Hey everyone!

Thank you to everyone who still visits, and who still contributes to the site (you know who you are). It’s been 15 months since the finale and I’m still stunned by the amount of visitors this site still gets. You rock!

I had an idea though, something to maybe get the site more active. Does anyone fancy doing a Lost re-watch?

Starting from 22nd September watching one episode a week, then coming to the site to discuss the episode, maybe figure out details we’ve missed etc. We’d have a short break between each season, and over holiday periods etc.

What do you think? Is anyone up for that? I know the finale left some people dissapointed (myself included), but everything up until that point was amazing. Even though after the finale I thought I’d never watch it again, I can’t help but miss it.

If you’re interested, leave a comment 🙂

Namaste x

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