Why does Jack and Juliet have a son?

Jack and Juliet are both doctors or in other words a man or woman of science. Men\Women of Science have a harder time believing in things based upon faith and have a harder time “letting go”. Because of this difficulty it is harder for them to move on from Purgatory/Dream World/Alternative Reality Oceanic Lands World. Jack and Juliet create a son it this alternative reality because it gives them stronger ties to the imaginary world and thus are rooted in believing what they are experiencing is real, even though they are dead. Please let me know what you think and I was also like to see if there is anything else that can back up this theory. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Why does Jack and Juliet have a son?

  1. Truth is, I no longer look for any kind of clues in this show as I no longer believe there’s any thought behind it.

    What struck me as sad when we realised the FSW wsn’t “real” is the simple fact that the Losties seem to have “memories” of a “Lifetime” in Purgatory.

    Jack and Juliet has a son..
    My question then is – when they
    all move on what happens to David.?
    (I know he wasn’t “real” but surely to Jack and Juliet he must have been felt so..)

    So did they lose a son on their way to Heaven..?

  2. I think Jack created David in order to help himself deal with the issues he had with his father. If you notice, Jack was the father to David, that Jack wanted Christian to be. I think this manifestation of David helped him let go. But who knows? As we now know, not even most of the mysteries in this show had meaning.

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