How is everyone doing? I’ve been thinking about this one for a while now, I just haven’t wanted to take the time to try and write it out because inevitably I will forget something I wanted to point out. And maybe this idea or some like it have been posted before, if so, I apologize.

Go ahead and laugh. I started making my way through the episodes again. I started with season 2 this time. My first time through, this is where I kind of got lost. Who are The Others? Desmond, Penny, Michael, what the hell?

Anyways, I’ve always been a big proponent of that we are seeing cycles, repetitive situations, people, characteristics. I know I ‘ve mentioned that before, some of you may be sick of it. I think that Desmond and Sayid are similar, and that Ilana and Kate, or Danielle and Claire. I just think they are diffeent versions or maybe reincarnations of one another. Locke and Eko maybe as well.

Now on to the button…

Metaphorically, I think the button represents faith. Either press it or don’t. You either take someone’s word for it that you are saving the world or you don’t believe them and don’t press it. I think it is this struggle that we are supposed to debate. And back to the cycles thing, I think this struggle is what has been fought over on the island this entire time. Among other things. But this is the battle referred to I think when MIB and Jacob are on the beach and the line about “they come, they fight, they destroy…”

The battle of faith between pressing the button, harnessing the light and water, trying to leave, etc.

And as far as the characters go, we were told they were brought there for a reason right?

I wonder if they were all brought there each one for their own singular reason. I just finished up the episodes where Michael basically screws everyone to save Walt. I’m thinking that maybe that is Michael’s “curse.”

That Michael will choose being with his son over everything else in the world. And that is why he was brought to the island. And it was proven that he would choose Walt over most things. And since he failed this test during his time on the island, this was why when he wwent back to the city, that one guy told him the island wasn’t through with him yet.

These are some of my thoughts on the tests the Losties had to face and why they were brought there.

Jack – always has to save or rescue.
Kate – has to either steal or run.
Sawyer – to con.
Sayid – will always sacrifice to save a woman.
Desmond – same as Sayid
Charlie – drugs/temptation/willpower
Michael – will always choose Walt

Any others?

I’m thinking in order for them to be finished with the island they need to come to terms with their one weakness.

And then others, maybe like Locke and Rose, were supposed to be there. They had no weakness or whatever to rectify so their business was finished. This is why the island healed them.

Let me know your thoughts.

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