Hey All,
I remember, it was a year ago Emz challenged us to write theories based on certain Lost subject matter. So in that same spirit, I want to challenge you with Lost questions, and maybe generate discussion from it.

So today’s challenge question is (answer in the comment section below):
During the entire series of Lost, how many crashes occurred on the Island?

A crash is any vehicle carrying people traveling to the Island which crashes.. I will give you the first two which are totally obvious as examples. Oceanic 815 and Aijira 316. List out all the ones you can think of. Some are debatable, so there isn’t really one absolute right answer. Let’s get a discussion going! -bobt

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Hey all,
I see very few checking in lately..Again, big thanks to everyone who read and commented on my story (meatwadjm, Achalli, emzi, wehav2goback..you know who you are!)..
I’m writing another Lost Fanfiction story on the Lost Fanfiction website.
It’s titled “After the Incident”
It’s similar to the beginning of my other story, but much better since it’s creative writing, not scripting. I made a bunch of changes in the details and plot also..
If you’re interested, please read and comment..Enjoy! -bobt

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Hey Everyone!
I’m sure most Lost fans in the states heard about the Idaho megaball winning numbers amazing similarity to the Lost numbers..
Honestly, my first reaction was, so what? Not big deal…It’s not exactly the same numbers…but then I started thinking, it is kind of amazing, because four out of the six numbers is indeed a very slim chance…

The first thing that is amazing, is 42 was the actual Megaball number… It’s the last number that has to be chosen by the player to win any earnings at all…. And 42 was the Megaball number when Hurley won the lottery! Having 42 be the actual Megaball number (or any select number being Megaball) has less than 1/50 chance itself…I think the calculation is 45/50 * 1/50= which is a 1.8% or 1 out of 55.55 happening! (basically the 45/50 comes from 42 being selected in the first 5 numbers not being Megaball)

And if I can remember my math right, the chances of getting those 4 exact numbers are (50*49*48)/(6*5*4)*(55.55) which is 1 out of 54,444!

I also read that if you played the Lost numbers, you would have won 150bux!

Please correct me on my math if anybody out there remembers permeutations better than me!

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I want to begin with something Emzi stated in her theory; the ash was intact around the Cabin while the Smoke Monster roamed the island in Season 1-5, so it’s obvious; the Smoke Monster was not trapped in the Cabin.

It’s easy to fall into thinking he was trapped (i certainly did at first), since we’ve seen the power the ash had in protection from the Monster. Two cases in point; Braum encircling himself with it, and the people at the Temple surrounding the temple with it. So if it keeps him OUT, it could obviously keep him IN if you encircled him without its knowing, right? This is where things could get tricky…

Just like we can conclude the ash didn’t entrap him inside the cabin, we can also conclude it didn’t keep him out. We saw MIB as Christian Shepherd inside the Cabin, during a time when the ash was still unbroken. Which means he CROSSED OVER the ash to go inside, and also crossed BACK OVER to come out when he was Christian Shepherd at the bottom of the well.

So we have two observations here. Braum encircled himself with the ash, and Smokey COULD NOT cross. The Cabin was encircled with ash, but Smokey COULD cross. What is the difference?

Back to the Temple. The Others encircled the Temple with ash, so they could be protected from the Monster; similar to when Braum encircled himself. They knew the ash would protect them because the ash’s power was somehow linked to Dogen being alive. The ash lost it’s power when Dogen died, as we all know from the episode Sundown. And just as the sun went down, the Monster freely entered and raised hell.

During that episode, Flocke and Claire approached the Temple and had a discussion right at the ash boundary. I remember thinking at that moment; Oh man, here we go…this is so obvious… Claire will stoop down and make a break in the ash so her friend Mr. Smokester can penetrate through and raise hell inside the Temple. But no, Flocke held back, to launch a bigger strategic move.. He recruited Sayid to go back inside and kill the man who’s life held the power behind the ash, then he entered to raise hell.

So what would have happened if Claire had broken the ash for the Monster, before Dogen’s death? I believe if that would have happened, he still could have freely entered and raised hell
. But regardless if the ash is intact or not, I also believe Dogen couldn’t be harmed by the Monster. He was alot like a candidate; in fact, he probably was a candidate. Flocke had him killed just like he had any other candidate killed; at the hands of another candidate; Sayid.

Nevertheless, I bring this point up only to say; the ash was an extension of Dogen’s power. By having the Temple encircled in ash, his friends at the Temple were also protected by the same rules that enforced Dogen’s protection. This makes sense.

Back to the Cabin. The Cabin was encircled in ash, in which MIB could freely cross back and forth. The Temple was encircled in ash, in which MIB could also (after Dogen’s death) freely cross back and forth. See the connection?!

OK…here is where I really step from observations to theorizing. Hang with me. Suppose there is more than one Ash substance. There is Ash that has its power because of Dogen. Maybe Braum’s ash had it’s power because of Braum, or somebody else? Who knows? Maybe if the candidates hung out on the Island longer they could have had some ash that had it’s power because of them.

What I’m stretching for here is; perhaps the Cabin experienced an identical scenario to the Temple. Somebody was alive in the Cabin; who spread their own powerful ash around the Cabin for protection. Not for their own protection; by encircling the Cabin it allowed the protection to extend to others inside the ash visiting the cabin. MIB came up with a plan to “recruit” somebody who could enter the cabin and kill the person who holds the power of the ash. Soon afterward, the Smoke Monster could come in and kill all the Cabin visitors, while the ash ring still being INTACT.

Final thoughts. Why would MIB want the ash ring still intact, either around the Cabin or around the Temple? The Cabin, with its ring still intact, was a place of trapped souls; the ones who Hurley saw, and the “Help Me” ghost Locke heard; those souls were of the people killed in the Cabin ring. Similarly, the temple would be haunted with the trapped souls of the ones murdered inside the temple ring.

Honestly, I don’t know how this could help MIB… But I think it’s a good explanation of to how the Cabin got its spookiness. Thoughts?!!

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Unfortunately, this theory of mine won’t delve into the spookiness associated with the Cabin; I simply want to layout my thoughts and paint the picture of what I believe happened when Richard Alpert came to the Island. Why Richard? Because the day Richard came was the same day the four toe statue was destroyed, which was the first step in the chain of events leading to the use of places such as the Cabin.

Remember what’s different with Richard; he was the first (and only) of his kind in the game between Jacob and MIB. Remember Richard and Jacob’s first conversation on the beach?:

RICHARD: Before you brought my ship, there were others?
JACOB: Yes, many.
RICHARD: What happened to them?
JACOB: They’re all dead.
RICHARD: But if you brought them here. Why didn’t you help them?
JACOB: Because I wanted them to help themselves. To know the difference between right and wrong without me having to tell them. It’s all meaningless if I have to force them to do anything. Why should I have to step in?
RICHARD: If you don’t, he will.
[Jacob pauses for a moment, taking Richard’s words into consideration.]
JACOB: Do you want a job?

Based on that conversation, I think the “game” up to that point might have been boring. Just imagine Jacob and MIB laying back, eating stone grilled fish on the beach, watching people “come, fight, destroy, corrupt” and/or “make progress”; and every time new people came, it always ended with everyone dying. That’s what Jacob said; “They’re all dead.” And that’s exactly MIB’s frustration; it all ends the same, so why even bring them to the Island?

So with the pieces of the game dying each time, it really doesn’t “win” or “lose” the game they’re engaged in. It’s only a difference of opinion; MIB says they destroyed themselves, Jacob says it ended but there was progress. It’s a stalemate.

So with the arrival of the Black Rock and Richard Alpert, Jacob expanded the game board a little. Jacob chooses to use an intermediary to teach the game pieces how to think for themselves.

Before Jacob talks Richard into taking the job, it was actually MIB who made the first bold move in the game; destroying Jacob’s home base, the 4 toed statue. Before I go any further, let me explain the basis of my argument; we all know it’s Jacob who chooses who comes to the Island, but I believe it’s MIB who chooses the manner of how they arrive. That manner always involving a crash; BlackRock, Henry Gale’s balloon, Oceanic, Aijira, Nigerian plane, Desmond’s Sailboat; all crashes with fatalities (except Desmond of course.) So why crashes? To kill as many people as possible, narrowing down the game pieces; MIB’s method of play is to first eliminate the variables.

So by crashing the Black Rock in a storm, he accomplishes two things; making the ship passengers easy prey and destroying Jacob’s home. So what’s the significance of the statue? I believe it served several purposes:

1. Jacob’s home:
Where he slept, ate, sewed, kept warm near the fire etc.

2. Jacob’s place of protection:
Jacob told Richard nobody is allowed inside unless they’re invited. That must be one of the game rules; so as long he’s inside, he’ll always be safe. (The Leader of the Others always had invitation, which MIB of course took advantage of later.)

3. Jacob’s meeting place. I say this because it would have been an ideal place; only people he invites may come in, so it would be a fairly secure place. But until Richard, he never wanted to meet with anybody.

4. A landmark to guide people to the Island:
I’m sure any ship that sees that huge statue, would immediately change course to investigate. That might have been what happened to the Black Rock. It’s similar to the transmission of the numbers to bring Rousseau’s ship in.

5. A place of Magic:
Here’s where things get interesting. It’s not the statue itself that produces the magic; it’s the ash within the fire circle. The ash is key. It’s symbolic. It’s actually the enforcer of the rules of the game.

One of the powerful magical phenomena the ash can be used for; it allows objects/people to appear/dissapear any place they want to travel. I know this may sound far fetched, but I believe the evidence supports this. Three things I can think of; 1) The cabin appearing/dissapearing 2) Jacob suddenly appearing in the statue when MIB and Ben came in 3)Jacob traveling on and off the Island.

I’ll stretch the traveling phenomena even further; I seriously doubt Jacob slid that huge stone door back and forth every time he exited and entered the statue. He could simply appear out on the beach to go fishing, or appear in the temple to talk with Dogen, or appear in America to give Jack Shepherd an Apollo bar. He’s Jacob for crying out loud. The game player isn’t constrained like the game pieces.

So the only thing MIB could piece together is that Jacob lived in statue, and that he could travel anywhere he wanted. By destroying the statue, Jacob would no longer have that power, or so he thought.

This is where Jacob’s grand illusion begins. When the statue is destroyed, Jacob pretends he doesn’t live there anymore. MIB doesn’t know anything about the living area inside the foot; he’s never been inside the statue. This is why Flocke is so surprised when Richard brings him to the foot:
FLOCKE: What is it? Why are we stopping?
RICHARD: You’ll see.
FLOCKE: Well, it’s a wonderful foot, Richard, but what does it have to do with Jacob?
RICHARD: It’s where he lives.

After the statue is destroyed, Jacob of course continues to secretly reside in the foot. But to create the illusion he lives somewhere else, Jacob chooses a second home; the cave at the cliffs. When and how MIB founds this out is unknown. I would think the cliffs are difficult to descend down for MIB in smoke monster form. And I would like to think MIB discovered the cave after Jacob had already written candidate names and numbers on the wall; kind of a slap in the face to MIB, letting him know at the right moment how much planning is involved selecting his candidates.

Another place worthy to mention; the Lighthouse. One of the purposes of the statue was to guide people the Island, the Lighthouse replaced the statue for that very purpose. I think it’s obvious the Lighthouse was built long after the temple and the 4 toed statue were built. The temple, tunnels, and statue were likely built from people who were Egyptian; the Lighthouse, absent of heiroglyphics, was probably built during a time when the world was being discovered by ships much like the Black Rock. That being said, Jacob had people build the Lighthouse to guide ships to the Island, and of course for Jacob to use the mirrors to observe his candidates’ lives.

What is the cabin? It was a place Horrace built to vacation with his family. His wife Amy liked to get away from the Barracks, even on picnics, which we all know got her first husband killed by venturing into Hostile territory. So Horrace built a cabin, which he knew was safely outside Hostile territory, yet far from the Barracks to avoid running into his own people too.

Horrace was the leader of the Dharma Initiative residents. When Richard had a problem he needed to discuss, like the missing bodies of his people, he came to Horrace. So when conflicts arose that needed to be discussed, but not to the point of Richard coming into the Barracks; it makes logical sense that Richard and Horrace would meet halfway at the Cabin.

The ash surrounding the Cabin could have served two purposes. Firstly, it kept the smoke monster from coming in; perhaps Horrace pleaded with Richard on having that since he was used to having the protection of the perimeter fence.

Secondly, the ash was probably used for its mystical transportive powers that I talked about before. Instead of Richard talking to Jacob to receive instruction, then meet with Horrace to go over those instructions; why not bring Jacob’s presence right there at the meeting place? Think of it like this; by laying down a ring of ash, Jacob new exactly where to appear. Maybe that’s how Richard would meet with Jacob each time, even places other than the cabin; lay down a circle of the ash, and Jacob would mystically appear. The circle was only bigger at the cabin because it was used for both transportive powers and smokey protection.

Sometime afterward, Ben discovers the Cabin as an established meeting place with Jacob. It could be Richard brings him along for a meeting with the Dharma people, or Ben spies from the woods and sees Richard visit the place often. Regardless, in Ben’s mind, he believes that is where Jacob resides.

Things change somehow, and this is where my theorizing goes flat. Somehow, MIB or “somebody else” is using it (Ilana’s words), even while the ash circle is still intact. Ben, still under the impression that’s where Jacob resides, brings Locke there in the episode “Man Behind the Curtain.”

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I watched several smokie scenes over again, including the pilot episode, and I think I noticed something significant…

After watching that scene again, it doesn’t seem likely to me that the monster chose to kill the pilot for some overall strategic purpose. It was fairly quick. The group in the cockpit (pilot, Jack, Kate, and Charlie) were making noise talking about the transceiver and what happened when they crashed. I believe, they apparently made enough noise that one of the smokie “whisps” called big smokie to come together and investigate.

Kate+Jack+Charlie are hiding from the monster; but the pilot was so curious, he leaned out the cockpit window to take a look; then the monster killed him. That got me thinking. Before Season Six, I don’t believe the Smoke Monster ever killed anybody who was running away from him. Think of all the scenes where people were running from it; Jack, Kate, Charlie, Charlie in the tree, the group running to the Black Rock (that’s all I can think of at the moment). If the smoke monster really wanted to catch you, there’s nothing you can do to stop it; it’s too fast and too strong.

It seems only to be interested in those who stand up to it. Examples are the pilot, Locke and Ecko. Also,on the French team, the first man that was attacked stood his ground; the monster chose him to pull underneath the temple wall. The french woman “Nadine” dissapeared before the French man; I suspect she stood her ground then was taken, otherwise the monster silently crept up on her and took her, which seems unlikely…

So here’s my theory in a nutshell; ultimately, the monster uses fear to control people. So if you run, he knows he can probably use his big sound effects or other people he’s controlling to push you in a certain direction. If you stand your ground, well that means he gets to examine you and see if you have any deep rooted fears he can use against you. For Locke, he found all the insecurities he had to manipulate him. For Ecko, he ultimately found the lack of fear and had to get rid of him..

For the Oceanic Pilot, it’s probably unlikely he got to “scan” him during that scene. He saw that he didn’t have any fear, then killed him to put more fear of him into Jack+Kate+Charlie…

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Hey everybody,
Just wanted to say, I saw the movie Inception Sunday night, and I was very impressed. I watched it with a bunch of my friends, alot of them being Lost fans. There’s a point in the movie where somebody’s father is in a coffin, flying from Sydney to LAX, and the son is also on the flight.. All of my Lost friends and I were like, that’s definitely a shout out to Lost!! It’s not pertinent to the plot, so why put something like that in there unless they did that on purpose to coincide with Lost?!

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“I hope somebody does for you, what you just did for me.” -John Locke (speaking to Jack Shepherd)

Jack’s story began with his father, ended with his father, with almost every struggle in between related to his father. Starting with Austrailia, to find his dad; Jack’s decision to do right thing still didn’t remove the overwhelming guilt he felt when his father died. Fresh with this struggle he was brought to the Island, only to see visions of his dad walking through the jungle..

After returning home as part of the Oceanic Six, his family had the funeral for him. But at that funeral he learned that Claire was his sister; another burden to carry due to his Father. He already feels responsible for those he left behind, but now knowing who Claire is, makes his new life off the island carry that much less of meaning. Next, meeting Locke as a patient at the hospital. “You’re Father says hey” took him to a new level of insanity. That night he booked a flight to Austrailia (Ben told Locke..)

So His Father brought him to the Island, He brought him back to the Island, and…

Brought him home. Charlie knew where he was when he met Claire. Hurley, when he met Libby. Sawyer, Juliet. For all of them, it was somebody they knew and fell in love with on the island. For Jack, it was somebody he loved his entire life. For all of them, it was somebody that was alive, or at least thought was alive. For Jack, it was somebody who had died. Jack was so stubborn, he had to see him resurrected; Jack was both the saviour of the group, and the doubting Thomas. Christian did to Jack, what Jack did for Locke..

And when Jack hugged his Dad, his first question was “Are you real?” Christian’s hug and smile, and a sarcastic “I sure hope I’m real!” assured Jack, and me, that the seemingly impossible to happen, happened.

It assured me, not because I don’t believe in heaven, I already do.. But because I witnessed the dead being on the Island, and many times those dead we came to find out really weren’t real at all. A White Rabbit masquerading as Jack’s Dad. In that way, this new world is that much more real than the Island. And in that way, the story has a happy ending, in THE END.

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After a moment of denial and acceptance of “The End”, I’m so ready to move forward and start theorizing again. I’ll at least say it was a superbly created episode, although I am dissapointed the ATL was purgatory. “The End” offered some superior moments of action and emotions, as well as detailed scenes of the Light Tunnel’s interior, giving us more pieces to work with at putting together the puzzle of the Sci-Fi and Mythological elements of Lost….

Natural and Man made Origins of the Light Tunnel
The scene of MIB floating into the tunnel, the light dimming, and the Smoke Monster emerging is in complete contrast to Desmond and Jack going in. They were able to harmlessly rope down the water fall and have direct contact with both the Light energy and the water collecting in the pool. Even if they slipped off the rope, I’m certain their fall would have only injured them (3 skeletons down there, perhaps their fate?) without interupting the creation of the Light energy.

MIB’s fall certainly did interrupt the Light Energy. MIB’s fall down the water fall must have resulted in instant contact and contamination to the energy source in order for the Light to immediately go out. So what was different during MIB’s fall that allowed this to happen?

Well, given that the “corked” collection pool was obviously man-made, I suppose the tunnel interior was at one time a completely natural setting. And because Mother’s intent was to guard the location of the tunnel, it’s highly probable no person had ever seen or entered the tunnel before MIB did. Perhaps the Light Energy was at one one time being naturally produced from a completely natural version of the “corked” collection pool.

Channeling the Water and the Light: The Mechanics
The speed of the water is first baffled by the rocks and stalagmites just below the water fall. This part of the process might also purify the water even more by filtering between the rocks. Next, the water enters the pool by passing through a flume-like structure. There are 4 tunnels located in the pool, and I can only guess the water exits the pool through these tunnels since it already flows into the pool via the flume.

Now here’s an observation I found most intriguing; the hole that the cork “corks” is NOT a tight seal. There are actually several channels down the sides of the hole, allowing a constant stream of water into the energy source at the depths of the island. I believe this is the purpose of the pool and cork; to allow a measured constant flow of water into the energy source.

A Natural Version of the Process
In order to replicate the process naturally, I seriously doubt it was originally a corked pool setup! All you need is the right amount of water streaming into the energy source. Water still enters in through the waterfall, and exits by a stream (same stream MIB and Jack were in). Only a small amount of water is used in the process. My guess is, it must have been a massive pool of water the water fall poured into. A small natural opening (or series of openings) at the bottom of the pool allowed water to steadily stream into the energy source. This process, because it was natural, could have been highly unstable, and all it took was some foreign object falling into the pool to disrupt it.

Key Differences Between the 2 Processes
The corked pool process keeps the energy source below almost completely isolated from the pooled water. For the natural process, perhaps the pool opening allowed more direct access to the energy source. This is kind of stretching things I realize; but I’m thinking the primary reason for MIB transforming into Smokey was his direct contact with the process of the Light energy creation, and not just the water used for the process. In other words, if Des could have somehow slipped down a cork channel, into the reaction itself, his “otha life brutha” might have been way different. Des exposed the reaction when he pulled cork out, but afterwards with excess water flowing into the source, it was no longer the correct balance of water and light, and the reaction soon subsided.

It’s also interesting to note that although this huge reaction is taking place just below the pool’s rock bottom, the light is shielded from escaping via the rock and the cork. But it’s obvious; the light is still allowed to partially escape and scatter throughout the tunnel. I’m thinking that the light energy is using the channeled water as the medium for escape; as if the channeled water was a huge fiber optic cable plugged into the reaction itself. Maybe this is what gives the water it’s healing properties(?)..although didn’t seem to heal dying Jack 🙁

The Creation of the Corked Pool
So I’m coming across an interesting dilemna in writing this theory. MIB lost his invincibility powers and became fully human when Desmond uncorked the pool and turned out the light. If the light source also went out during the creation of the Smoke Monster, then how can the Smoke Monster have it’s power?!! This seems totally contradictory; light turns off to create Smokey, but the light must be on to give Smokey his powers. Well, I can only surmise there was one difference between the two light-turning-off events; Smokey had a human form in 2007, and he did not during his creation. In Smoke Monster form, maybe he lacked some powers with the light being off. And it makes sense that if he was stuck as John Flocke when the light was off, he was probably stuck as Smoke when it was off before. This gives Smokey ample motivation to get that light turned back on; so he can turn human again, and eventually leave the island!

So this sets up the perfect opportunity for Jacob’s game. Jacob wants to bring men to the island to prove MIB wrong, and MIB needs men to come to the island so he can show them how to construct a system to properly channel the water and the light. I’m sure Jacob also needed that light turned back on; otherwise what was he protecting? This is man’s first test on the island; being able to harness the Island’s energy, will they use it to their own destruction? I’m thinking they failed that test because that group of people (probably Egyptians) were no longer living on the island. Lost could have had some great episodes showing these events, but after “The End”, it’s all left up to our imagination..

Other Observations concerning the Light Tunnel
I loved the part when Desmond uncorked the pool and the Light Energy slowly subsided, like it was a huge Star Trek warp core engine switched off. As the power was decreasing and the darkness was taking over the cave, anybody notice the distinct sounds? It was a deep hum, then slowing to a rhythmic pulse, then off. Just like a jet engine turning off; when it slows down enough you can hear the rhythm of the rotations. Rotations, rhythm, pulses; how much do you want to bet, the pulse of that Light Energy core when properly corked was humming at a constant 11 cycles per second? At some magnitude of 2.342? hmmmmm…

Another brief observation; the water used in the flow is from a natural stream. It was stopped when the light was out, started again when the light was back on. Maybe the rain storms we are used to seeing happen suddenly on the island are directly related to the Island’s need to have fresh water flowing into the Tunnel Light?

Lastly, the whirpool of water flowing into the uncorked hole, reminded me of another whirpool; Ben’s waterhole used to summon the Smoke Monster. Perhaps Ben’s waterhole used to be a miniature version of the corked pool. Why can’t there be more than one version of the Light Energy systems constructed throughout the island? Why not have little replications of these systems so people can harness the energy more readily? If this is true, Ben’s water hole was just a remnant of what used to be a beautiful pool with the light energy, and is now just a stagnant water collection somehow used to signal the monster….

Please, I welcome comments, more observations, criticisms, cut it up!!

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Simple theory here, just a thought..
Remember what Flocke said about Widmore’s attempt to kill all of them on the grounded Aijira plane?
And what Flocke actually did by getting them on the submarine?
Bring all the candidates together, in a confined space, with no way to escape

What if Oceanic 815 was Smokey’s first attempt to confine all of them, and hope they all died in the crash? It would be difficult to orchestrate everything just right to get them all on the same flight (something that you would think only the almighty Jacob could do).

So why didn’t they die in the 815 crash? Well, following the rules of candidacy, only a candidate can kill a candidate; and the pilot of 815, the one ultimately responsible for guiding and crashing the plane, was not a candidate. Maybe Smokey’s plan was for Lapidus, who is a possible candidate, to fly and crash 815 which would have meant all the candidates could have died in the crash..

If this is true, it would be ironic…Because Lapidus didn’t pilot the plane, Jacob successfully brought all the candidates to the island in this way..

I know this theory a long shot, rip it up if you’d like!

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Ok everybody, I thought this would be a fun post to put in the “Just for Fun” category. I’m gathering from many of the theories and comments that most of us (chief, scrollLocke, AES, Sawyergirl, obsessedWlost, myself, and I’m sure many others..) are hoping with hope above all hopes that the island is NOT a spaceship or alien in nature.

I feel more hopeful when I can think of any evidence that the island is NOT a spaceship. I don’t think I can come up with 108 reasons myself, but maybe we could put our heads together!

So here’s what I’m asking of all you Island-is-not-a-Spaceship believers; please post a reason/evidence in your comment that the island is NOT a spaceship. It could be funny, it could be sound evidence… Please place only one per comment, that way each reason/evidence is numbered as the comments are numbered. But please feel free to put more than one comment, I’m hoping we can get to 108!

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There’s been lots of great thoughts and theories concerning Jacob’s agenda. In the end, I believe the show will undoubtedly reveal his role as morally good. I’m concluding this mainly because, although some of Jacob’s actions are questionable, the overwhelming evidence shows MIB to be morally bad (ie evvvvil incarnnnnate), and it’s logical to me that in the context of the show (black+white, dark+light, two opposing sides) the other side MIB is battling must be the opposite.

I think we’re all naturally inclined to think Jacob is good because he’s rooting for us; he believes that man will choose good in the end, that man isn’t necessarily inclined to sin.. That line of thinking I was falling for but quickly realized, that shouldn’t be a reason at all to think the guy is good. More human, but not good. So then that got me thinking; maybe it doesn’t matter whether he’s morally good or bad, the question ultimately is: Is he WRONG?

And that is what the “BUT..” is for in my title..
This could be where the show is going…

There’s a great scene at the end of one of my favorite movies “The Devil’s Advocate” starring Al Pacino as the Devil in human-like form (aptly named Milton). He argues that he’s the biggest advocate for man’s free will, that all he wants to do is help man with attaining his desires, and that it’s God who is setting these silly rules which limit and condemn man.

So it could be, the only difference between The Devil’s Advocate and the story of Lost, is one has the bad guy advocating for free will, knowing man’s fate is destructive anyways; the other the good guy advocating for free will, believing man will avoid destruction…

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I just had a thought.. Wasn’t Nadia’s dying words “I want to go home”? That is so eerily similar to Flocke saying he “wants to go home”. I am in no way suggesting that Flocke is Nadia.. I’m saying perhaps Flocke was in a similar situation to Nadia, probably near death at one time, but then he chose to live by making a deal with some deity..which made him into the smoke monster deity on the island maybe?

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We are the Others. This is our island.
Who are you?
If you are on the list, you may be come one of us.
You are on the list.
But first, you must pass the test.
You passed. No, you did not.
We are lying.
You are infected.
We must kill you.

They tell me I am infected, but I know that I am not.
I must escape.
I did escape.
They cannot kill me now.

It is lonely here. Until I meet..

Who are you?
Are you infected?
They told you that you were infected?
They are wrong. We are not infected.
And who are…

They told you that you are infected?
They are wrong.
We are not infected.
And who are..

We are not infected.
This is our island.
And who are..

The ones that told us we are infected.
They are nothing. They are weak.
This is our island now.

We must kill
We did kill
We are

We are the Others. This is our island. Who are you?

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I have been utterly confused ever since Season 6 has been hinting at MIB’s desire to “go home”. In Season 5, the MIB-Jacob scene on the beach clearly shows MIB’s disagreement with Jacob that mankind shouldn’t be brought to the island, because “they corrupt, destroy..it all ends the same.” This led me to believe MIB is kind of like the protector of the island; that it’s better off only MIB and Jacob be the only intelligent beings allowed to exist on the island. MIB wants to kill Jacob because that would mean no more people would be coming to the island because Jacob was the one bringing them to the island.

Now in Season 6, MIB wants to “go home.” This could be on the island, namely the temple; or it could be somewhere off the island. But after MIB’s conversation with Sawyer, it’s looking like he shares the same desire as Sawyer that he wants to leave the island. Not only that, it looks like MIB needs Sawyer, a human being, to help him leave.

This seems to be the complete opposite of MIB’s original Season 5 original intent.
Season 5 MIB: Keep mankind off the island in order to live in peace and avoid mankind’s corruption
Season 6 MIB: Recruit human beings to help me leave the island.

Does anybody else share this confusion? Any thoughts?

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How in the world did Dogen’s torture test on Sayid prove anything whatsoever?! The only possibilities I can come up with are:

1. Maybe the shock treatment didn’t use electricity at all. Let’s suppose Sayid isn’t Sayid anymore, but some MIB-god-like creature that doesn’t feel pain. And that creature has to fake that he’s feeling pain if something painful happens.. Maybe Dogen’s plan was to pretend like he’s shocking him to see if he would pretend that he felt pain! (That doesn’t explain the very real hot poker he used seconds later though..)

2. Maybe passing the test simply means your NOT human. So Sayid didn’t pass it because he obviously was human because he obviously was in pain. This seems most plausible to me because maybe Dogen’s understanding of people that are resurrected from being dead is, they’re either some other entity (such as Flocke or Jacob) or they are a human that is “infected” and will eventually become evil.

3. Maybe there was something significant with the dust/powder/ash Dogen blew on Sayid before testing him. I assumed it was some metallic dust that would help spread the charge from the shock treatment. But maybe it was supposed to interact with the torture somehow. Maybe prevent pain? Maybe it was the same ash that prevents smokey from passing? Dogen was really observant of the dust/powder/ash after he blew it over Sayid.

Please I’d love to hear anybody else’s thoughts..

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Written 11th February

Since she’s similar to Rousseau, let’s refer to her as “Claire-seau”!

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In Season 5 up to the point when Locke resets the wheel back on axis, most of my attention was focused on all the circumstances the Losties were going through at each time skipping event. Rewatching Season 5, I was more focused on understanding the physics behind the crazy time skipping. In episode 1 Daniel did a great job comparing it to a record skipping, and I remember also he gave the explanation in another episode of time being along a string. But just like Sawyer slapped Daniel in the face out of time travel frustrations, I felt like giving my own slap to Daniel or even JJ Abrams and all the Lost writers for allowing the absurd notion of objects traveling along with the Losties, such as the outrigger or the zodiac boat, or the rope at the well Sawyer was holding on to!

Related to that, Daniel didn’t have a confident answer as to whether the Island was traveling through time, or if they themselves were traveling through time. My immediate reaction when that question was asked was; isn’t it both? If you were an observer on the island watching one of the Losties disappear during a flash (such as Richard with Locke, or Rousseau with Jin), you would definitely say it was the Losties experiencing time travel. But I can see Daniel’s confusion, because from their own perspective, it’s the island disappearing. So let’s just suppose, the Losties touch a bunch of objects before a flash, such as the boat, a tree, a rock, a tent at the beach camp; it would be consistent that they bring all those objects with them to the next time event. Silly, but logical. OK, stretch the silliness even more; touch a thousand objects, even roll on the beach sand, and after a flash you carry the thousand objects and part of the beach with you. Ridiculous. Oh man, I’m so ready to slap Daniel as I’m writing this…

But wait, maybe this isn’t so silly after all. What if a flash happened and you somehow brought the entire island with you? And when I say entire island, I mean every detail; air, sand, water, hatches, everything. Hmm….. that would mean from your perspective, nothing really happened at all. Because if you took the entire island with you, there’s nothing to compare to what time would be (where the record player skipped to), and what the time was (where the record player skipped from). The only change that would actually take place is a difference in time on and off the island, or vice versa. OK, now we’re getting somewhere. If this all sounds familiar; it’s what makes the island unique in the first place!

So far, the physics of Lost island behavior has established that the location of the island is dependent on the current time in the real world off the island, pretty straightforward. Not simply location in terms of latitude, longitude; you’ll also need to approach the island at a determined bearing; the physics of that part only somebody like Daniel could explain (OK Daniel slap right now!!). Season 5 added a little more to the island physics by showing that, by changing the current time on the island, it effectively moves the island also! So what I’m proposing is, the location (or bearing to) the island depends on more than just the current time off the island; it depends on the differences in time on and off the island, how much they are out of sync. I suppose the island was slightly out of sync even before the wheel moved off axis; remember the time difference(s) to the freighter?

Another complication in the physics was Mrs. Hawking’s explanation of how the Lighthouse station worked (Dharma station inside the church in California). She explained that since the island is always moving, in order to locate the island, you must anticipate where it will be. So the island is always moving. (OK a big slap in the face to Daniel’s mother too!) Which means that the location of the island depends on how much time is out of sync on and off the island, and also what the current time is off the island (and also maybe dependent on whatever that Focalt pendulum was measuring too? Physics getting deep here..) So what does it mean to move the island, if the island is already moving? Well, I guess that means since the island is moving in a predictable fashion, by changing island time you suddenly move it unpredictably. I’m sure that during the flashes, it was awfully difficult to locate the island. Perhaps that’s the problem Widmore had during his past attempts to locate the island, the same problem the Oceanic 6 had when they witnessed the island disappear in front of their eyes.. (OK slap myself so I will stop writing! The end!) 🙂

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There’s been a lot of thoughts as to what Jacob’s dying words to FLocke really meant. The “They” in “They’re coming” could have meant Ilana’s group, or perhaps the 70s Losties group, or maybe even both. From the viewer’s perspective, Jacob’s statement is conveniently timed just as the 70s Losties detonate Jughead, even though, as we all know, that actual event took place decades earlier. It seems obvious to me, the success of that past event (well supposed success..) has correlation with “They’re coming”. Just as MIB had his loophole plan, Jacob had his own counter attack plan, which ultimately depends on the choices of man which Jacob had complete faith in to always result in progress, and hopefully continue delaying the inevitable “only ending once” that both Jacob and MIB acknowledge.

As dying Jacob makes that statement, the Losties crew of Juliet, Sawyer, Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, and pre-Flocke Locke, could indeed be coming any moment, or may have already arrived, during one of their island time-skipping journeys. Remember it? It must have been 2007, at the beach camp; the day they were looking for their missing zodiac boat, and chose to go in one of the outriggers instead. The Aijira water bottle they found laying in the outrigger indicates it must have been soon after the Aijira crash. A group of “other others” (which Sawyer aptly nicknamed..) soon followed pursuit in one of the other outriggers, even firing shots.

Let’s suppose this was the “They’re coming” event, or the beginning of chain of events, Jacob was referring to. Keep in mind, it was the beginning of two major chains of events in the story of Lost; the first being Locke leaving the island and dying, the second being the rest of the Losties crew minus Charlotte ending up in the 70s and eventually detonating Jughead. The first chain of events was crucial in FLocke’s plan, the second unnecessary and perhaps a threat to Flocke’s plan, as we may discover in season six to be Jacob’s plan all along.

I could imagine Flocke gathering the real Locke’s memories (don’t know how, he seems to remember other memories the real Locke had!!) as he’s watching Jacob’s corpse burning in the fire, remembering the Losties crew that he last saw at the well; never anticipating in his loophole scheme that, if they did survive, they could be the variables that may change whatever happened, happened to what never happened.

If the crew of Juliet, Sawyer, Daniel, and Miles could be stopped from going to the 70s and assisting with the Jughead detonation, wouldn’t Flocke be determined to kill all of them before the real Locke turns the wheel? If that’s the case, Flocke’s first objective after exiting the statue foot would be to quickly put together a plan with his group of Others to search for and intercept the Losties. Perhaps the next day (it was daylight during that time skip) they discover the 70s crew stealing their outrigger at the beach camp, and follow pursuit; this group of others, maybe even including Flocke himself, could have been the “other others”!

Juliet is successful at shooting one of the other others..perhaps Flocke himself? How would that that be for Jacob-MIB checkmate? (OK that would be cheesy, but possible!)

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