Hey did anyone ever suggest that Jack would be the new smoke monster? Cus it makes sense in a lot of ways.

– MIB was more trustworthy of science as Jack was, where the new leader of the island Hurley is probably more of a faith guy, like Jacob.

– he woke up in the same place, or at least in the same body position, as MIB after entering the light cave thingy.

– in purgatory Kate said she waited for Jack so long, like at the time I took it as she just had to wait her whole life until she died, but maybe she had to wait til however long Jack’s spirit as the smoke monster got off the island as well. It explains why removing the cork made MIB mortal, so he was able to die and pass on. The same has to happen for Jack to pass on perhaps?

– it be pretty cool.

Thinking about this even more, perhaps anybody who enters the light who is not “permitted” like say Desmond was, turns into the smoke monster. But I dont think turning into the smoke monster necessarily means that person is going to be evil or have a grudge against the protector of the island. That gives more reason to why the writers would characterize MIB so much, he had a single, human motivation. Perhaps it wasn’t his destiny or assignment to be against Jacob, he just chose to be.

So maybe while Hurley and Ben were running things, they talked to a very nice and accommodating Smokie Jack and they just had to find Desmond again so they could let Jack pass on. But knowing Jack, perhaps he pushed that off for awhile, and lent Hurley and Ben a hand on the island. I mean, we know smokie can move a lot of shit, plus Jack would be a good leader while Hurley and Ben were off island.

The writers said the show was about the characters, and it was, and all the shit that the Losties went through were result of Jacob’s and MIB’s character. MIB was pissed (who wouldn’t be, his life wasn’t that great, psycho mom and all) so a lot of shit happened. And perhaps Jacob could have easily went over seas and just gave a few people a job application to take over the island, but he and his brother liked to play games, so they did.  they both got a God complex or something. And you know what? Thank goodness cus there wouldn’t have been much of a show if the two of them just hugged it out and got along.

Oh and another thing…

…like the mysterious Mom of Jacob and MIB, she was probably both the protector and the smoke monster. Like why not be both? But then if the same procedure had to happen with the cork being removed to make smokie mortal, how she was killed so easily? My answer, it’s fricken LOST and there was probably a loophole or exception that really doesn’t have much logic behind it, but you just have to go with it.

Like maybe because she was both smokie and the light protector allowed her death to be easier, or honestly the fact she didn’t get first word in, or maybe just because the rules don’t apply to her as much. It’s LOST, if the show ever had a straight set of definitive rules the show would have been called FOUND.

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By virtue of the fact the debate about the series wrap up carries on is an indication of something. And that something is not a desirable something. It is either a desirable nothing or undesirable something. An abbreviated overview would most likely say bluntly – great series lousy ending.
It was one thing for Bob Newhart to end his series (during the 80s) by parodying other TV series that copped out on seasons and whole series by saying things like; the season was a dream, the series was all in the imagination of a mentally challenged young mind or aliens exist and are responsible for the building of the Pyramids, etc and it is another to do it seriously. Oh I get it now…they were trying to be funny too.
In a way these endings were better than Lost’s because although they fell short, they dealt with the issue(s). I couldn’t fully say that about Lost in terms of the mythology. On the other hand, I think it’s agreed they did considerably better with character resolutions. Maybe that’s where they pull up even with or surpass these past series endings, who knows.
Not to knock Lost’s writers (who I think did a stellar job through most of the series) but instead of doing comedy skids for Jimmi Kimmel about alt endings, writing about alt universes or sideway worlds they probably should have spent time tying up more loose ends. And, should have cared less about who (in the blogs) as theorized by many, might have guessed and often did for that matter, what was going to happen next. In any event their product was proven and many had said that they didn’t care about the audience anyway, Then I say; so go for what you think makes most sense. I don’t agree they didn’t care but I would say they had nothing to lose at that point because it was after all, the end.
Would it have been better if the island turned out to be an alien spacecraft instead of a?…just a minute, they didn’t explain that one either! Well, they sort of explained it. They related The Force in Star Wars to the Island. ie there is no explanation. You know, I’m beginning to like this stuff!
Acknowledgement : There was a welcomed post-ending short video just released that has addressed some of the previously unanswered questions. Approx date 10/8/6.

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After scouring online, I found a link to the full 12 min epilogue video on a Spanish website. It answers many questions in a short period of time. A few things answered are…..

What happens to pregnant woman on the island.

Where the Hurley bird came from.

The food drops.

Polar Bears.

Room 23.

What happens with Walt.

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Just some fun questions; I put my answers to start.

01) Character you loved most? = John Locke
02) Character you hated most? = Ben Linus
03) Character you wish you saw more of? = Charles Widmore
04) Character who is your ideal spouse? = Kate for her looks but Sun for her personality
05) Character you most identify with? = John Locke
06) Favorite Season overall? = Season 2
07) Least favorite Season overall? = Season 5
08) Favorite episode? = “Lockdown” (S2)
09) Least favorite episode? = “Stranger in a Strange Land” (S3)
10) Favorite Season Premiere? = “Man of Science, Man of Faith” (S2)
11) Favorite Season Finale? = “Live Together, Die Alone” (S2)
12) Favorite Season 1 episode? = “Walkabout”
13) Favorite Season 2 episode? = “Lockdown”
14) Favorite Season 3 episode? = “The Man Behind the Curtain”
15) Favorite Season 4 episode? = “Cabin Fever”
16) Favorite Season 5 episode? = “Follow the Leader”
17) Favorite Season 6 episode? = “Ab Aeterno”
18) Biggest cliffhanger? = Locke’s dead body in the coffin and the island “moving”
19) Saddest moment? = Toss-up between Sawyer dropping Juliet and Jin & Sun’s deaths
20) Funniest moment? = Hurley trying to convince Pierre Chang that they are not from the future, saying things like he was born in 1931.
21) Favorite DHARMA station? = The Swan
22) Prefer flash-backs, flash-forwards, or flash-sideways? = Flash-backs
23) If you were a candidate, what number would you be assigned by Jacob? = 9

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The question has been asked many times in many ways. Fans have bombarded the air with accusations that the writers were “winging it” and had no idea where they were going.

I think it’s absolutely absurd to assume that Carlton and Damon knew EXACTLY what was going to happen from day 1. There are so many reasons why it is unfair to so harshly criticize these great writers for not making every detail gfit nicely into place. I’m going to write a larger post soon about internal (within the storyline) reasons for this but I’d like to jsut throw a few external (real-world) reasons out there since I’m kinda bored at work.

First off, when writing a Pilot for a television show, how do you know you’re even going to last? FYI, Carlton didn’t even write for the Pilot. JJ Abrams and Damon did the writing. JJ left after the first few episodes, so half the original writing team was not even there for 99% of the shows lifespan.

The biggest external reason, for me, is that when writing a great story, you sort of have to know how long it’s going to be to appropriately set-up introduction, climax, and resolution; a story arc. You have to know how much time you have to tell the story, which Lost writers DID NOT KNOW until late in the 3rd Season. Writers come and go, directors come and go, hell even ACTORS come and go. The actor who portrayed Mr Eko (sorry, can’t think of the name off the top of my head) wanted out of Hawaii; he hated it. So what are the writers supposed to do? Just let him disappear? By the time Eko died, he had had THREE centric episodes (including “The Cost of Living” when he died). They were clearly hoping to make Mr. Eko a central piece in the story. Actor wanted out, therefore character MUST go.. somehow. They did the best they could with the hand they were dealt. Another character/actor disadvantage was Walt. The entire time on the island through the first four/five seasons is a period of a few months (2004-2005). So a few months on-screen is 4-5 YEARS of real-time. “Walt’s actor” shot through puberty in that time, so how do you explain that on the island? You have to get him off, of course, and meet up with him in the future, if you’re going to ever see him again on the show; which is what they did.

The writers are not perfect and the show was not perfectly written. Damon and Carlton have come out (over time) and said the Egyptian references were “a mistake” because they went for an idea and weren’t able to come back to it in a way that explained it within the rest of the story. They admitted they were not able to come back to smaller things like the outrigger shooting, since doing so would mean lots of extra time explaining it and not being able to explain other things that were more important to the core of the story.

Did the writers know that the Man in Black and Jacob would be the rivalry in the end from the Pilot? No. They DID set-out to tell a story based on certain THEMES, like light versus dark. They knew they wanted, at some point, characters to represent those two sides in the end. The story evolved and unfolded over time, and I for one really loved it.

(more to come! maybe when I’m not looking over my shoulder for my boss..)

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