So then why the Hell did Faraday have to die..?

It’s a retorical question really – just to point out – in retrospect – how little clue the writers had of what they were doing.

Throughout the series we have been introduced to one “Man/Woman behind the curtain” more mysterious than the other, who always seemed to know more than they let us know.
Benjamin, Richard, Widmore, Eloise Hawking, “Christian” of course Jacob

All av these character have been shown to say/instruct others to do something – to get events in
motion that then seemed unnecesary.
Now we understand that these where either random shit – or ideas that got scrapped.

I think that Widmore is a character that was initially supposed to be the bad guy of the show
(I believed they thought up the whole Black Smoke/Nemesis-thing way late)
-but that was when they didn’t know how long the show would go on for
they ended up with a character that couldn’t be the real threat
(As far as I’m concearned – Widmore is one of the vaguest characters in TV history – even in the End I have no idea about his true intentions)
nor they could get rid of – so he stayed on – always in the background, always active
but never clear enough so we could understand him.
I still have no idea why he lied to Locke about Ben tricking him into turning the Wheel
when clearly he wasn’t – but broke the rules about off-Island life.

Also, in retrospect, the whole Widmore-Abbadon story is really strange.
According to (both of them I believe, not sure -or just)Abbadon – they/he helped
Locke to get to the Island……no he didn’t – Jacob did
(If Widmore was exiled and really was unable to return – then that means it’s because he broke the rules set by Jacob himself – every Protector sets his own rules – so it’s safe to say Widmore
didn’t work for Jacob at that time at least)

We haven’t really gotten it spelled out for us – but isn’t it so that no one finds the
Island unless Jacob-the Protector- want them to – right..?
“How did they find the Island..? You can ask them when they get here…
I don’t have to ask them – you brought them here..”
Nemesis’ question to Jacob was retorical – he knows no one gets there
unless Jacob wants them to.
Even further underlined when Benjamin and Widmore finally meet and Ben asks how
Charles managed to get back to the Island – “Jacob invited me – showed me the error of my ways and gave me chance to redeem myself”(basically)
And what a good redemption it was(He sold out Jacob and Desmond faster than the writers move on to another mystery – this even though if Nemesis succeeds it’s be the End of EVERYTHING!!! except Penny of course – she’ll be fine)
Also strange we didn’t get to see Jacob visit Widmore – just to get confirmation for ONCE that he wasn’t lying(a quick flashback like Ilana’s first – that way it doesn’t even have to reveal why Jacob came to see him – only That he in fact Did – would have been an easy way to give an answer, but hey – that’s just me)But sorry – I digress(I tend to when I get carried away)

I think it’s important to note that Nemesis’ and Jacob’s real people who were later(somehow)
whiped out by Mother – was in fact Their people.
One could wonder why Mother would allow anyone get to the Island when clearly she doesn’t want anyone there, right..?

Well, she didn’t exactly “bring” them – but she brought Claudia – the childrens real mother.
This is just my theory(though we all know how theorising is worth now)
that Mother brought Claudia to the Island – knowing that she was pregnant, planning to kill her from the start(She seemed like a Danielle-Protector-hybrid)wanting THE baby(either because she was lonely, because she wanted someone to take her place – or both)

However neither Claudia nor Mother was aware that she was expecting twins.
And that is why Mother looks so suprised and why Nemesis became her favorite
he was special(probably an anomoly/variable/wild card like Desmond – she couldn’t
“see him coming”)Anyhow – that’s why I believe that no one gets to the Island unless the protectors want them to.

Moving on though – the event that I initially wanted to point to(as per the title)
I believe Miss Hawking early on were supposed to have a bigger role in the bigger picture
and that’s why the writers then involved her and Widmore.
Now, during the time flashing I don’t think the writers knew wehere they were headed.
See, they were going down a path where the Dharma-time would be important.
Think about it – Daniel suddenly snaps(out of nowhere)and points out that Jack doesn’t belong there, it is not his destiny and he shouldn’t have listened to Daniel’s mother.
Luckily he also says(without any real explanation) what everone has said
thousand times – which he simply said – couldn’t be done – that they now can change things!

And that was where the show was headed – the Losties where supposed to change something,
prevent something from happening(which turned out to be the imfamous “Incident” we’ve heard so much – but know nothing about)and result in something important in the end..
Turns out – it didn’t..

According to Miss Hawking, we learn early on that Whatever Happened Happened.
Any attempt to change what has already happened will result in the Universe
“Course-Correcting” This is further confirmed by Daniel.
You can’t change what is

Now, like I said, Daniel snaps, runs to find his Mother(a young Other-leader Eloise Hawking)
and she shoots him unknowingly it was her son.
However, Jack says that they CAN change it. So she helps them with the Jugghead and so on..

The reason why an older miss Hawking later knows all this about course-correction
and all this could be because she has dead Daniel’s journal(And so – from that she learned that nothing can be changed)
Now, the only time we see older Widmore and her talking to eachother she says she had to send her son to the Island knowing what would happen..
(Now, of course, this creates such a paradox – that I won’t even go in to it – that’s a different thing, but the point is…)We’re guessing she does this because it’s for the greater good – because Daniel has to be sacrificed.
The reason – we’re lead to believe – is whatever the detonation of Jugghead will accomplish.

Now, what happens instead is – our Losties flash “back” to 2007 and…..well, that’s it.
The bomb didn’t even go of – then many, many would have died and – well, there’d be a big crater in the ground. The entire journey in the 70’s were for nothing.
The bomb didn’t go of, the incident happened anyway, the Swan Hatch was
built and imploded just the way we remember.

Now, the plan was to prevent the incident from ever happening, the hatch from being built
and thus – no Desmond pushing a button – no Oceanic crashing – meaning nothing they did ever happened – no time flashes nothing
Yet there Miss Hawking stands with her former huband and bitch about sending her son to his death when she knows fullwell the hatch was built anyway – hell she was the one who made sure Desmond went there to push(and ultimately fail)the button – she knows it all went down anyway – it didn’t work

Though we the viewers believed so – that an alternate timeline(the FSW) had been created it never did
it turned out to be Purgatory for lack of better word.
Now, what bothers me is how the producers went to such length to fool us into believing
there were important events going on in the FSW.
The first thing we see is the Island under water(complete with a Dharma-Shark)
and later on we even learn that Ben and his father were once there but left(!)

I for one love Desmond and actually believed he would play a bigger part in the endgame(Sure he had a big part – but I never thought it would come down to a simple “physical resistance to radiation” and “pulling the plug”)So when he “awakens” in the FSW he seems to have a plan.
We began to understand that Desmond had clear motives with what he was doing pretty “early on” – but we didn’t know what they were. He was bringing the Losties together to awaken them – but for what purpose..?

Now, notice that in the FSW there’s no Lapidus which means that in the world of Lost – which revolves around an Island(sorry – I mean the Characters……)there’s an important part
missing – a Pilot!
And that’s why they made John Locke a pilot in the FSW – so that we(I for one sure did anyway)
were to think they were going back to the Island.
It was to string us along – adding more mystery/and suspence to the FSW.
Why..? Because lets face it, we didn’t like the characters(as I have stated earlier – they were not the characters we’ve fallen in love with – they were strangers – like hybrids between how they were before pre-and-post-Island… That wasn’t the John Locke I loved – it was a stranger)
So we started once again looking for clues to their past – the HUGE deal that Jack now has a son(that never existed – which I find strange, sad and cruel – surely real or not – both Jack and Juliet seemed to love him – does he just fade away into nothingness or what..?)

But in the end it turns out that nothing(really – absolutely nothing)
that happened there mattered – at all..
For me – the only moment in the FSW that mattered to me was the last one with all the awakenings(minus Sayid and Shannon – are you kidding me..?)
because that’s when we got once again the characters we love.
But that’s also when I realised – that’s all there is – there’s not going to be any
big revelation back on the Island
(Even though they showed us – the viewers it’s “there” – and Ben apparently has been on it)
there was no need for John to have a pilot-license other than for us to get the feeling of importance for the FSW.
Desmonds big plan had no bearing for other than the last moments.
And I do feel it was – if not satisfying then at least beautiful – but why did the writers indeed feel the need to add yet more mystery to the FSW when it’s a show that’s
“All about the characters”?

So that’s what we got for real – a Purgatory – no Alternate Timeline – meaning in the End
the Losties Flashing through time did nothing….
Because initially – something were probably supposed to change – there was probably
some point to it – but like so much else – dropped…

And that’s how “intelligent” this show is..
Make shit up as we go – characters and mysteries – do what we want, make it seem like we have a plan, and then…………….ah shit, we’ll figure something out..what was it they thought the Island was in the beginning – Purgatory..? Ok, let’s roll with that

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I may or may not have what is needed for the changing of the World - but regardless, I feel I have the obligation to atleast try..

4 thoughts on “So then why the Hell did Faraday have to die..?

  1. Yea I have been thinking about this.


    was the season 5 finale all for nothing?

    Jughead didnt cause the flashsideways like we thought, it just sent the losties back to 2007.


    Everything was pointless, so stupid.


  2. Because he was supposed to… no,i am not kidding. I really liked what you wrote in here and so thought about that..
    Faraday was holding the show in a matter of sense.. The time when we get close to the final of season 5, the accumulation of questions and mysteries finally made the show illogical in lots of way. Faraday was a “man of logic”, not faith or science. He was not a man of science because in your life,at some point you would face an event which you can not exlain with your scientific knowledge at that time. But later, with the progress in science that event will make sense. The important thing is how must we react to these events? Faraday had the answers for this question in the show and this was what made Faraday important. I know my English not good but just try to understand what i am saying, please.
    Faraday’s Death intercept with the time when the max. capacity of accumulation of questions and mysteries is reached. After this time or during in season 6, we started to feel that something is going wrong. At this point, it was certain that writers understood they can not get together the events in the story.
    Did it take your attention, no main character died in the show, except Faraday? Charlie was a popular character but he was only the lover of Claire and a good,funny character who had nothing to do with the main plot. They killed him in order to make us believe anyone can die in this show and they showed him after season 3 for lots of times in order to satisfy his fans. Mr. Eko left the show for this own reasons, and Locke died in order to start season 6 and the war. Only his death was interesting. But Faraday; what about him? This character was popular too, and Jeremy Davies is a great actor however they could not showed Faraday in the show again.
    Writers afraid of a character like Faraday in the show after this point. I believe this can be the an answer for your question and i thank you for asking this question.

  3. Daniel was wrong about the incident *but* Juliet didn’t die for nothing.

    The bomb coupled w/the electromagnetism caused the final time flash that reunited the Losties.

    Had Daniel not gone back to die, Jack, et al. would have died in the purge and they would *not* be there when Ben killed Jacob or be able to “save the world”.

    So, while he didn’t repair the path on which were were lead wrt the incident, he was critical to the ending … enough so his Mommy thought he’d be taken from her for eternity.

  4. I think you’re absolutely right about the writers being afraid of what they choose to reintroduce – the first we got of Charlie after his death(if I’m not misstaking) is him swimming up the the window in the interegation-room.

    That’s another reason why I’m certain why the Whispers weren’t supposed to be something as simple as “the Dead”
    Hurley can see dead people as clear as day – he has been able to for a long time
    and from what we understand he can speak to anyone special or not – with death/body on or off Island(Like Isabella)
    Charlie visited Hurley at Santa Rosa(and for some reason – another patient could see him as well)he even played chess with Mr Eko.

    It’s my guess that the whispers know “everything” about the Island – that ghosts get new insight to what it is and why.

    Michaels appearance to Hurley bothered me – suddenly after all this time – it hits Hurley – “I think I know what these are dude..” we’re find out that the whispers are the dead – and Michael(like Isabella)Tell him they can’t let Nemesis leave.

    Now, my question is(when in fact it seems sooo simple)why no one else have “come forward” to Hurley before – Charlie(whom he was very close to)Boone, Libby, Ana-Lucia, Eko, Hell-even Nikki and Paulo could have probably helped.

    I’m wondering why no one is talking..?
    It’s not like their shy or anything – we hear them around everything(Btw, are we tp asume Harper’s appearance to Juliet and Jack was a ghost – if so then why did they see her – if it was Nemesis then plainly – why..?)

    I do see your point Waycurious – but listen to this – first of all – I don’t believe Jughead ever detonated – it couldn’t, and wouldn’t – not even when Juliet banged on it with a rock – like Richard with the dynamite – though under different cirkumstances – I’m well aware, but the point is the same – they couldn’t.

    Miles were afraid of(and I think we all agreed with him)themselves causing what they were trying to prevent.

    But he turns out he was wrong also
    it turns out – they simply couldn’t prevent it(probably the “Whatever Happened Happened-Rule”)
    Not even when Juliet banged on it – because an explosion
    (and really – did anyone EVER thought that was gonna be a good idea – I began to question Faraday’s sanity further when this was his solotion, but hey, that’s just me)would have left an enormous hole in the ground(ripping the magnetic pocket a new one!)lots, and lots people would have died and so on.

    Yet they didn’t.
    The reason it’s simply referred to as “the Incident” is probably because no one understood what happened(I’m talking about the Dharma)It’s was a bright flash – some people vanished(that is – our Losties – and why only them – I will never get over this – and how do they sync up with the rest in 2007? I know 3 years are 3 years – but some Flashed from 04 to 74 – whereupon some of the Other Losties are sent back to “catch up” with the rest in 77 – then the “Incident” happens and all of them flash back forward to 07 – without anything ever changed. the bomb didn’t go off – it’s probably just lying down there if the Dharmas didn’t remove it. That might have been why there were in fact Hazmat suites in the Swan, why it said quarantine on the hatch. Sayid even comments on a wall – He says that the last time he heard of concrete being poured over everything like this was Chernobyl. It was probably also(or solely)intended to reflect the electromagnitism, but still.

    Nothing was changed
    the Incident didn’t create the FSW the Losties did that themselves together.
    No, the Incident could have just as well been called “the Event” as nothing really happened that the Dharmas could understand.
    As far as they know the Losties(who just dissappeared before their eyes in the flash or whatever)were killed(can’t really remember Richard being around – but that might have been why he Thought he “watched them all die”
    During the “regular” timeskippings no one except the Losties and Desmond(when Daniel sees him at the hatch)seems aware of neither the loud noice or purple sky – thus it’s worth nothing that only the Incident flash and Locke turning the Wheel have been white – seperating them the “off-axis”flashes – in which case to others, the Losties simply vanish into thin air. I’m thinking the white flashes are visible to everyone – and that might have confused Richard(if he was around)that he watched them all die.
    Unless it’s as simple as he thought they all died in the purge – but I’m having trouble believeing they would off them..)

    So the Incident was probably nothing really(more than the damage leading up to the Flash – but that’s all the Flash was the “climax” which only affected the Losties and no one else. After that it probably settled for a while – enough apparently to get it under control – build the Swan and…well, we know the rest..AND SO DID HAWKING!)

    So once again – it was all for nonthing.
    Juliet’s final thought “It worked” was because she was dying and either Believed it worked because near death she got glimpses of the Afterlife(I myself actually believe that up until that point it was SUPPOSED to be some sort of alt reality) – or it was her and Sawyers reunion “leaking” through..

    My point is – there probably was a good reason for Hawking to send Daniel towards his future/past death – but the way it turned out – she really did it for absolutely nothing. Had she not sent Daniel
    the incident would have happened anyway – which would consist of in the eyes of those who were there – shaking, noices, bright flash – that’s it.

    I can’t imagine the Losties being killed in the purge – they wouldn’t stick around for that long, they knew it would happen – and Ben probably wouldn’t kill the ones who saved his life and brought him to “his people”

    So no, it was all for nothing – there might have been a reason once – but it went downhill with the rest of the mysteries…

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