Obviously not a unique subject matter and having been beaten to death, questions remain about what exactly happened at the end.

However, i will not try to be another flogger of that poor horse. My target is one or singular in goal. It is to do with the Losties or should i say Lostie. The Lostie I refer to is of course, Jack who i would interpret as the main Lostie.

Now, having said what i said i wont rant (i hope) insanely on in my usual manner (as my buddies probably know about). This is to do with not only the end but beginning, which are inseparably linked if one believes the following.

The famous opening scene of Jack’s eye opening serves the purpose of the series beginning and his awaking after being put unconscious in the air crash. The end was dramatically and inversely the same, which in all I very much thought was a well thought out portrayal of the start/end concept.

The one theory many of you folks may believe about the Losties being dead all along seems to fit the model, I just tried to paint. However, would we not be talking Losties, as opposed to Lostie? I wonder how may people believe the adventures of Lost were played out in the theater of Jack’s mind between his eye opening and closing? Elaborate as it is. Or was the series, his life flashing before his eyes as it were, before he died, which may be a one and the same. The whole series in a split second…

I’m not sure if/how this could be debated but I’ve been wrong before, once….maybe…..okay, let’s pretend for the sake of argument..or not 🙂

PS: hopefully this is not a or one of a last entry given the Mayan calendar end’s on Friday, to speak of ends. said in a cautious joking manner.

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What is shaking everybody? This isn’t so much a theory on Lost but it can be applied. Plus I don’t belong to any other forums where ideas and concepts are discussed like here. And you guys are good people. Good people.

Anyways, I watched Fringe this morning when I got home from work. If you aren’t up to speed – a couple episodes ago Peter got his hands on some technology from The Observers. A little device that burrowed into your brain, implanted itself, and as we found out, modified your cerebral cortex. It basically gave them and now him, the ability for more logical thought and calculations.

It gave Peter the ability to “run futures” as one Observer said. Then later Olivia even said the future was all about math, The Observers are just better at math than us.

Which got me thinking. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement or idea? Not the logistics of it which would be mindboggling, but the actual facts or statistics behind it.

It is this: that there actually is a finite number of possible futures?

Like let’s say we did have this machine or our brains that had the capacity to run all possible futures. From every single decision people make and potential outcomes and ripples from them? Like instead of turning left to get to work one day I make a right. And then by me making a right, I cause someone to jam on their brakes which spills their coffee, shorting out their laptop.

So if there was a computer that could run all of those scenarios, and determine probabilities, isn’t there deep down, at the bottom of it all, a finite number of possible outcomes? To everything?

And then let’s say the the world population dwindled down, those possible futures would also decrease making it even easier to narrow them down.

Seems crazy but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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