Written 13th April

This may be overly simplistic, but if the MIB cannot travel accross water (as Smoke Monster) and there are rules dictating that he must take all available candidiates (or some combination of them) with him to leave the island, then was the introduction of air travel a key event for the viability of his plan to escape the island? It seems that the game between Jacob and MIB has been going on since ancient times, but were there really no viable escape options previously? I know, boats and ships were available – but is that part of the reason the Black Rock was wrecked and ended up in the jungle (to eliminate it from MIB’s escape plans)? Not as interesting as other aspects of the show, but it does seem that advances in technology over the years have changed the playing field, and perhaps created some unforeseen issues/opportunities in the game.

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Written 10th February

There is a trend in the storyline towards identifiying some kind of quality or characteristic in various people, but we do not yet really know what this characteristic is being sought.  There is a lot of lying and deception in this regard, which would tend to imply that what is being identified is important, strategic, and precious.  I wonder if the characteristic they are looking for is whether or not an individual is a “constant” (per Faraday’s theory).  The “constants” are those whose fate is unaffected by various events in various timelines, so they are the touchstones needed to determine the true course of time and events.  Constants would be very important to achieving the outcomes desired by differing forces (MIB vs. Jacob?), but identifying Constants would not be easy unless one had seen various iterations and determined which people had the same outcome over and over.  The Constants themselves would not understand their “gift” immediately – not until they had a few go-rounds and realize they are different.  If one was unsure but had some evidence of who the Constants are, one may even compile a list of those people and keep an eye on them to make sure they were not used by the other side. 

If everything outside the path of the Constants is really just noise, then all that would matter is aligning (and protecting?) the Constants in such a way that time moves forward, courses correct, and the desired outcome can occur for all the Non-Constants.  The Constants would also be the only ones whose memories would stay the same and be retained when/if they flashed from time to time, so their value to those who would want to manipulate he path of time would be great (and the Constants would not necessarily want anyone to know they are Constants).  If Constants can be killed and their path destroyed, then those who battle to control things would employ this to achieve their goals.  The permutations go on from there …

Possible Constants at this point: Brutha Des, Jack, Hurley.

Not all nailed down yet, but I am seeing some consistent trends (need a few more iterations to be sure!).

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Has MIB been marginalized by Jacob somehow for a very long time and the only form he can take (or partially take) is Alpert?  Does it make sense to think that MIB is governed by a set of rules that restricts what he can and cannot do, and also that he is a being different from the rest of the people and entities on the Island?  Sounds like Alpert to me!

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After reading through many theories and questions on this site, I have made some connections and pieced together my partially unified theory (apologies if this has been addressed previously or elsewhere).  Is it possible that there is a limit to the number of living beings that can inhabit the island at one time?  Without labelling this concept trivially, it may best be visualized as a limited number of “island souls” – or like the daemons as conceptualized in the Golden Compass.  If there is a finite number or pattern to this (wait – did I just say something like “number pattern”?!), it could help exp[lain many things, though I don’t yet see where the original determination of the number would have come from.

The most obvious example to me would be the purge of Dharma people followed by the arrival of the Flight 815 people – did the Dharma people need to die to make room for the “Losties”?  Does this also explain the problems on the island with having babies (did someone die right before Aaron was born?)?  There was a post about the boars looking for bodies right after the 815 crash – were these souls that wanted to go back to human form?  Does this also explain why Locke can walk (i.e. he died, and was possessed or resurrected by another soul?)?  In my theory, the soul of the individual who dies is intertwined somehow with the soul that takes over, and potentially some of the other “beings” seen or sensed on the island are those looking for new bodies or “vehicles” to inhabit.  There are likely some rules to this process, which may also explain the way things have unfolded.

This would explain to some degree the conversation between MIB and Jacob in which they seem to refer to the ongoing inhabitants of the island as almost some kind of experiment.  As each iteration of new inhabitants mix themselves with the souls on the island (adding various mixtures of experience, ethics, intelligence, etc.), the entities interact in ever-changing and unique ways (some tending to lean to the darker side over time, some to the lighter – one of which is Jacob’s side and the other the MIB’s).

With this in mind, and given that we do not know the rules of engagement yet, I am thinking that the loophole has something to do with the finite nature of the souls in this theory, and the various ways it can be manipulated.  Do The Numbers come into this somehow (Number of generations or iterations of souls?)?  Also, are certain individuals able to keep their position for some reason or do things to cement their position?  Is there chicken-and-the-egg issue with the death of one and bringing of another (can you kill someone, have that create a void, and have the next entity drawn in)?  Do Jacob and MIB need a certain person or soul to die in order for them to be able to do what they want to do (whatever that may be)?  This could help to explain some of the seemingly fated deaths and some of the otherwise inexplicable ones (red shirts go down to make room for someone more important).  Those closer to a “state of grace” as a result of having more or different iterations of themselves may be the ones who have more power (to leave and come back, etc.), and the battle between Jacob and MIB may be one ruled by who has more fully evolved beings on their side.  The ultimate goal (whether it be to get off the island, control the island, or rule the world) is still unknown, and the scope of that will be one of the critical elements of the conclusion of the story!

More questions than answers, I know, but I feel like I’m on the edge of identifying a unified pattern that could link many things together.  Or, maybe I’m totally on a senseless tangent!

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