In the finale of season 5, did anyone else cry when Juliet was being dragged down by the chain with Sawyer holding onto her? I cried really hard. Sadest, but best lost episode yet (imo).

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We already know that Sayid’s purpose was to get Ben out of the D.I, and was successful (sorta :)).

We also know Kate’s purpose (supposedly) is to find Claire (which im not sure she can do seeings as she is before those events).

Jacks, not sure, but his purpose was not to make Ben go to the Temple.

Now Hurleys, I have no idea, you guys got an idea?

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Ive watched every episode of Lost, and it really is my favourite show, because of why way it does not tell us everything like every other t.v show going on.

I might already know the answer to this question, but dont own the season when Micheal and Walt get off the Island.

So, Why didn’t Micheal tell people back on the mainland about the island?

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