqueness of its power, and wanted to tap into it. They might have not realized it was the “source”, but there was something drawing them to it. DARMA probably came initially as a result of Jacob, and then eventually, the got greedy and wanted to exploit the source. The Others were also brought by Jacob as a result to protect the island from DARMA (that is to protect the source from DARMA). However, only Jacob and MIB knew of the actual “source”. MIB probably wanted to use DARMA as a means to an end…as a means to escape (just like he wanted to use his original people from across the sea….and he knew that they were greedy people back then, and he believed that DARMA would eventually go down that same path). Well, Jacob probably saw this coming….he probably saw DARMA becoming “infected” by the greed and desire to get to the “source”….although like I said, they didn’t know it as the source. They probably saw it as some type of magnetic draw of sorts…whatever they thought it was, they wanted more….The being the leaders of DARMA. So, as a result, Jacob needed the others to wipe the slate clean…”Purge” the land to protect the source. They pulled a “CRAZY MAMA”.


The island is real, and being that it is the cork that holds evil prisoner. Whether the evil be a smoke monster, or souls that performed evil deeds…being that the island held the “source” and all men had a bit of the “source” in them, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that the island was a scale and balance of source, weighing the condition of the soul at the time of death. The ultimate judgment that all island inhabitants must go through. Factors of that weighing probably included committing unjustified murder/suicide…accidental murder, purging or sacrifice was not taking into account as a negative factor. The result in being weighed and found wanting was being trapped on the island for all eternity….i.e. Michael…and as Micheal said, the whispers were those trapped souls. They were probably warning the inhabitants on the island of the fact that all of their actions were being weighed!!! How much imagery did we see of scales and balances throughout the 6 seasons? These were constant themes: the theme of protection, judgment, and redemption.


What about the time travel? That happened as a result of the wheel being moved. And what about the wheel? It was a mechanism that tapped into the “source” to move the island…but it was a MIB invention. And it was part of MIB’s plan all along. He probably knew that influencing Ben to move the island would start the time travel…and that would in turn influence John Locke to move it again to get off the island…and that would eventually influence the “RESCUED” losties to return, which gave MIB the loophole to kill Jacob. So the wheel? It was just a tool used in MIB’s long con to turn off the “source” and get off the island.


And those numbers? Well, MIB mentioned to Jacob that their people from across the sea were very smart. DARMA was also very smart, and as I mentioned earlier, DARMA was just an incarnation of MIB and Jacob’s people. So, they were very smart people also. Those numbers were probably the closest thing to quantifying the power of the source….who knows…but I am sure that DARMA was heavily influenced by MIB. Even Ben said that he thought he was summoning the “Smoke Monster/MIB” when all along he was the one summoning Ben. Who knows how many DARMA people that MIB pretended to be to influence them to do certain things.

And what was sideways world? It was very clear that it was the meeting place of all souls, before entering eternity. Those that made it to sideways world had probably been weighed and the did NOT tip the wrong side of the scale…so they moved on. However, they needed to come to some sort of reconciliation before getting the reward of blissful eternity. And all the mirroring imagery we saw this season were just tools to get the losties to the point of reconciliation. And most of them reached that point, and were able to move on. Others were not ready. So, lost spoon fed us a few answers, but they left a few others for us to think through. Ultimately, it was about protection, judgment, and redemption. Everything else was just progress.


So, it’s a long shot…but that’s my take. Hope you like it, and would like to hear your thoughts.

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4 Replies to “The Source”

  1. I think that is the best take on the whole series of Lost I have ever read. Congrats.

    Nevertheless, as u say very well, some questions are left unanswered. The thing is, that they are basic ones, fundamental ones, and that just pisses me off.

    1. What was the smoke monster? They told us how and where it originated, but never did they say why it happened that way, and what it was. Was is different from the souls trapped in the island? The producers said no to this in a podcast (but hell, no everyone gets the podcast to get the info right?).
    2. What about the damn island in the buttom of the sea from LA X season premiere? They did not explain a damn thing about that! If sidewaysville was all just a purgatory/transitory state of existance till you can move on, then what was the point in showing us the whole island in the buttom of the sea? If the answer is that they just showed us that to misslead us and to finally say “well, that scene does not matter a f…thing now, cuz the whole flash sideways was a purgatory, so it means nothing really”. Come on, they could do better than that.
    3. The source or heart of the island has a sort of cork in it that when u take it off then the water stops flowing and the whole thing will break down into pieces till it gets underwater? Why? What is that cork of stone? Who made it?Why did they make it? Did anyone even made it? How does it work? All are left for us to infere, and it is too much speculation to be acurate, sorry, even your take is pure speculation.

    And that are just the basic stuff I could come up with right now (some of them).

    Lost sucks, sorry.

  2. Hi Island…

    Hey, I totally get your point. There were many ingredients that were added to the recipe just to enhance the smell…which is all great until you taste it…and you find out that it tastes crappy…or at least it does now because of your expectations that you got from the smell (yes, yes, I’m thinking of food right now, but I think this example still works). So your frustration is valid. My take is pure speculation, your right, but I guess thats kinda what I like about lost….I get to mentally ATTEMPT to piece everything together, altough some of the pieces in the box were from other puzzles. But I can still get a general idea of the BIG PICTURE. I guess what I am trying to say is your right…and I’m right. Everyone’s perspective is valid, because its from their perspective. Thanks for reading and commenting…

  3. Hi josume:

    You are very welcome my friend. I just don’t know why it’s me the only one yet that has commented anything at all. I think that your thoughts of the big picture are the best I have ever read, seriously.
    Anyways, yes, I yes you are right and I am right. And by the way, excelent example to explain the idea, it works perfectly.

    The thing about this all is that eventhough Lost is all about what you say (to put the picture together by your self), I still think some things are meant to be SAID LITERALLY and some for us to figure out. But they left out the basic ones without mentioning them literally (answering them directly I mean).

    Just that, and that pisses me off.

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