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This is a post from Emzis TVUNCUT site voicing my opinion of the first two episodes of “The Event”…all comments can be found in the link…http://forum.tvuncut.net/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=2182

The pilot was good, not great. The one flaw of the episode was that it was obvious that the plane was not going to crash and kill every main character in the first episode…it would have been awesome…but it wasnt happening.
The second episode was miles above the pilot episode, it really should have been a two part premier. They had me for the first time having a sense of concern for the characters well being.

The fact that they actually killed all the other passengers was, in my opinion, a bold move from a network prime-time storytelling perspective in the second episode (maybe it was just the scene of bodies). I very much enjoyed that part. It also let us know that large unexpected deaths are very much in the realm of possibility on the show as well.

I liked the idea of the plane disappearing, and let it be known as I called out “wormhole”, immediately after the event took place, and although I blushed at the obvious…the show leaves me with that thought that it could be…something different…although…

The admittance to electromagnetic energy being involved early on was pushing the envelope of a wormhole…and a “Lost comparison”… and involving a plane doesnt help matters for “what would happen if Lost and 24 had a baby”, otherwise known as The Event…but I must say…so far it has delivered.

Im interested to see the way they take this…not so much the storyline, but how long the average viewer can take a show with many questions and little answers.
Im even more interested to see if it can keep myself and other former Lost viewers guessing and watching…or if we have already been there and done that, regardless of the reward…Im going to try and stick it out.

I said to a friend after the pilot that although I was interested, I wasnt 100% hooked.
When the opening scene of Lost began, I knew I was in for something special, and they had me GLUED to the screen for the episode. By the time the episode was over, I knew I would watch the season no matter what happened. But it wasnt until “Walkabout” that they had me forever. I knew when that episode was done that I would watch every single last scene of Lost until it was off the air.

The Event is not LOST, although it has the potential to be “THE EVENT!!!”. But it needs its “Walkabout” episode. ALL shows of this nature need a “walkabout” episode. A single moment, a single character that will make you stick through the rough patches of a long-lived show. None of my forever dramas survive without a “walkabout” episode. It needs something that no matter what happens, an event in a single characters life is more important than that plane disappearing.
Kidnapping wont cut it. Mass slaughter wont cut it.

But what…or should I say who may cut it is Sophia. (Laura Innes, wonderful actress, actually suprised she never cameoed on Lost)
Her story COULD be the one that makes me love The Event, if its done well…

As for what our “Event Others” are…

I will not believe it is aliens until they blatantly say so on the show…for the moment, I’ll lean on an alternate universe or parallel dimensional race from none other than Earth.
My final answer…

They are human. Maybe from a parallel/alternate universe…but Im going to go with people from the future of earth (yes Im calling time travel)…maybe the last of the people of earth before it is destroyed…evolved, as everything does over time into better humans…humans 2.0 if you will…

Im not sure the cause, or reasoning for their return, or the end of the world…but I would imagine more humans and advanced science have something to do with it.

Good start, has my attention…now it just has to get up and “walkabout”…

4/5**** so far…let me know your thoughts…

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4 Replies to “Walking About “The Event”…”

  1. As I stated already on the post over on Tvuncut, I agree totally with this. Walkabout was a huge, pivotal episode and it’s even more so given what we learn that happens to Locke in S5 and S6.

    With The Event I think a possible character that can be the focus of a ‘Walkabout’ episode is Simon Lee. You can see the conflict in him, especially after the last episode. I believe Simon is similar to Juliet in Lost. Although he is a member of the people that the detainees are he also seems to have an allegiance to ‘normal’ humans (although I wouldn’t blame him if he did something ‘unpleasant’ to that CIA prick he takes orders from). On Lost, Juliet is in a similar predicament. She wants to be free of the Others yet is forced to do Ben’s bidding.

  2. Hey AES, just reread your post to psyche myself up for tonight’s episode..I’m excited..I’m liking the show, especially after the last episode (3rd one)…It’s progressively getting better..maybe tonight will be the “Walkabout”…
    funny comparisons to Lost:
    1. Lost had 1 plane crash within 2 episodes, Event has 2
    2. Locke was unparalyzed after the crash, Event has a whole planeful of passengers resurrect…
    3. Lost Island was NOT a spaceship; The Event might be about turning the whole planet earth into a spaceship

    haha…had to put those, Achalli anymore humorous comparisons Mr. SciFi?

    Looking forward to watching and more discussions on this show…

  3. Thankfully none of the detainees has peeled their face off revealing a lizard underneath; or a race of Marc Singer clones for that matter.

    With time travel already being a possible theory for the origin of the detainees they may possibly turn out to be similar to the Ancients from Stargate SG-1.

    We have yet to see anyone comparable to Ben but I wouldn’t rule out that arrogant CIA jackass.

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